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Growth in microbiology

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Sugar Metabolism including rate determinging enzymes

Cholesterol Synthesis, Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, De Nove Pyrimidine Synthesis, Den Novo Purine Synthesis, Fatty Acid Oxidation, Fatty Acid Synthesis, Gluconeogenesis, GLycogen Synthesis, Glycogenolysis, Glycolosis, HMP Shunt

2011-04-28 • 22 Cards

Chapter 6, Metabolism

How does life continue?, How is a transition state reached?, What are active sites?, What are cofactors?, What are enzymes assisted by?, What are enzymes?, What are intermediates?, What are metabolic pathways?, What are products?, What are reactants?, What is a Coenzyme?, What is a free radical?, What is a substrate?, What is activation energy?, What is an antioxident?

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Physiology - Ch. 4: Energy and Metabolism (Metabolism)

does glycolysis require oxygen?, how do cells regulate the flow of molecules through their metabolic pathways?, what are all chemical reactions in the body collectively known as?, what are anabolic reactions?, what are characteristics of aerobic pathways?, what are the characteristics of anaerobic pathways?, what are the primary energy storage molecules in animals?, what do catabolic reactions do?, what do high energy electrons from NADH and FADH2 give up as they pass through the electron transport system?, what does aerobic metabolism of pyruvate through the citric acid yield?, what is beta-oxidation?, what is glucose converted to through glycolysis?, what is protein broken down into?, what is pyruvate converted into through anaerobic metabolism?, where is energy of high-energy electrons from NADH and FADH2 trapped after it passes through the electron transport system?

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Nutrition & Metabolism

absorptive state, adipose, Fermentation, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, keto acid modification, Lipogenesis, lipolysis, Liver, muscle, Oxidative deamination, oxidative phosphorylation, Oxidative phosphorylation, postabsorptive state, protein synthesis

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Cellular Metabolism

6,6,1,6, animals, ATP, ATP, autotrophs, Calvin-Bensen Cycle, carbon dioxide, chemical reaction, chemical reaction, chlorophyll, chlorophyll, light, carbon dioxide, water, chloroplast, energy, energy, glucose

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CP 5, Essential Concepts About Metabolism

Activation Energy, Active site, ADP, Allosteric Site, Anabolic Pathways, Anabolism, Apoenzyme, ATP, Autotrophy, Catabolic Pathways, Catabolism, Catalyst, Chemoautotrophs, Chemoheterotrophs, Coenzyme

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B1U3 Glycogen Metabolism

Andersen's disease, B-linkage, cAMP, Epinepherine, Glucagon, glucose - 6 - phosphatase, glucose -1-phosphate, glycogen, glycogen primer, glycogen synthase, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, Insulin, McArdle's Disease, phosphorylase

2011-04-28 • 21 Cards

Nutrition, Metabolism, Body Tempature

Adequate Caloric intake, All-or-None Rule, Anabolic chemical rxns, Carbohydrate Metabolism (major steps), Carbohydrates, Catabolic chemical rxns, Cellular Respiration, Cholesterol, Citric Acid Cycle, Dietary Carbohydrate Requirement, Dietary Requirements of Lipids, Dietary Sources of Carbohydrates, Essential Nutrients, Fat-soluble vitamins, Fatty deposits uses:

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Metabolism, Nutrition, and Temperature

Absorptive State, Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), Anabolism, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Catabolism, Cellular Respiration, Gluconeogenesis, Glycogenesis, Glycogenolysis, Glycolysis, Lipogenesis, Lipolysis, Metabolic Rate, Postabsorptive State

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Anatomy 202 Unit 3 Metabolism

ATP, beta oxidation:, deamination, Glycogenesis =, Glycogenolysis =, Glycolysis, Glycolysis (def.), Ketogenesis, Lipolysis, NADH, NADH (def.), Pyruvic acid, Pyruvic acid (def.), Q: How is acetyl coenzyme A formed?:, T or F: the Krebs cycle uses oxygen.

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Antiepileptic: Mechanism of Action, Metabolism, and Use

Benzodiazepines, Drugs, Benzodiazepines, Metabolism, Benzodiazepines, MoA, Carbamazepine, Metabolism, Carbamazepine, MoA, Carbamazepine, Use, Clonazepam, Use, Clorazepate, Use, Diazepam, Use, Ethosuximide, MoA, Ethosuximide, Use, Felbamate, MoA, Felbamate, Use, Gabapentin, Metabolism, Gabapentin, MoA

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micro metabolism

acetyl CoA, aerobic respiration, anabolism, anaerobic respiration, ATP, ATP, beta oxidation, catabolism, coenzyme, coenzyme CoA, cofactor, deamination, dehydration synthesis, electronic transport chain, glycolysis

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A&P2- Nutrition & Metabolism

A-Importance, A-Source, A,C, and E, B1-Importance, B1-source, B12-Importance, B12-Source, B2-Importance, B2-Source, B6-Importance, B6-Source, C-Importance, C-source, Carbohydrate metabolism, Carbohydrate metabolism

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Chapter 8: An Introduction to Microbial Metabolism

"Metabolic Currency", 3 differnt mechanisms that can form ATP, 6 forms of Energy, active site substates, Adenosine Triphosphate, aerobic respiration, Anabolic reactions, Anabolism, Apoenzyme, ATP, ATP Synthase, ATP Synthase Complex, Bioenergetics, Catabolic reaction, Catabolism

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