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Intro immunology

vaccination, Adaptive immunity, Innate immunity, Antibodies, Antigens, Leukocytes, Lymphatic system, 5 classes of leukocytes, hemapoietic stem cells (HSC's), Pathogens, Types of pathogens (broadly speaking), Bone marrow, Cytokine, Thymus, Spleen

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480 test 1 material

Alloantibody, Autoantibody, Primary vs. secondary immune response, How does incubation time affect agglutination?, How does the ionic strength of the medium affect agglutination?, How does centrifugation affect agglutination?, How does the type of antibody used affect agglutination?, How do enzymes like bromelin, ficin, papain, and trypsin affect agglutination?, How does polyethylene glycol affect agglutination?, Landsteiner's law (2 parts):, Forward typing vs. back typing, What are the ABO red cell Ags, actually? What do the ABO and H genes do to them?, What sugar does the H transferase add onto the precursor?, What sugar does the A transferase add onto the precursor?, What sugar does the B transferase add onto the precursor?

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4 components of innate system, Name 3 jobs of phagocytes, 2 pathways used by phagocytes for recognizing microbes, 3 pathways of complement activation, 3 functions of NK cells, List the 4 types of hypersensitivity reactions, B- (Ab mediated) vs T- (cell mediated) cells? -opsonize bacteria, neutralize toxins & viruses -graft & tumor rejection -Host defecse MTB, fungi, viruses -Type 1 allergy -autoimmunity -Type 4 allergy, 2 arms of the Adaptive immune system, Which receptors mediated activation of T-cells?, How do alpha beta & gamma delta receptors differ in terms of what they recognize?, What is the difference between professional & nonprofessional APCs?, Role of CD3, CD4 & CD8?, Describe the 2 signals needed for T-cell activation., There are two type of CD4 (aka helper T-cells) TH1 & TH2, how are these functionally different?, Naive B-cells have which class of immunoglobulin receptors

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First Aid Immuno

First Aid Immunology, Lymphoid Structures, The following structures have primarily which type of cells: follicle of cortex, medullary cords, medullary sinus, paracortex: (B cells/T cells/macrophages/plasma cells), Which of the following structures is NOT well developed in DiGeorge syndrome: (follicle of cortex/medullary cords/medullary sinus/paracortex)., (Primary/secondary) follicles are dense and dormant. (Primary/secondary) follicles have pale central germinal centers and are active., The sigmoid colon drains to which lymph node? What about the rectum above the pectinate line? Anal canal below pectinate line?, The testes drain lymphatic fluid where? What about the scrotum?, Which 3 areas drain into the superficial inguinal lymph node?, The lateral side of dorsum of foot drains where?, What is not drained by the thoracic duct? Where does it go?, The periarterial lymphatic sheath of the spleen contains (APCs/B cells/RBCs/T cells)., Macrophages in the spleen are responsible for removing what?, Splenic dysfunction leads to a person being especially susceptible to which organisms?, What 3 hematological findings can be seen postsplenectomy?, The thymus forms from which embryonic structure?

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Immunobiology, Janeway 6th ed., Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in Immunology, T/F. All adaptive immune responses entail the production of antibodies., The myeloid progenitor is the precursor of which cells?, Which cells are chiefly important in defense against parasitic infections?, The common lymphoid progenitor gives rise to what cells?, The central or primary lymphoid organs include what?, (B/T) cells are more lateral in the lymph node., The red pulp of the spleen is responsible for what?, Which cells of the immune system are active in innate immunity?, What is the difference between cytokines and chemokines?, (Neutrophils/macrophages) respond to inflammation first., Dendritic cells present the material that they ingest to what?, T/F. The variable region of an antibody consists only of light chain., T/F. Both the B and T lymphocytes generate Ig that have two antigen-recognition sites.

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BMS3055 Cannabinoids

421 chemical compounds, 80 terpeno-phenol compounds eg >9 tetrahyrocannabivarinol (>9-THC) Cannabidiol (CBD) >9- TetrHydoCannabiVarin (THCV)

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Micro Lab test

Equation (only aloud to deviate by log 10^1), Probiotics, Gram +, Gram -, Bacteriostatic, Bacteriocidal, Bacteriocins, Antibiotics, Antiseptics/disinfectants:, MIC and MBC, Bacteriophage typing, BLIS: bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance, Influenza, Secondary Bacterial Infections, Viral infections

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MicroFinal Ch21

Antigens, Epitope, Regulatory T cells, Autoimmune, Immunological memory, Immune deficiency, B lymphocytes (B cells), T lymphocytes (T cells), cell mediated immune response, -effector cells are activated immune cell that target pathogens & secrete antibodies -memory cells are long-lived B and T cells. They are capable of division on short notice to produce more effector cells & additional memory cells., TRUE!, The Origin of B and T Lymphocytes, Antibodies, Epitope, IgM

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Mikrober, Hur fungerar det yttre försvaret genom 1) huden 2) slemhinnor 3) matsmältningskanal 4) saliv och tårvätska?, Det inre försvaret kan delas in i..., två typer av fagocyter, Makrofager 1) bildas ur... 2) utvecklas till aktiva makrofager när... 3) avlägsnar..., Neutrofiler 1) är... 2) når den infekterade vävnaden... 3) assisteras av proteiner som..., Den medfödda immuniteten 1) Första ledet bildas av... 2) som tar hand om försvaret... 3) I början är antalet neutrofiler __________ än antalet makrofager 4) och de första dagarna tar ________ hand om fagocytosen. 5) Några dagar efter infektionens början har _________ med hjälp av lymfocyterna hand om fagocytosen., Lymfocyterna bildar den ___________ försvarslinjen om antalet bakterier eller virus är för stort för fagocyterna ensamma., Lymfocyternas funktion utvecklas..., Minnesceller 1) bildas... 2) för att..., T-lymfocyter mognar i ______________ och B-lymfocyter i _______________. Sedan förs de till _________________ där de delar sig., Antigen, 1) B-lymfocyternas huvudsakliga uppgift. 2) Vad kallas de differentierade B-celler som gör detta? 3) Vad triggererar differentieringen? 4) Vilken annan typ av celler bildar B-lymfocyterna?, Antikroppar, Komplementfaktorer

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Innate Immunity

Kinin, clotting and fibrinolytic pathways, Complement pathway: Lectin, Complement pathway: Alternative, Complement pathway: Classical, Pseudopodia, Toll-like receptors, Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis (most common), Endocytosis, Innate Immunity, 4 Types of defensive barriers, Macropinocytosis, Receptor-mediated endocytosis (most common), PAMPs: Pathogen Acossiated Molecular Patterns, Direct recognition

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Lymphatic System

Pathway of lymph from stomach to blood, Functions of the spleen, Plasma cells are a differentiated form of, the thoracic duct drains lymph into the venous blood at the junction of the:, specialized lymphatic capillaries in the small intestines are called:, What are the primary lymphatic organs and what do they produce?, afferent lymphatic vessels, efferent lymphatic vessels, Lymphatic trunk, thoracic duct, right lymphatic duct, 3 primary functions of the lymphatic system

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Immuno - Cytokine

Activate MAC to secrete Cytokines (IL-1,6,12,TNF) & Chemokines (IL-8 & MCP-1)., Activate endothelial cells leading to de novo expression of: ICAM-1, VCAM-1, and E-selectin, and enhanced expression of ICAM-2. As well as induce endothelial cells to secrete chemokines IL-8 and MCP-1., Act on hypothalamus to induce fever and play role in lowering blood pressure leading to shock.

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Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Immune System, Innate Immunity, Natural Killer cells, Complement System , Toll-like Receptors, Adaptive Immunity, Immune Cells, Where do lymphocytes come from?, T helper cells (CD4+), T cytotoxic cells (CD8+), Antigen Presenting Cells, Types of T helper cells , T helper cells release cytokines, B Lymphocytes, Activated B cells divide into two kinds of cells

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Anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, shift cell, promyelocyte, myelocyte, metamyelocyte, band form, segmented form, myeloblast, promonocyte, Common lymphoid progenitor, Common Myeloid progenitor, Hematopoietic stem cell, Pronormoblast, Erythropoietin

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