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Blood Groups, Cassava, CCR5 delta 32, Chelyabinsk, Consanginuity, Darwinian fitness (W), Duffy Null, Effective size of population, Endogamy, Epigenetics, Epitopes, Erythroblastosis Foetalis, Evenki, Exogamy, Exon

pegar (gu), pelear, sonar (suena), tocarie (qu) a uno, la aficio'n, la diversio'n, el pasatiempo, los ratos libres, el tiempo libre, aburrirse, caminar, dar una caminata, dar un paseo, hacer un picnic, hace planes (m.)

Salt, Sodium Deficiency, Sodium Toxicity, Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Potassium (K) , Magnesium (Mg) , Magnesium deficiency , Magnesium , Iron (Fe)

Adrenal Cortex Secretes: (3), Adrenal Cortex disorders, Adrenal Medulla Secretes: (2), Adrenal Medulla controlled by, Adrenal Medulla disorder, Hypothalmus – Pituitary – Adrenal axis, cortisol (4), Adrenal Insufficiency 3 categories, primary Adrenal Insufficiency, secondary Adrenal Insufficiency 3 causes, adrenal crisis 3 causes, addisons disease, addisons disease 4 causes, 11 addisons disease s/s, addisons disease diagnosis

Middle childhood ends at what age?, What is Puberty?, What determines pubertal onset?, what is nutrition important?, Why is health important?, Body mass?, Heredity, Hormones has key structures: in the brain, Hormones in males in females:, What is Gonadotropins?, How do puberty hormones work?, The pituitary gland is related to the, Growth Spurts

Scaled score, raw score, Percentage score, Individual test advantages-, Group Test Advantages-, 4 Attributes of Individual Tests, 4 Attributes of Group Tests, Reliability, Reliability coefficient, Test reliability is usually estimated in one of three ways:, Internal Consistency-, method of parallel forms-, Test–retest reliability estimates-, You should always consider is the possibility of a ____ or ____ effect. This effect occurs when the first testing session influences scores from the second session., Interrater reliability

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