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Mediation 7 Phases, Settlement focused medaition, Interest based mediation, Three types of mediation, Inderpendent Mediator, Neutral mediator, Impartial mediator, 4 views of power balancing mediation, Emergent Mediation, Contractural mediation

Mediators?, Settlement focused Mediation, Interest based Mediation, Therapeutic Mediation, Transformative Mediation, Mediation 7 phases, Settlement focused mediation, Interest based mediation, Is mediation a voluntary process?, Mediation can be, advantages of mediation, Mediators encourage what?, Reconciliation, Mediators must be (3 things), Independent

Define ulceration, Define Erosion, Define atropy, Define plaque, Define Excoriation, Define Lichenification, What are the headings to classify an ulcer?, Define stomatitis, Name the 3 main types of recurrent oral ulceration, Name the causes of single episode persistent ulceration, Name the causes of persistent ulceration (3things), Name the causes of recurrent oral ulcers (2things), What are the warning signs to suggest secondary haematological disease?, What are the warning signs to suggest secondary gastrointestinal enteropathy, What are the secondary dermatological conditions which can cause oral ulceration (6things)

Define Aggression (3 Things), Define Violence, Crime rates have what since 1990?, Youth crime rates have what? (age 12-17), General Social Survey(GSS) on Victimization?, What percent of the population reported violent incidents to police in last (GSS), Characteristics associated with higher violent Victimization rates? (4 Things), Violent Victimization is highest in what Age Group?

John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Pestalozzi, Old Deluder Satan Act, Dame School, The New England Primer, Blue-Backed Speller, McGuffey's Readers, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Normal Schools, Writing Schools, Grammar Schools, Southern Colonies, The South’s Social Hierarchy

Base of a microscope, Microscope Stand or Arm, Occular Lens, Nosepiece, Objective lenses, Stage, Condenser, Iris Diaphragm Lever, Course Adjustment Knob, Fine adjustment Knob, Magnification, Depth of field, Resolution, Cytoplasm, Kinetic Energy

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