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Bleak (adj), Urban renewal can turn a run-down city with __________ prospects into a flourishing metropolis., Despicable (adj), Whatever the provocation, there is no justification for such __________ behavior., Erroneous (adj), An _________ first impression is not easily corrected., Languid (adj), A big lunch makes me feel ______ for the rest of the day., Skeptical (adj), I am ___________ of promises made by politicians when they're running for office.

Innate immune system, Adaptive immune system, Cytokines (small proteins), Hematopoiesis, Physical/chemical barriers of the immune system, The complement system, Granolytes, Neutrophils, Inflammasome, Mast cell, Lymphocytes, Dendritic cells, Major histocompatibility complex MHC, Effector functions of antibodies, Hygiene hypothesis

Recommendations, Saturated FA, Unsaturated FA, Absorption & digestion: enzymes, Bile, Transport: small intestine to circulation, LCFA, Lipoproteins, Apo-lipoproteins, Exogenous transport pathway = from gut to peripheral and hepatic tissue, Endogenous transport pathway = from liver to tissue (VLDL, LDL) or from tissue to liver (HDL), Lipid metabolism - lipases, TAG - functions, Phospholipids - functions, Cholesterol - functions

Classification, Sources, Recommendation, Digestion, Absorption, Carbohydrate metabolism + regulation, Glycemic index, Impact of sucrose and fructose on obesity, Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides

Amino acids, Structure, AA classification, Digestion, Transporter, Catabolism, Glutamate, Ketogenic AA, Glucogenic AA, Protein Turnover, Recommendations

What kind of printing process is both Letterpress and Flexography - list two aspects of the process that are common and two differences?, Describe two types of printing that don’t use ink - but are common employments of the Letterpress process today?, List two reasons Letterpress is not used to put ink on paper in today’s printing market., What kind of printing process is Gravure- and what aspect of the plating process makes it preferable for printing photographs?, Why is Gravure not used for short run color printing?, Describe 4 elements that control inking in the Flexographic printing process., Why is Flexography a good process for packaging and label printing?, List three components of screen printing that are streamlining the process, bringing costs down and quality up., Describe two kinds of printed product screen printing is MOST suited for., Why does the process of imaging the toner drum on a digital printing press lend itself to variable data printing?, Define a digital halftone dot in terms of laser spots on a platesetter- describing the relationship between dpi and lspi, What is the function of the halftone dot on the printed page with reference to levels of grey, How many laser spots per inch (spi) does a device have to print in order to render 100 levels of gray for a 200 lpi halftone screening pattern?, List four new markets that use the new photopolymers in Flexographic plates to produce a better print product., Describe what GCR is in creating color separations for print- and why applying GCR to images printed on a web press might be important.

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