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cavities of the thorax, mediastinum, right and left pulmonary cavities, function of the thoracic wall, where is the only place the upper extremities attach to the axial skeleton?, skeleton of the thoracic wall, 3 types of ribs, true ribs, false ribs, floating ribs, atypical ribs, 1st rib (atypical), 2nd rib (atypical), 10th-12th ribs (atypical), costal cartilage

Polygenic Traits, True regarding malaria and HBs allele, Number of fingers and toes humans possess , Trasiers , What can we learn from drunken monkeys, Hominoids/Cercopithecoids dental pattern , Lemurs and Lorises , quadrupedalism, Cercopithecoidea , Strepsirrhines, Behavioral Ecology, Polygynous, bottlenose dolphins, Why do lemurs go take over other male's groups and sometimes kill the infants?, Philopatric

Fermentation, When something is reduced, it..., When something is oxidized, it..., An oxidizing agent..., A reducing agent..., Cellular respiration Formula

-logist, -logy, -ary, -ar, -etic, -pulmon-, -ation, resuscit-, -vascul-, diaphor-, -esis, -gram, -graph, -graphy, -ode, elecr-, -um

-logist, cardi/o-, -logy, -ary, -pulmon-, -ation, resuscit-, -ar, -vascul-, diaphor-, -esis, -etic, -gram, electr/o-, -graph

Α, α, Β, β, Γ, γ, Δ, δ, Ε, ε, Ζ, ζ, Η, η, Θ

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