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History, Inspection of the skin, Noting what characteristics of the skin?, If a lesion is seen what needs to be noted?, The last 3 steps of notation of a lesion use equipment what are they?, Palpation of the skin to determine what characteristics?, Palpation anf inspection of hair, Inspection of nails what characteristics?, what else should inspected on the nails?, Palpation of nails to note?

-ar verb, present, yo, -ar verb, present, tú, -ar verb, present, él ella, -ar verb, present, nosotros, -ar verb, present, ustedes, -ar verb, preterite, yo, -ar verb, preterite, tú, -ar verb, preterite, él ella, -ar verb, preterite, nosotros, -ar verb, preterite, ustedes, -er verb, present, yo, -er verb, present, tú, -er verb, present, él ella, -er verb, present, nosotros, -er verb, present, ustedes

abogado, abril, abuelo, acceso, accidente, acción, aceite, acontecimiento, actitud, actividad, acto, actor, actuación, actualidad, acuerdo

Broccoli, a firdge, boil, a freezer, a pepper, roast, peas, beef, bake, a cooker, a grill, lamb, grill, an oven, carrots

Intoxication w/ which substance produces increased blood pressure/pulse, moist warm skin, rapid speech, fine tremor, increased reflexes: a. opiate b. inhalant c. depression d. hallucinogen e. stimulant , 49yo develops szs, difficult to control in ED. CSF shows lymphocytic pleocytosis, many red cells. MRI shows T2 hyperintensity in L temporal lobe, w/ T1 enhancement in this area. EEG shows periodic discharges. Dx: a. cryptococcal meningitis b. L temporal lobe glioma c. herpes simplex encephalitis d. Creutzfelt-Jakob disease e. ischemic stroke w/ hemorrhagic transformation , What did Melanie Klein call infant's realization that one's projections may damage an object and that the object is not split but whole: a. differentiation b. normal autism c. primary narcissism d. paranoid-schizoid position e. depressive position, 39yoF, acute onset L hemiparesis, no previous hx of stroke, + hx of multiple miscarriages. W/up shows elevated anticardiolipin titers, no other risk fx for stroke. Tx: a. plasmapheresisb. pentoxifylline c. ITIG infusion d. clopidogrel e. anticoagulation w/ warfarin , No-harm contracts between pts and clinicians are; a. helpful in assessing suicide risk b. helpful in reducing suicide attempts c. underutilized in tx processd. unhelpful in making tx decisions e. uncommonly associated w/ successful suicide , Kohut's theory of personality is based on: a. the individual's need for empathic interaction with self-objects b. an epigenetic schema c. concepts of conflict and drive d. notion that people are essentially good e. idea that a composite of forces operates in a field of forces , Which drug used in tx of pts w/ epilepsy is associated w/ hyponatremia: a. gabitril b. gabapentinc. carbamazepine d. zonisamide e. topiramate , 26yo pt c/o sudden onset back pain while raking leaves. Exam: spasm in paraspinal muscles in R lumbar region, straight leg on R limited by sharp pain at 45 degrees, on L done easily to 90 degrees w/ only minor increase in discomfort. Knee jerks 1+, symmetric; ankle jerk on L is diminished. No weakness in hip, leg, foot muscles. Sensory exam intact to pain, touch, vibration. Tx: a. MRI L-spine b. x-ray of L-spine, pelvis c. EMG/NCS d. psychiatric consultation for somatization doe. conservative mgmt w/ analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs , 20yo w/ cancer pain, on methadone maintenance; staff views requests for addl narcotics as drug-seeking. Recommendation: a. staff must present united front in refusing to be manipulated by this behavior b. staff should be reprimanded for suspicious, unempathic approach c. extra vigilance will be required to distinguish real pain from drug-seeking/abusing behaviors d. pt should be withdrawn from methadone so all prescribing is controlled by dr treating cancere. pt should be given more opioid medication to achieve adequate pain control because of pt's tolerance , Clinical trial to eval two atypical antipsychotic medications re glucose intolerance; half participats start on Drug 1 then treated with Drug 2; other half start on Drug 2 then treated with Drug 1. Which experimental design: a. crossover design b. case study c. retrospective d. placebo control e. chi square design , 9yo eval for bedwetting several times/week. Child has never been completely dry. Tx: a. desmopressin (DDAVP) b. bell and pad c. imipramine d. cognitive-behavioral therapy e. psychodynamic psychotherapy , Which SSRI has mild anti-cholinergic activity: a. escitalopram b. fluvoxamine c. fluoxetine d. paroxetinee. sertraline , Clocking-drawing test is quick and sensitive for which do: a. schizophrenia b. alzheimer's c. substance abuse d. major depression e. malingering , Once effective, rx tx for panic do should continue for how long: a. 8-12 mos b. 1-2 mos c. 3-6 mos d. 2-3 yrs e. indefinitely , Depression, according to Beck's model, is a manifestation of: a. genetic propensity b. learned helplessness c. aggression turned inwardsd. distorted negative thoughts e. response to high expressed emotion

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