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what types of DNA or RNA can a virus have?, What types of structure does a virus have?, What's the difference between a virion and a virus?, what is a pithovirus?, What do viruses do?, What is bacteriophage?, What shapes or symmetry (morphology) do bacteriophage have?, What is binal symmetry?, What are the two types of infection cycles?, What do they use in Europe instead of antibiotics?, What are the advantages of bacteriophages over antibiotics? Disadvantages?, What is Tissue Tropisa?, What do Retroviruses use to replicate?, How does a virus with an envelope enter a host cell?, Why should you get a flu shot every year?

O respiração, o incêndio, o estação seca, lavar roupa mas limpiar um apartamento, uma da madrugada, area sagrada, ruas sem saída, íamos a pé, íam comprar, rua de terra, a terra virava barro, a terra virava lama, Meu avó ficava brava depois de eu e meus amigos brincavamos na lama por causa nos ficávamos como os porcos., As ruas alagam, as ruas inundam, o rio transborda, as casas desmoronam

ano, angi-(o), ankyl-, ante- (ro), anti-, append- (I,o), arter- (io), arthr-(o), -ase, -asis, -asthenia, ather- (o), audi- (o), aur-, auto-

Atenolol, Metoprolol, Propanolol, Amlodipine, Diltiazem, Nifedipine, Verapamil

What groups are ATP made of?, What do you call it when you phosphorylate something?, What do enzymes do?, What are Redox Reactions?, What is partial electron transfer?, What are monosacchrides?, What are Polysacchrides?, What are peptide bonds made of?, What are phosphodiester bonds?, what kind of bonds do fats have?, What lies at the center of cellular metabolism?, what is (delta) G, What are the main 3 tubules in cell division in the cytoskeleton?, What is the scientific name of yeast?, What is the scientific name of a fly?

la naturaleza, el arrecife, el bosque (lluvioso), el campo, la cordillera, la costa, el desierto, el mar, la montaña, el paisaje, la tierra, húmedo, húmeda, seco, seca, a orillas de, al aire libre

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