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Vocabulary Word, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

A Good Communicator, Collaborative, A Problem Solver, Ethical, Creative, A Critical Thinker, Accountable, Persistant, Honest

Hola, Buenos días, Buenas tardes, Buenas noches, ¿Qué tal?, ¿Cómo estás?, ¿Cómo está usted?, (Muy) Bien, (Muy) Mal, Bastante bien, Más o menos/regular, Hasta pronto, Hasta luego, Hasta mañana, Adios

TERM, Fluvial System, Valley Formation, deflation (in valley formation), Downcutting, Backwasting, Headward Erosion/ Nickpoint Migration, Relief (DB erosion rates), Climate (DB erosion rates), Materials (DB erosion rates), Sediment Yield, Load, Solid Load, Dissolved Load, Competence

the awesome feeling of being "in the zone": the situation may be very important, but you have all the powers and control you need to be able to rise to the challenge. Great athletes and artists and performers say they live for these moments., the feeling of helplessness you get in situations in which you are not fully in control, or you believe you lack the skills or tools to be successful, boredom, an "essential" for a person. In this lesson, these would be specific requirements that you have of a job., a missing must-have. In other words, something that would stop you from taking a job you otherwise love. The deal would be off., how much the job pays, the specific kind of work that is being done, any perk a job offers beyond the pay. Typical examples may be health care or a retirement account., where the job is, as well as how much traveling (or relocation) may be required, will you have the chance to be promoted? Or is this job the end of the line?, how much the employer is willing to let you choose your own hours and/or, in some cases, where you work (like telecommuting, or working from home), how the employer is viewed by the public and/or its former or current employees, a large category of related jobs. Examples include health care, or construction.

1st Commandment, 2nd Commandment, 3rd Commandment, 4th Commandment, 5th Commandment, 6th Commandment, 7th Commandment, 8th Commandment, 9th Commandment, 10th Commandment, 1st Article of Apostle's Creed, 2nd Article of Apostle's Creed, 3rd Article of Apostle's Creed, 1st Petition of Lord's Prayer, 2nd Petition of Lord's Prayer

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