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IUPAC system to name alcohols and amines, Alcohol and Amine Bond / Polar or non polar, reaction with amines, physical properties of alcohols, physical properties of amines, Primary amine, Secondary amine, Tertiary amine, Nucleophile substitution to make halo alkanes, Dehydration to from alkanes, Making Amides, What are Ethers?

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GCSE chemistry keywords

Accurate, Acid, Activation energy, Alkali metal, Alkali, Alkane, Alkene, Alloy, Aluminium, Amphoteric, Anhydrous, Anode, Anomalies, Aqueous solution, Atmosphere

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Chem Ch.4,5,6

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Chemistry Chapter 8

Molar Mass, Formula Mass, Avogadro's Constant, Moles, Molarity

2015-11-17 • 5 Cards

Chem 5 Vocab

Wave-particle duality of nature, Momentum, Newtonian mechanics, Quantum mechanics, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Quantum number, Probability, Electron Cloud, Principal quantum number, Sublevel, Orbital, Degenerate, Pauli exclusion principle, Lewis electron dot diagram, Ground State

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Chem 5 Vocab

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Chem 5 Vocab

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Chemistry Theories

Democritus, John Dalton, JJ Thomson, Robert A. Millikan, Lord Kelvin, Ernest Rutheford, James Chadwick

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What is Combustion?, Combustion, Combustion and energy, Solid fuels, Liquid fuels, Gaseous fuels, Word equation, Examples, Results

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What is Corrosion?, Corrosion of metals, Rate of corrosion, Word equation, Corrosion Reaction

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Thermo and Kinetics Equations

Equation for Entropy in Statistics, Change of state of Internal Energy, Ideal Gas Equation, Change of Universal Entropy due to a Process in a System, Entropy Thermodynamically, Definition of CV, Definition of CP, Relationship between S and G, Gibbs - Helmholtz Equation, Chemical Potential, µ, ∆rG in terms of Chemical Potentials, Relationship between Equilibrium Constant and G, Relationship between G and Cell Potential, Relationship between S and Cell Potential, Simple Rate Constant equation

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Ketone 13C NMR Shift, Aldehyde 13C NMR Shift, Carbonyl - X 13C NMR Shift, Methyl 13C NMR Shift, Alkyne 13C NMR Shift, Nitrile 13C NMR Shift, C=C 13C NMR Shift, C-C 13C NMR Shift, CH31H NMR Shift, Difference between Chain (CH2) and Methyl 1H NMR Shifts, What is the effect of Carbon Conjugation on 1H NMR Shift?, H-C-C=X 1H NMR Shift, Alkyne-H 1H NMR Shift, C=C-H 1H NMR Shift, Aldehyde 1H NMR Shift

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D&F Exam 1

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