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What bacteria is associated with GBS?, It's safe to do a LP when?, A traumatic tap means..., What does a VERY HIGH protein on spinal tap mean?, What is PCR good for testing in spinal tap?, What gives you a very low glucose on spinal tap?, What are some common viruses for lymphocyte predominant meningitis in a normal host?, What are some common causes of lymphocyte predominant meningitis in an abnormal host?, How do you tell enterovirus from Lyme?, What is the second most common cause of meningitis in adults?, What can be one of the side effects of immune reconstitution?, What should you think when you see a contrast enhancing brain lesion in a HIV patient on HAART? If you see multiple., How do you treat Bell's Palsy?, What is the differential for bilateral face weakness?, What are the most common organisms for bacterial meningitis?

A migraine needs one of the following:, A migraine commonly has these features:, What is SNOOP? (Characteristics of Secondary Headache), What are three types of drugs given as prophylaxis for headaches?, What syndrome follows migraine with aura and cognitive difficulties at a young age?, What are the classic symptoms of cluster headaches?, Why are triptans avoided in CADASIL?, What, paradoxically, can cause migraines if overused?, How do most TCA's work?, How could we treat menstrual migraines?, How do we treat cluster headaches?, What can be a prophylactic for cluster headaches?, What do we treat trigeminal neuralgia with?, This clinical pattern: little old lady with a new headache., This clinical pattern: little old lady with a headache PLUS diffuse pain in joints...what do you consider?

When is t-PA indicated?, When can we see infarction on CT?, What do ischemic strokes look like on CT?, What is special about DWI MRI imaging?, What does acute ischemia look like on ADC MRI?, What is the duration of a TIA?, What is the ABCD2 score?, What are the five etiologies for stroke?, What studies should all patients get if large vascular causes are suspected? (HTN, high cholesterol), List cortical signs of a stroke., Which side does is affected most commonly to give alexia?, Name common features of an ACA/MCA watershed stroke., What are some stroke mimics?, What does an early infarct look like on head CT?, What does OPAAM stand for?

Madonna Enthroned Cimabue c. 1280-1290, Madonna Enthroned Giotto c. 1310, Lamentation Giotto 1305-1306, Cambio et al. Florence Cathedral Florence, Italy begun 1296, Betrayal of Jesus Duccio 1309-1311, Annunciation Simone Martini 1333, Peaceful City Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1338-1339, Ghent Altarpiece Jan van Eyck 1432, Deposition Rogier van der Weyden c. 1435, Last Supper Dirk Bouts 1464-1468, Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife Jan van Eyck 1434, Man in a Red Turban Jan van Eyck 1433, Portinari Altarpiece Hugo van der Goes c. 1476, Unicorn Tapestry (Unicorn in Captivity) c. 1498-1500

What are the 3 terms related to stress-strain curve, What are the 5 types of tissue loads, grading of muscular strains & ligament sprains, What are the 2 types of muscular soreness, What are the 3 different types of tendon injuries, What are Synovial joint characteristics, Dislocations vs. subluxations, Bone structure, types of bones, different types of fractures, Signs/symptoms of nerve injuries, What are the physiological events of each phase of healing, Identify factors that may impede the healing process, What are the 4 types of soft tissue in body & their definitions, What are the healing processes for different soft-tissue structures: cartilage, ligament, muscle, tendon, and nerve

Glycine, Alanine, Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Proline, Cysteine, Threonine, Serine, Asparagine, Glutamine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan, Histidine

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