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Adele de Batz Trenquelleon, Apostolate, Bordeaux, William Joseph Chaminade, Charism, Communities, Constitutional Clergy, Daughters of Mary, Discernment, Discipleship of Equals, “Do whatever he tells you”, Family Spirit, French Revolution, Lay persons, Madeline

Accompany, with, together, Bookstore, Ask, inquire, Box, Bring here, Cafeteria, Can, Carry there, Chair, seat, Come here, Come on, Desk, table, Excuse me, pardon me, Fine, Give

national servaillence systems are coordinated by the difference between NHANES 1 and NHANES 2 level 1 nutrition screening initiative admin by level 2 admin by title 3 elderly nutrition program. admin by, 4 purposes of the "area agency on aging" program, cooperative extension services criteria for a program, diagnosis portion of NCP contains signs and symptoms show what, nutrition diagnosis helps the dietitian too the problem domains include the etiology portion contains, what are the 5 questions to ascertain the validity of a PES statement, what are the 2 steps in the intervention 1st step includes 2nd step includes, 4 categories of nutrition intervention, calorie free= low Na= low Na= light=, limiting fat can help reduce risk for consuming fiber-containing grain products F/V DEC risk for top 2 objectives for healthy people 2010 what is the goal of food and nutrition services longterm goal of nutrition counseling, ex of direct nutrition outcomes starting point of an educational program includes a evaluating eating habits by viewing food in a refrigerator is an example of evaluating how a peson operates a commercial dish machine is an ex of, if the educational goal is to gain knowledge, what learning activity is used problem solving skills are developed in what learning activity Criterion referencing is, motivation indicates Classical conditioning based on operant conditioning does what functional literacy is determined by Tuesch formula, focuses on, autocratic leadership leads to democratic leadership leads too what is congruence ex of lack of congruence, when interviewing: an alignment statement is when are leading questions used why are they sometimes counterproductive what is discrepancy in interviewing what is a double sided reflection

Aspire, cynical, gratify, integrity, lofty, rigor, thrive, in-, grat, spir, ambi, arch, bi-, demi-hemi-semi, di-

abrasion, ahered, adnex, anemic, bosselated, calcific, callous, cavernous, cavity, circumferentially, circumscribed, concave, confluent, contiguous, convex

science, observing, qualitative observation, quantitative observation, inferring, predicting, chemistry, physics, scientific inquiry, hypothesis, variable, manipulated variable, responding variable, controlled experiment, data

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