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Product line pricing, Optional product pricing, Captive product pricing, Price bundling, Internal reference price, 5 Price adjustments, Price adjustment - promotional, Price adjustment - segment based pricing, Price adjustment - dynamic pricing, ROI pice, Stop customers from fixating on price, Free customer lifetime value determines, Push strategy, Pull strategy, 4 Advertising objectives

Abdicate, Bestow, Capacious, Caustic, Crusade, Deface, Embargo, Fallacy, Levity, Mendicant, Nauseate, Negate, Pivotal, Recipient, Ruse

Absolute advantage, Comparative advantage, Competitive Advantage, Internal Economies of Scale:, External Economies of Scale:, Static economies of scale, Dynamic economies of scale, Second mover advantage, Porter Model/Diamond, Transaction costs:, The Most-Favoured Nation (MFN) Principle, The National Treatment (NT) Principle, GATT- Free Trade Areas: Article XXIV:8(b), GATT- Customs Union: Article XXIV:8(a)

Sepulchers, edifice, congenial, inauspicious, scourged, ignominy, mien, eminence, gentility, contumely, purport, tremulous, hitherto, expostulation, sojourn

Precedent, Common Law, Branches of Power, Legislative Power, Executive Power, Judicial Power, Statute, Bill, Stare Decisis, Court Order, Agencies, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Jurisprudence, Sovereign

dampness, darkness, dawn, daylight, death, definite, specific disease, deformity, depth, developing a phobia, dirt, disease, dogs, dolls, drafts, dust

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