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abasement, bifurcate, coruscate, dogmatic, expedient, felicity, geriatrics, heresy, ingratiate, juxtapose, kleptomaniac, laxity, misdemeanor, nostrum, ostracize

General characteristics of platyhelminthes, General characteristics of cestodes, Taenia spp., Diphyllobothrium latum, Hymenolepis nana, Hymenolepis diminuta, Dipylidium caninum

Formal Planning, Informal planning, Initial planning, Ongoing planning, Discharge planning, Comprehensive patient care plan (nursing care plan), Policies and procedures, Protocol, Unit standards of care, Standardized (model) patient care plnas, Clinical pathway, Rationals, Mind-mapping, Goals, Nursing sensitive outcomes

The goal of fracture healing is to do what?, What are the phases of fracture healing?, True or false: Indirect (secondary) healing occurs with hematoma formation., What is direct healing?, True or false: Stable internal fixation allows the therapist to initiate joint motion sooner than closed reduction., What are some properties or desired outcomes of functional fracture bracing?, What kind of fractures are not appropriate for functional bracing?, Grade II radial collateral ligament (RCL) injury of IF PIP would be best treated by?, Differentiate Grade I, II and III collateral ligament injuries., The term "boxer's fracture" refers to a fracture of what?, True or False: Stable, internal fixation allows fractures to heal faster., Which joint(s) in the hand, after developing stiffness, causes the most serious functional loss?, True or False: The stability of a fracture significantly affects the quantity and quality of callus formation., The cylindrical shaft of a long bone is called what?, Metaphysis

Andreas Vesalius, Anatomical Position, Anterior, Posterior, Medial, Lateral, Superior, Inferior, Proximal, Distal, Superficial, Deep, Ipsilateral, Contralateral, Sagittal plane

what are the resolution levels for 1. electron microscopy 2. light microscopy, what are the best uses for: 1. bright field microscopy 2. phase contrast microscopy 3. dark field microscopy 4. fluorescence microscopy 5. electron microscopy, what type of embedding agents should be used for thin, thick and EM sections?, what are the sequences for stop codons? What AA is often mutated to become a stop codon?, what is the most common first codon of most proteins, and what AA does it code for?, what is combinatorial control of transcriptions?, what do enhancers + TFs do to actually help begin transcription (i.e. what binding do they mediate)?, what is the role of the 5' methylguanosine cap of mRNA?, what are the post-transcriptional modifications?, why does splicing of mRNA occur?, where is the promoter region in relation from the start of the transcription site, and what sequence is there?, where is the TATA box in relationship to the start of transcription, and what sequence is there?, What does Gleevec do?, how did they change the RSV vaccine to make it effective?

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