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H, He, Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P

Nominative singular, Nominative plural, Accusative singular, Accusative Plural, Genitive singular, Genitive plural, -ne, Nōnne, Num

right upper quadrant under the diaphragm, The main liver functions, How does the liver help in digestion?, The liver regenerates and repairs itself when its tissue is damaged T/F, HYPERglycemia: hot and dry they are sugar high HYPOglycemia: cold and clammy need candy, normal GLUCOSE lab range for healthy adult, What does glucose do ? basic function, Where is excess glucose stored?, Why test glucose?, type 1 vs type 2 diabetes ?, what is a long term complication of diabetes? (long term elevated glucose levels/not managed well, What is a medication that is commonly used that can raise blood glucose in a patient?, common symptoms in the diabetic patient?, how is diabetes diagnosed?, a stress reaction can increase a non-diabetics blood sugars T/F?

Biohazard, Disinfect, Dosimeter, MSDS, OSHA, Parasite, Sanitation, Sharps, Sterilization, Zoonosis/Zoonotic

Virion, Simple virioner består af:, Capsid dele, Glycoproteiner fucktion på virus, 3 typer capsidsymetri, Tobakmosaikvirus (TMV, Adenovirus kapsid, Herpesvirus, Poxvirus, Paramyxoviridae, DNA virus Giv mindst 3 eksempler (i alt 8), DNA og RNA reverse-transcribing virus (i alt 2), RNA virus (i alt 7), Capsid, Nucleocapsid

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