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extra credit QUIZ - 12 cranial nerves

Trigeminal V 5, Facial VII 7, Glosso pharygeal IX 9, VAGUS X 10, OCCULO MOTOR III 3, Trochlear IV 4, Abducens VI 6, Accessory XI 11, Hypoglossal XII 12, 4 mixed S/M or both S/M fiber types + 5 Motor fiber types = 9. Only 3 sensory fiber types/names to go!, Vestibulo cochlear VIII 8, Optic II 2, Olfactory I 1, 12, 11

2020-02-06 • 25 Cards

HB Nervous system

2016-03-16 • 0 Cards

SLHS 4301- Anatomy and Physiology of the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

Somatic Nervous System Function, Autonomic Nervous System Function, Spinal Nerves, Cranial Nerves, Sympathetic nervous system function, Parasympathetic nervous system function, Examples parasympathetic effects, Examples sympathetic effects, Spinal column, Spinal cord protective layers, Spinal cord white matter, Spinal cord gray matter, SC dorsal root, SC ventral root, Cauda equina

2015-09-20 • 57 Cards

SLHS 4301- Basic Terminology

Anterior, Posterior, Ventral, Dorsal, Superior, Inferior, Caudal, Rostral, Medial, Lateral, Axis of brain, Axis of spinal cord, Saggital plane, Coronal (frontal), Axial (horizontal or transverse)

2015-09-20 • 27 Cards

PSYCO 478 M1

Pharmacology, Psychopharmacology, Neuro-pyscho-phamacology, Drug actions, Drug effects, Therapeutic Effects, Side Effects, Adverse Effects, Diphen hydramine / benadryl, Drowsiness and drying mucous membranes, Specific Effects, Nonspecific Effects, Placebo Effect, Expectancy and conditioning, 50-70 ; 20-30

2015-01-13 • 343 Cards

Nuero Test 2

Side2, 3

2014-04-04 • 2 Cards

Neuroscience Unit 1

Neurons, Synapses, two broad categories of nerve cells, difference between neurons and glia, what do neurons and glia cells share in common?, what do neurons contain in addition?, what is the functional purpose of such organization?, what is special about neurons communication?, what is special about dendrites?

2014-01-23 • 9 Cards

Neuroscience Unit 1

2014-01-23 • 0 Cards

Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerve I, Cranial Nerve II, Cranial Nerve III, Cranial IV, Cranial V, Cranial VI, Cranial VII, Cranial VIII, Cranial IX, Cranial X, Cranial XI, Cranial XII

2013-04-15 • 12 Cards


2013-04-01 • 0 Cards

UIC brainstem

2013-03-01 • 0 Cards

Neuroanat M3

2012-12-20 • 0 Cards

Neurophysiology Quiz

2012-11-15 • 0 Cards


General function of Cell Body, General function of Dendrites, General function of Axon, General function of Axon Collaterals, General function of Terminals, General function of Varicosities, How is myelin formed? What is the function of myelin?, List the similarities & differences among the 3 major types of neurons., Characterize multipolar neurons, Characterize pseudounipolar neurons, Characterize bipolar neurons, List the 4 functional classes of neurons, Afferent (sensory) neurons, Efferent (motor) neurons, Interneurons

2012-11-12 • 39 Cards

Psychobiology Labels

2012-10-23 • 0 Cards