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Obesity, Health burden, WANG et al, 2004, Forsight report, 2007, Causes of obesity, Aetiology, Genetics, Epigenetics?, Yu et al, 2011, Shelton and milller. 2010, Vincent and Tyler, 2006, Jakicic et al, 2011, Goodpaster et al, 2010, Larson-Meyer, 2010, Church et al, 2010

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Blair Study, BMI Values, Bouchard Research, Donahue Et. All Study, Meeyrs, Pavlow Study, Percentage of adults overweight, Percentage of Diets that Do Not Work, Positive Impacts of Weight Loss, Weight Control, Weight Loss

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Treatment of Obesity

1 gram of alcohol =, accessing obese patients:, behavior programs include, BMI > 35 and other co-morbidity's, BMI of > 25, without co-morbidity's, BMI of > 30 regardless of whether co-morbidity's are present, BMI of 25-29.9 or a high waist circumference, with 2 or more co-morbidity's, classifies overweight and obesity by BMI and waist circumference, cognitive restructuring techniques, excessive amount of total body fat compared to lean tissue, excessive amount of weight in relation to height, factors related to weight gain, high risk types of obesity, if patient has not lost 1 pound per week after 6 months of treatment, low carb diets result in

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digestive/ obesity

absortion, antioxidants, calcium, carbohydrates, elimination, esophagus, heartburn, lipids, liver disorders, minerals, movement, pharynx, proteins, sodium, stomach

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obesity final

12, african americans, amount of exercise needed to have greatest effect, amount of weight needed to produce health benefits, appropriate rate of weight loss, barriers to healthy school environment, behavioral justice, benefits of weight loss, best forms of physical activity, carbohydrates, clinically significant weigh tloss, competition with NSLP, contraindications to surgery, eating oppurtunities in schools, efficacy of drug

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1. android (apple) --worse on heart 2. gynoid (pear) --varicose veins, 1. Aspiration of stomach contents and check pH using pH paper. **Push contents back in!!!** 2. x-ray, 1. BMI (skin folds with calipers) 2. Weigh-to-height Chart 3. Direct observation, 1. BMI 2. Waist-to-hip Ratio--increases c age and excessive weight (waist measurement divided by hip measurement), 1. Continuous infusion by pump 2. Intermittent bolus by syringe 3. Cyclic intermittent by infusion pump, 1. Nutrient content 2. All additives 3. Time mixed 4. Date and time of expiration, 1. Vertical banded gastroplasty 2. Gastric bypass 3. Circumgastric banding, 1200-1500 calories/day, 170 calories/L and NO protein, 24 hrs, 24 hrs, 24 hrs (must be refrigerated until 30 min before use), 8 hrs, Adult onset obesity, Android (apple)

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SAT words from 'nihilist' to 'obesity'

nihilist, nil, nimble, nit, nocturnal, noiseless, noisome, noisy, nomad, nomic, nominal, nominate, nomination, nominee, non-combatant

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Nutrition #5 (Feline Nutrition & Obesity)

(3) Therapy for chronic heart failure, (4) Clinical Manifestations of heart failure are due to:, (6) risk factors for causing or complicating cardiovascular disease, 2 characteristics of stone formation, 2 phases of urolith formation, 4 Functions of the Liver, 4 main goals for adult maintenance in cats, 4 phases of chronic renal failure, 5 Functions of the Kidney, 8 Nutritional Idiosyncrasies of Cats, 8 weight loss tips, A cat's daily intake of food will depend on what 4 things, A feline gestation diet requires what increase of food above maintenance, A feline lactation diet requires what increase of food above maintenance, A goal of ___ to ___% body weight loss per week is ideal

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Nutri Sci: Energy Balance and Obesity

Adenosine Triphosphate, Amenorrhea, Anabolic, Anabolism, Bariatic, Basal Metabolic Rate, Basal Metabolism, Body Mass Index, Catabolic, Catabolism, Female Athlete Triad, Hip to Waist ratio, Hyperplasia, Hypertrophy, Prevalence

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PEDS L5 Obesity

As a last resort. Pts should have been diet and exercising at least 6-8 months., Blacks and Hispanics, BMI = (weight in pounds * 703 ) ———————————— height in inches² Note: ht is squared in each formula so the only diff between the two is multiple lbs by 703, BMI = weight in kilograms ———————————— height in meters², Cushing's disease, Decrease the sugars and it can take several months, Examination of Obese Child, Healthy Weight, hyperinsulinemia consider DM-2, Hypoleptinemia Prader-Willi, Bardet-Biedl, Ahlstrom, Cohen) Body fatness heritability 65 -80 % & genetic influences that control resting energy expenditure Synergy between heredity & environment, Metformin, Obese, Overweight, Overweight, Prader Willi

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Anti-Hyperlipidemics & Obesity Drugs

Alternative Therapies, Bile Acid Binding Resins, Ezetimibe (ZETIA), Fibric Acid Derivatives, Nicotinic Acid, Orlistat (ALLI), Phentermine (Adipex-P), Statins

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environmental approaches to obesity

built environment, components of a built environment, components of community design, design, human use, land use, natural landscape, transportation system, urban sprawl, walkability

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assessment of energy expenditure and physical activity

accelerometers, accelerometers limitations, accelerometers strengths, components of energy expenditure, Direct Calorimetry, Double Labeled Water (DLW), energy expenditure, Factors influencing EE, heart rate monitors, limitations pedometers, methods for assessing energy expenditure, motion detectors, objective measures of PA, Pedometers, physical activity

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Body Composition Assessment

Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) (overview), BMI Method for BF, body composition, DXA limitations, DXA overview, error sources BIA, essential fat: definition and functions, non-essential body fat, purpose of body composition assessment, skinfold thickness, source of error underwater weighing, sources of error with skinfold, strengths and weaknesses of BMI, Total Body Water, types of laboratory methods of assessing body composition

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Obesity Lecture

18.5-24.9, 2.1%, 20%, 25-29.9, 30 and above, 30%, 4.7%, 61%, Body Mass Index, Death from all causes is related to which type of body fat distribution?, Hypertension is related to which type of body fat distribution?, Intra-abdominal fat, less than 18.5, more than 35 inches, more than 40 inches

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