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Dehydration Causes

1. Excessive sweating, 2. Insufficient drinking, 3. Diarrhea, 4. Vomiting, 5. Excessive urination (polyuria), 6. Severe bleeding, 7. Extensive burns, References:

2016-09-13 • 8 Cards

Amino Acids

What are the essential amino acids?, What are the non-essential amino acids?, What are the conditional amino acids and what are their precursors?, How does digestion of protein occur?, What are endopeptidases?, What are exopeptidases?, Sodium-dependent AA transport (for free AA), Why can supplemental amino acids be bad for you?, How are di/tri-peptides transported into cells?, How are aa transported into cells?, What are amino acids catabolized to?, What happens to most of the aa absorbed by the intestine?, What is the function of glutamine?, What are heat shock proteins?, What do heat shock proteins do?

2014-12-09 • 35 Cards

Weight Control Hormones

Leptin, Ghrelin, CCK, PYY, Insulin, Glucocorticoids, Adiponectin

2014-12-04 • 7 Cards

Nutrition Chapter 1

2014-09-16 • 0 Cards


Different nutrition guidelines available in Australia and their uses, Describe the uses of these nutrition guidelines for dietary planning and assessment for individuals, Describe the uses of these nutrition guidelines for dietary planning and assessment for populations, Recent changes to nutrition guidelines in Australia, What are the NRV'S

2014-06-12 • 5 Cards


2013-10-24 • 0 Cards

FDA Food Labeling Definitions

Calorie free, Low calorie, Low sodium, Very low sodium, Low cholesterol, Lean (meat, poultry, seafood), Fat free / Sugar free, Low fat, Low saturated fat, High fiber, Reduced, Light, Good source of, High in, Healthy

2013-05-05 • 16 Cards

nutrition and wellness

Weight gain 0-6 months, weight gain 12-24 months, calorie consumption 3-8, calorie consumption 9-12, calorie consumption 14-18, protein need 1-3, protein need 4-8, protein need 9-13, fiber need in children, def: food neophobia, children who lack what absorb more lead, low caries food, high caries food, diabetes indicators, diabetes culprits

2013-04-29 • 30 Cards

medical genealogy

Medical Geneology, Nutrigeninetics, nutrigenomics, nutrient density, Kcal, MNT, Learned food aversions, Biopsychosocial, acculturation, Pescetarian diet, Daily reference Values DRV's, chronic disease, exchange list for meal planning, Glucocorticoids, Three realms of nutritional assessment.

2013-01-15 • 37 Cards

Nutrition 241 Final Study Guide

Calories per gram of Protein, Calories per gram of Carbohydrates, Calories per gram of Alcohol, Calories per gram of Fat, Primary function of Carbohydrates, What are Carbohydrates composed of?, Major function of Lipids?, What are Lipids composed of?, Major function of Proteins?, What are Proteins composed of?, Major food source of Carbohydrates?, Major food source of Lipids?, Major food source of Protein?, What is an ORGANIC compound?, What nutrients are organic?

2012-12-07 • 347 Cards

FON 241 Lesson 1

2012-10-17 • 0 Cards

Nutrition Mid-term 1

Wasting, Indispensable amino acids, Dispensable amino acids, Conditionally dispensable amino acids, Proteins we consume are broken down into what three categories, Peptide bond, Di& Tri peptide, Oligopeptide & polypeptide, What determines the function and interaction of a protein, Hemoglobin, Hydrophilic Amino Acids, Hydrophobic amino acids, Disulphide Bridge, What factors affect the stabilization of proteins causing them to denature or lose their shape?, Denaturation

2012-09-19 • 81 Cards



2012-09-10 • 10 Cards

NUTR 101 Ch. 6

Essential Amino Acids , Mutual Supplementation , Complementary Proteins , Translation , Transcription , Primary Structure , Tertiary Structure , Secondary Structure , Protein Quality , Incomplete Protein , Complete Protein 

2012-04-03 • 11 Cards

NUTR 101 Ch. 5

Classes of Lipids , Short Chain Fatty Acids , Straight Chain Fatty Acids , Kinked Fatty Acids , Trans Fats Structure , Cis Fats Structure , Essential Fatty Acids , Omega - 6 , Omega - 3 , Chylomicron , Micelle , Make up of Triglycerides , Lipoproteins , Saturated FATS , Monounsaturated FATS 

2012-04-03 • 23 Cards