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Principal, Agent, Elements of an agency relationship, Consent, Control, Fiduciary Relationship, Elements not required for an agency relationship, Duty of loyalty, Outside benefits, Confidential information, Competition with the Principal, Conflict of interest between two principles, Secretly dealing with the principal, Appropriate Behavior, Duty to Obey Instructions

congested, bountiful, veer, antics, glut, oblique, venerate, maim, frugal, banter, incognito, minimize, gingerly, invalidate, legendary

Venerate, Veer, Invalidate, Avowed, Minimize, Frugal, Incognito, Durable, Oblique, Enterprising, Maim, Legendary, Detirement, Bountiful, Banter

Ammonium, Hydroxide, Cyanide, Acetate, Sulfite, Sulfate, Phosphate, Thiocyanide, Nitrite, Nitrate, Hypochlorite, Chlorite, Chlorate, Perchlorate, Carbonate

Types of Biodiversity, Biological Species Concept, Example of the Eastern vs. Western Cayotes:, Morphological Species Concept, Phylogenetic Species Concept, How Many Species do we known about?, How many species are there?, Which animal groups have the most diversity?, Global patterns of species diversity:, Extinction:, Extirpation:, Speciation:, What makes a species prone to extinction?

antics (tics), avowed (vowed), banter (ban), bountiful (bount), congested (gest), detriment (det), durable (dur), enterprising (ent), frugal (fru), gingerly (gin), glut (glut), incognito (cog), invalidate (val), legendary (gen), maim (maim)

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