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Basics %primary vs. %metastatic Describe metastatic lesions and location - what are the 3 most common sources? Primary: classified by? metastatic potential? List the 5 key cells in the brain, Primary CNS tumours: Summary list cell types and most common forms in children and Adults Tumors relative to the tentorium, Glioblastoma multiforme define? grade? Arises where? important progressing feature? Histological features?, Meningioma define. secretes what? M or F? Presentation? Imaging? Histology?, Schwannoma - define - location - Presentation - Marker? - Association, ***Oligodendroglioma*** - define - gross morphology - location - may present with? - classic histology, Pilocytic Astrocytoma - define - common location - imaging - histology - marker?, Medullaoblastoma - define - age group? - Histology - Prognosis/progression, Ependymoma - define - location? - may present with? - histology, Craniopharyngioma - definition - presentation - visual change? - imaging - recurrence?

SSRIs, Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Paroxetine, Fluvoxamine, Citalopram, Escitalopram, SSRI Side Effects, Serotonin Syndrome, Venlafaxine, Duloxetine, Bupropion, Trazodone and Nefazodone, Mirtazapine, TCAs

Subregions of Sierra Foothills AVA, Which area produces the finest Ports within the Douro Valley?, PDO, PGI, Wine (labelling) terms in Germany, Which river flows trough the Beaujolais and the Maconnais?, What are Enzymes?, What are the most important appellations on the Right Bank?, Name 5 Phenolic compounds found in wine, Name the most significant wine consumer countries in the world in a decreasing order!, Name the 8 most widely planted grape varieties in the Loire Valley, What is Maury? Where is it made and from what?, Name 10 grape varieties that can be used for an Alsace AOC!, What's Banyuls?, Name the generic labelling terms for wine in Portugal!, Which grapes are used for White Port production?, Racking in French

Prothrombin, Immunoglobulin, Electrophoresis, Plasmapheresis, Packed Red Cells, Hemolysis, Rh Factor, Coagulation, Fibrin, Serum, Heparin, Dyscrasia, Anemia, Aplastic Anemia, Pancytopenia

Three types of blood vessels:, Arteries, Endothelium, Arterioles, Capillaries, Venules, Veins, Valve, Vena cava (plural: venae cavae), Oxygen–poor blood enters ______ ______ ___ ____ _______ and travels through that side and into the ____________ ________, Pulmonary artery, Pulmonary vein, Oxygen, Pulmonary circulation, Oxygen–rich blood enters the ______ ______ ___ ____ _______; from the _____________ _____

Spermatozoon (sperms cell), What is the sperm composed of?, Flagellum, Ejaculation, How long does the sperm live, Approximately how many sperm are released during ejaculation, Fraternal twins, Identical twins, Testosterone, Testis, Scrotum, Spermatogenesis, Perineum, Seminiferous tubules, Parenchymal tissue

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