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Protocol Drugs

Class of Aspirin, MOA of Aspirin, Indications for Aspirin, Contraindications for Aspirin, Adverse Reactions associated with Aspirin, Drug interactions of Aspirin, Dosage and Administration of Aspirin, Duration of Action of Aspirin, Half-Life of Aspirin, Special Considerations for Aspirin, Class of Activated Charcoal, MOA of Activated Charcoal, Indications for Activated Charcoal, Contraindications for Activated Charcoal, Adverse reactions associated with Activated Charcoal

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Speciel farma

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fama virkning blandet

Alfa og beta receptorer stimulering, Alfa blokkere, Beta blokkere og deres effekt samt klinisk anvendelse, Ach effekt, Neostigmin, Barbiturater, Proporfol, Ketamin, d-Tubocurarin, Succinylcholin, Virkningsmekanisme for opioider, Phenothiaziner

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Farma virkningsmekanismer blandet

Alfa og beta receptorer stimulering, Alfa blokkere, Beta blokkere og deres effekt samt klinisk anvendelse, Ach effekt, Neostigmin, Barbiturater, Proporfol, Ketamin, d-Tubocurarin, Succinylcholin, Virkningsmekanisme for opioider, Phenothiaziner, Alfa 2 agonister, Benzodiazepiner, Butyrophenoner

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Patho I Drugs

Anticholinergics, Cholinesterase Inhibitors, Catecholamines, Sympathomimetics, Alpha-Blockers, Beta-Blockers, Indirect Sympathetic Antagonists, Penicillins (Narrow, Vulnerable), Penicillins (Narrow, Resistant), Penicillins (Broad), Penicillins (Extended), Penicillins (Combinations), Cephalosporins, Carbapenems, Monbactams

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Management of Pain

What is the role of opiate/opioids?, What are the types of pain?, NSAID's, Tri-Cyclics, Anticonvulsants, NMDA receptor antagonists, Alpha-2 antagonists, 5HT1- antagonists

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What does epinephrine activate?, What does norepinephrine activate?, What does phenylephrine activate? What about a-methyldopa/clonidine, What does isoproterenol activate?, What does salbutamol activate?, What is miosis and mydriasis?, What are the cholinesterase inhibitors?, What do a1 adrenoceptors do?, What do a2 adrenoceptors do?, What do B1 adrenoceptors do?, What do B2 adrenoceptors do?, What do B3 adrenoceptors do?, What are the antimuscarinics?, What are antinicotinics?, How much neurotransmitter does adrenal medulla release?

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Cancer & Chemotherapy

Cancer, Etiology of cancer, How can one prevent cancer?, Diagnosis and staging, Chemotherapy, How does one decide what chemotherapy to use?, Mechanisms of drug resistance for cancer cells, Alkylating agents, Epipodophyllotoxins, Taxanes, Antimetabolites, Anti-tumour antibiotics, Camptothecins, Vinca alkaloids, Interferon -a

2014-12-09 • 17 Cards

Bugs & Drugs

What is a microorganism?, Bacteria, What is the difference between gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria?, What are some examples of anaerobes?, B-lactam, Macrolides, Aminoglycosides, Tetracyclines, Quinolones, Glycopeptides, Oxazolidinone, What are some mechanisms of antibiotic resistance?

2014-12-09 • 12 Cards

Drug Discovery

What is the drug development cycle?, What six things do we consider when designing drugs?, Pooh Bear Syndrome, Dreyden's disease, Mole, How do we measure a drug's potency or efficacy?, What are the steps in drug discovery?, What are targets of action for drugs?, Three ways of target validation?, How do intracellular and extracellular loops work?, What is the mechanism of tolerance/anxiety for drugs that act on G-protein coupled receptors?, What is the Lipinski "Rule of Five"?, What is the difference between morphine and codeine and heroin?, What is a pharmacophore?, What is the process of high-thoroughput screening?

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GI Pharmacology

How is the GI modulated?, Enteric Nervous System, What are the three main cells of the stomach?, What is the pharmacology of stomach acidity?, What are the functions of hydrochloric acid?, How are stomach cells protected from their own acid?, What is peptic ulcer disease?, What are antacids?, What are H2 receptor antagonists?, What are proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs)?, Misoprostol, Sucralfate, What is the standard therapy for H.pylori induced ulcers?, What is the standard therapy for NSAID induced ulcers?, Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease

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GI Pharmacology

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Cardiovascular Drugs

What are the two types of hypertension?, What are the two ways to measure blood pressure?, How does one measure arterial (blood pressure)?, White coat effect, What is method of diagnosis for hypertension?, How can hypertension cause organ damage? And what organs can it affect?, What is the role of thiazide diuretics?, What is the role of the renin-angiotensin system?, What does angiotensin II do?, What is preeclampsia?, What is angina pectoris?, What causes angina (chest pain)?, What influences oxygen supply in the heart?, What influences Oxygen demand in heart?, What is the ABCDE pneumonic for chest angina?

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