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spring, border, pristine, brown trout, cardboard, finely, milled (paper), corrugated paper, slather, trappings, trophy, seal, recliner, treasure, dig up

Pathology, Neuro, Meningitis, ·        Bacterial, ·        Viral, Encephalitis, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Vascular Accident, ·        Hemorrhagic (13%), ·        Ischemic (87%) (Thrombus or Embolus), Atrial Fibrillation

Source, Primary Source 1:, Primary Source 2:, Primary Source 3:, Secondary Source 1:, Secondary Source 2:, Secondary Source 3:

Task, Determine compensation for all employees., Document additional materials used and returned by installers., Monitor and track the use of vacation time for all employees., Track collection of rebates., Create commission checks., Present final paperwork to customer., Prepare monthly closings., Complete thank you cards for each client that has purchased merchandise., Analyze a standard portfolio of financial reports including P&L, balance sheet, and reconciliations., Generate purchase orders for warehouse items., Hold financial performance meetings., Hold company performance meetings., Identify and troubleshoot hardware problems on PCs and workstations. Create an action plan for resolving the problem in a timely manner., Establish optimal inventory level for each category.

Adapt, Border, Capital, Desert, Mission, Navajo Indian Reservation, less than 10 inches, How have the Navajos adapted to living in the desert, What are the 3 A's that helped people live more comfortably in Phoenix, AZ, Why was the Hoover Dam built?, When was the Hoover Dam built?, How long and deep is the Grand Canyon?, The Havasupuis, New Mexico, bats

simile, contrast, infer, justify, quotient, compare, sum, identify, onomatopoeia, explain, evaluate, develop, difference, repetition, product

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