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2016-10-05 • 0 Cards

Health Infectious Disease

What is an infecitous disease?, What causese an infection disease?, What is bacteria, What are viruses, What are common diseases casued by viruses, How do diseases spread?, How does the skin help defend against diseases, What defenses does your body have against diseases?, How do immunization work?, How do blood borne diseases get into your body?, What are common bacterial diseases?

2013-10-04 • 11 Cards

Vigtige virus, dybdegående

PRRSV, Svine influenza, Rotavirus (kvæg og svin), Porcine Parvovirus (PPV), PCV-2/PMWS, Bovine coronavirus , Rhinovirus, adenovirus og parainfluenza-3 (kvæg), BRSV, Blue Tongue, BVDV, Schmallenberg virus (SBV), Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR), Feline Calicivirus (FCV), Feline Panleucopeni virus (kattesyge), Feline Leucaemia Virus (FeLV)

2013-01-18 • 33 Cards

Virus Althoehn

Herpesviridae, Papilloma viridae , Poxviridae , Adenoviridae , Parvoviridae , Circoviridae , ASFV – African Svine Fever virus (Asfaviridae) , Astroviridae , Flavivirus , Togavirus , Paramyxovirus , Rhabdoviridae , Orthomyxoviridae (herunder influenza virus) , Retroviridae, Reoviridae

2013-01-15 • 22 Cards

Micro Test 2

Aminoglycosides, Tetracycline, Chloramphenicol, Macrolides, Streptogramins (Synercid), Anti bacterial, antibacterial, Polyenes, Imidazoles and triazoles, Echinocandins, Antifungal, antiviral, Antiprotozoal, Anti-helminthics

2012-06-05 • 14 Cards


DD sequence, Mutation (RNA vs DNA), quasispecies, + sequence, - sequence, RI-1, RI-2, Viral Protease 2A and 3C, poliovirus internal ribosome entry site, order of protein in Rhabdovirus, Rhabdoviruses are..., L and P are used to

2011-09-04 • 12 Cards

Bacteria/Classification/Virus Test

3 domains, 3 shapes, 6 kingdoms, Aerobes, Animal-like protists, Animalia, Archaea domain, Archaea groups, Aristotle, Bacteria diseases, Bacteria domain, Bacteria vs. Archaea, Benefits of bacteria, Binary fission, Binomial nomenclature

2011-04-28 • 49 Cards

Saddams' Revenge: West Nile Virus

Cause, Infection, Other facts, Places, Prevention, Report, Sickness, Symptoms, Threat, Treatment, WNV

2011-04-28 • 11 Cards

Virus' And Bacteria

Autotrophs, Binary fission, Capsules, Cell Wall, Conjugation, Cytoplasm, DNA, Extreme halophytes, Flagella, Gram negative, Gram positive, Heterotrophs, Methanogens, Pili, Prion

2011-04-28 • 22 Cards

Chapter 9. Virus

attenuated virus, bacteriophage, capsid, emerging diseases, envelope, inactivated virus, lysis, lysogenic cycle, lytic cycle, oncogenes, prions, prophage, protease inhibitor, proto-oncogene, provirus

2011-04-28 • 22 Cards

bacteria + virus vocabulary

active virus, aerobic, anaerobic, antibiotic, autotroph, bacilli, bateriophage, binary fission / asexual reproduction, biodegradable, blue-green bacteria, cocci, compost, conjugation, contaminate, decomposer

2011-04-28 • 29 Cards

Stages of Virus (flu)

Acute stage, Convalescence, Incubation stage, Prodromal stage, Recovery stage

2011-04-28 • 5 Cards

Virus Unit

a period of genome intergration, a protein coat., both RNA and DNA, complementary to lytic; more commonly found in animal viruses, contains a capsid; core of RNA or DNA. complete, infective form of a virus, delayed or dormant, not causing active infection. ex. HIV, disease where body loses a lot of cellular immunity; greatly lowers immune system, ability to fight infections, Helical, Polyhedral, Phage, Enveloped, invasion/multiplication of pathogen in host, may interfere with body's functions, malignant (infectious) virus, moderate virus, Nonliving infected carrier replicated inside host cell; composed of RNA/DNA, protein coat, and surrounding envelope; ex. HIV, influenza, HPV, malaria, Retrovirus, retrovirus, causes AIDS, spread of disease over whole country or world

2011-04-28 • 20 Cards


Antibiotic, Bacteriophage, Capsid, Lysogenic Infection, Lytic infection, Pathogen, Prion, Prophage, Retrovirus, Vaccine, viroid, Virus

2011-04-28 • 12 Cards

Bacteria and Virus

Antibiotic, Autotroph, Bacilli, Bacteriophage, Binary fission, capsid, Chemoautotroph, Cocci, Conjugation, Endospore, Flagellum, Heterotroph, Lysogenic infection, Lytic infection, Nitrogen fixation

2011-04-28 • 22 Cards