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ACC 291 Week 1 DQ 2

ACC 291 Week 1 DQ 2, Pendergrass Company hires an accounting intern who says that intangible assets should always be amortized over their legal lives. Is the intern correct? Explain.  What are the basic issues related to accounting for intangible assets? To purchase this material click below link http://www.assignmentcloud.com/ACC-291/ACC-291-Week-1-DQ-2, ACC 291, ACC 291 Week 1 DQ 2, ACC 291 Week 1

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Blood Combining Forms

blast/o, Chrom/o, chromat/o, chyl/o, cyt/o, hem/o, hemat/o, immun/o, lymph/o, morph/o, myel/o, phag/o, plas/o, reticul/o, splen/o, thromb/o, thym/o

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chapter 11 blood

ABO blood types, After a clot forms, Agglutinins, Agglutinogens, Albumins account for, Amino acids, urea, and uric acid, As healing takes place, Basophils, Blood, Calcium and vitamin K, Coagulation, or blood clot formation, Collagen, Electrolytes, Eosinophils, Erythrocyte production

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Workbook Quiz 191-200

ABO Blood Groups, Agranulocyte, Albumin, Basophil, Blood pH, Eosinophil, Erythrocyte, Erytrhopoietin (EPO), Eyrthropoiesis, Formed Elements, Granulocytes, Hematocrit, Hemostasis, Leukocyte, Lymphocyte

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ML U5-6 Review Questions

A 3'° process occurring in blood is __________of materials by capillaries with their surroundings., A cell that eats germs and other unwanted materials is called a ________., A clot that dislodges and circulates through vessels is a/an __________., A clot that forms and stays in place inside a vessel is a __________., A fourth process that occurs in blood is the transfer of ____ to different parts of the body., A second function of the lymphatic system is to protect us from _______., A second group of WBCs which DOES NOT show grains in the cytoplasm when these cells are stained is called ______., A third class of plasma proteins is the globulins. The two globulins that transport fats in the watery plasma are called _____ and _____ globulins., Albumin helps maintain normal blood volume which helps maintain normal blood ________., An erythrocyte is missing the important cell organelle ("brain" of the cell) that controls cell repair., An increased amount of extracellular fluid in injured tissues causes swelling or _____., Another name for extracellular fluid is _______fluid., Another process that occurs in blood is formation of blood _____ to stop bleeding., Antigens are recognized as foreign materials by "germ-detecting proteins" called____., Bad chemicals in blood are waste products made by cells. The chemical ______ is removed from blood by the kidneys to be excreted in urine.

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Ch. 15 Blood Vessels and Circulation

anaphylactic shock, anastomosis, arteries, arteriole, ascending aorta, azygos vein, blood pressure, brachiocephalic, capillaries, cardiogenic shock, circle of Willis, common iliac veins, coronary circulation, femoral artery, femoral artery

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Blood Anatomic Terms

agranulocytes, basophil, eosinophil, erythrocyte, granulocytes, hemoglobin, leukocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte, neutrophil, plasma, platelets, polymorphonuclear leukocyte, serum

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what blood is made of

it's a yellowish liquid made mostly of water., helps blood clot when you cut yourself., carry oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body., helps fight infections.

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Blood Types!!!

What kind of antibodies do A blood types have?, What kind of antibodies does type AB have?, What kind of antibodies does type B have?, What kind of antibodies does type O have?, What kind of antigens does type A have?, What kind of antigens does type AB have?, What kind of antigens does type B have?, What kind of antigens does type O have?

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Circulation and Blood Vessels (Med 165)

Angi, Arterioles, Brachiocephalic, Cappillaries, Carotid Artery, CO2, Cornonary Arteries, Diastolic Pressure, Diffusion, External Iliac, Great Saphenous Vein, Hepatic Vein, Hypertension, Hypotension, Inferior Vena Cava

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ch. 13 blood

1/3, 10 days, 100-120 days, 12-16, 13-18, 250,000-500,000, 3 phases of hemostasis, 3 ways WBC fight against infection, 37-47%, 4.3-5.2, 40-50%, 5.1-5.8, 5000-10000, 7.35-7.45, A, AB, O, B

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Blood Collection, Equipment, Additives, and Order of Draw

A phlebotomy needle that does not have a safety feature:, A pink top tube containing EDTA is primarily used for:, A prothrombin time (PT) and platelet count are ordered on an 80-year-old female patient. Deciding to use a butterfly and "short draw" evacuated tubes on the tiny cephalic vein on the dorsal side of the right arm, the phlebotomist collects the light blue t, A royal blue top with green color coding on the label contains:, A solution used to clean the site before routine venipuncture is:, After a blood spill, a disinfectant is applied and have at least________minutes of contact time for cleanup to be effective., An ETS holder and a syringe transfer device look very similar. What is the difference between the two?, ETS tube additives are:, Glass evacuated tubes are coated with silicon to:, Glass particles present in serum separator tubes:, Heparin prevents blood from clotting by:, How many tubes with different color stoppers can go to the chemistry department?, If a blood pressure cuff is used for venipuncture in place of a tourniquet, the pressure used must be:, If hands are heavily contaminated with organic material, and a sink is not available, the phlebotomist should clean them with:, If phlebotomists have dermitis, they should:

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blood draw and additives

gray, green, lavender, lt blue, red, red/black, yellow

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Chapter 10 Blood

Albumin, Anemia, Basophils, Blood, Buffy coat, Eosinophils, Erythrocytes, Erythropoietin, Formed elements, Hematocrit, Hematopoiesis, Hemocytoblast, Hemoglobin, Leukemia, Leukocytes

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Blood, and Blood types

A, A,B,AB,O, AB, Aorta, Arteries, B, Capillaries, Coronary, Diffusion, Hemoglobin, Inferior vena cava, Left Atrium, Left Ventricle, O, Plasma

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