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abridge, bolster, candor, hamper, opportunist, scrutinize, vilify, op-, ab, abs, ad, ac, af, ag, an, ap, ar, as ,at, an-, a-, ante-, be-, cata-, circum-

abdomin/o, acr/o, acu/o, aden/o, adip/o, amni/o, angi/o, arteri/o, arthr/o, axill/o, bi/o, blephar/o, bronch/o, carcin/o, cardi/o

Enlightenment, social contract, natural rights, separation of powers, representative government, federal system, United Nations, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Baron de Montesquieu, French and Indian War The Seven Years' War , The Stamp Act, James Madison

WORD:, abjure, abscission, abstemious, accretion, adumbration, anodyne, anomalous, artifice, auger, bilk, boon, canard, candor, cloying

Judaism, Ten Commandments, Christianity, Islam, Roman Catholic Church, Renaissance, Reformation, Torah, Abraham, Jesus Christ, polytheism, monotheism, Muhammad, Martin Luther, Individualism

apoptosis, benign, bio therapy, carcinoma in situ, chemotherapy, encapsulated, exacerbation, hospice, idiopathic, inflammation, in vitro, in vivo, malignant, morbidity, mortality

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