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P wave, QRS complex, ST segment, Boxing counting method, QRS counting method, Normal Sinus Rhythm, Arrhythmia, Pacemaker, ST Segment depression, ST Segment elevation, Ventricular tachycardia, Ventricular Fibrillation, Identifying arrhythmias (if any are true= arrhythmia), Slow Vital Capacity, Forced Vital Capacity

Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Blood lactate, Rest-to-Exercise Transitions, Oxygen deficit, Steady state is reached, Recovery from Exercise, Metabolic Responses (EPOC), "Fast" portion of O2 debt, "Slow" portion of O2 debt, Metabolic Response to Exercise: High intensity, short-term exercise (2-20 seconds), Intense exercise longer than 20 seconds, High-intensity exercise longer than 45 seconds, Exercise longer than 10 minutes, Prolonged exercise in a hot/humid environment or at high intensity

O2, Oxygen Consumption, VO2, Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 Max), VO2 Max, Influencing Factors, Measurement of VO2 max, Determining VO2 max, Criteria for valid VO2 peak test, VO2 measurement, Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), Lactate Threshold, Ventilatory Threshold Signals, Oxygen Consumption Values: Rest VO2, Steady-state VO2

Traubenzucker, Aminosäuren, eine Aminogruppe ist....., Der Mensch verfügt über wieviele Aminosäuren, Proteine sind aus ......... aufgebaut, Der Mensch baut sich seine Proteine aus Aminosäuren. Aber wie tut er das?, Was ist eine Peptidbindung?, Was ist ein Dipeptid?, Aus wie vielen Aminosäuren besteht ein Protein?, Was ist eine Kondensationsreaktion?, Was ist eine Aminogruppe?, Was ist eine Carboxylgruppe?, Dipetid sieht wie aus? Bild*, Aminosäuren verbinden sich, Aminogruppe an Carboxylgruppe, man könnte deswegen den Eindruck erhalten, dass sich diese Aminogruppen ganz simpel wiederholen. Stimmt das?, Eiweisse ist der alte Begriff für ........

civil cases are usually between, in a civil case, the court attempts to settle a dispute between two parties by, then what?, what are the main categories of civil law? (5), contract law, tort law may be described as, tort law is, what is one of the subfields of tort law and whats an example, whats a second subfield of tort law and what is it, what is one reason why product liability cases have grown, what must be proved before the plaintiff is able to collect monetary damages, courts now use a ______ which means, whats another reason for the increase in product liability cases, what are the two types of jury damages, compensatory damages-

Annual occupational annual limit for total effective dose equivalent, Annual Occupational shallow dose equivalent to skin or extremity, Public exposure, total annual effective dose equivalent, Dose limit in an unrestricted area in an hour, Total dose equivalent after pregnancy declared, Immediate notification of NRC from single event -Total effective dose? -Eye dose? -Shallow Dose?, Within 24 hrs notification of NRC from single event -Total effective dose? -Eye dose? -Shallow Dose?, A medical event, White I, Yellow II, Yellow III, Transportation index (TI) = ?, TI limit for common contract vehicle, Max TI for Yellow 2, Max TI for Yellow 3

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