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染色液によく染めた部分, 葉の細胞, 核のまわりの部分を, いちばん外側, 一つの細胞だけ体ができている生物, 多くの細胞できている生物, 送り出せる血管, 戻ってくる血管, 動脈と静脈をつなぐ細血管, 全身に血液循環させるパンプ, 血液が入ってる部分, 血液が出ていく部分, 心臓→肺動脈→肺。。。, 心臓→大動脈→。。。, 酸素を多くふくんだ血液

2016-09-08 • 18 Cards

Body Vocab

Muscle tissue, Nervous tissue, Connective tissue, Epithelial tissue, Skeleton, Skeletal muscle, Joint, Nutrient, Gland, Hormone, Vertebrae, Ligament, compact bone, Marrow, cartilage

2016-03-30 • 24 Cards

Dental Midterm

Hesy Ra, Hippocrates, Celsus, Etruscans, Amalgam, Toothbrush invented by ?, Who practiced dentistry and surgery in the middle ages?, Pierre Fauchard, Isaac Greenwood, John Greenwood, Paul Revere, Crawcour Bros, 1859 what was created?, Lucy Hobbs, Robert Freeman

2016-03-15 • 87 Cards


strength = Identifies genus and species of organism, Identified genus and species of organism

2015-10-07 • 2 Cards

Life Span

Prenatal:, Infancy:, Early Childhood:, Middle and Late childhood:, Adolescence:, Early Adulthood:, Middle Adulthood:, Late Adulthood:, Nature vs. Nurture:, Nature:, Nurture:, Freud’s Theory: Oral, Freud’s Theory: Anal, Freud’s Theory: Phallic, Freud’s Theory: Latency

2015-09-30 • 37 Cards

Test 3 jak

Spermatozoon (sperms cell), What is the sperm composed of?, Flagellum, Ejaculation, How long does the sperm live, Approximately how many sperm are released during ejaculation, Fraternal twins, Identical twins, Testosterone, Testis, Scrotum, Spermatogenesis, Perineum, Seminiferous tubules, Parenchymal tissue

2015-08-04 • 217 Cards

HHS 435 ASH Course Tutorial / hhs435dotcom

HHS 435 Entire Course (Ash), HHS 435 Week 1 DQ 1 Adequate Standard of Living (Ash), HHS 435 Week 1 The Five Federal Laws and the Human Service Movement (Ash), HHS 435 Week 2 DQ 1 Domestic Violence Statistics (Ash), HHS 435 Week 2 DQ 2 Supportive Services (Ash), HHS 435 Week 2 Strengths of Youth Service Organizations for the Human Service Professional (Ash), HHS 435 Week 3 DQ 1 Discrimination of the AIDS Population (Ash), HHS 435 Week 3 DQ 2 Substance Abuse Treatment (Ash), HHS 435 Week 4 DQ 1 Media and the Human Service Agenda (Ash), HHS 435 Week 4 DQ 2 Right of Privacy (Ash), HHS 435 Week 4 The Application of the Saul Alinsky Approach (Ash), HHS 435 Week 5 DQ 1 Cultural Diversity (Ash), HHS 435 Week 5 DQ 2 Technology in the Human Service Field (Ash), HHS 435 Week 5 Research Paper (Ash)

2014-10-03 • 14 Cards

PHL 323 UOP Course Tutorial / phl323dotcom

PHL 323 Entire Course, PHL 323 Week 1 DQ 1, PHL 323 Week 1 DQ2, PHL 323 Week 1 DQ 3, PHL 323 Week 1 DQ 4, PHL 323 Week 1 Individual Assignment Personal Ethics Development Paper, PHL 323 Week 1 Summary, PHL 323 Week 2 DQ 1, PHL 323 Week 2 DQ 2, PHL 323 Week 2 DQ 3, PHL 323 Week 2 Individual Assignment Ethical Systems Table, PHL 323 Week 2 Summary, PHL 323 Week 3 DQ 1, PHL 323 Week 3 DQ 2, PHL 323 Week 3 DQ 3

2014-10-02 • 25 Cards


2014-06-29 • 0 Cards

Kinesiology 226- Usask

Health, Fitness, Health-Related Fitness, 5 Components of Health-Related Fitness, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, 4 Main Principles of Training, Specificity: CV System, Modality Specificity, Cross- Training Specificity, Central Adaptations, Peripheral Adaptations, Overload, FITT formula, Frequency, Intensity - Different Methods

2014-03-22 • 39 Cards

Kinesiology 226- Usask

2014-03-22 • 0 Cards

Chapter 1

As a result of Moore's Law, the price/performance ratio of computers has increased dramatically over the years. A  TrueB  False  , What is the defining characteristic of the outermost components (hardware and people) of the IS framework? A  They take actions.B  They are the costliest components in the framework.C  They are both sets of instructions.D  They are sunk costs.  , An information system is a group of components that interact to produce information. A  TrueB  False  , A repository can be printed records stored in a shoebox, collection of files in the cloud, or computer databases. A  TrueB  False  , Which of the following refers to information that is based on correct and complete data, and has been processed correctly as expected? A  relevant informationB  measurable informationC  accurate informationD  timely information  , The phenomenal growth of video sharing websites such as YouTube is an example of how Moore's Law can impact the business environment.  A  TrueB  False 

2013-12-06 • 6 Cards

Health 101

quick note , VOLUNTEER TOURISM AND AID, aid organizations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations), othering , volunteer toursim (VT), problems with poverty related volunteer tourism , official development aid (ODA) or foreign aid , ODA promise , foreign aid does more harm than good , for motion (stop aid), against motion (keep aid), CHANGE AND TIPPING POINT , causes fear and anxiety , tipping point theory , Malcome Gladwell -- tipping point author 

2013-12-05 • 18 Cards

Health 101

maquiladoras , maquilas & the maquiladora industry , braceros , border XXI program , border industrial program goals (4), maquiladora work is attractive to mexicans bc , major products , major corporations that operate at maquiladoras , more female workers bc , some problems , major crisis in basic health services , working conditions , Rob Rainer , basic income guarantee and mincome , concerns with mincome/basic income were reality 

2013-12-05 • 22 Cards

Health 101

ally bill of responsibilities , idel no more , global climate change , problems with process , global climate change and health , adverse health outcomes of climate change , from the latest  IPCC report , three levels of action requires , colonialism as a SDOH, effects of colonial legacy, inheritance of colonial trauma , Naomi Adelson, cultural continuity , markers of cultural continuity , Adelson (2005)

2013-12-04 • 42 Cards