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Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibitors

A patient with cystic fibrosis develops a pseudomonal infection; which fluoroquinolone do you treat him with?, Are sulfonamides bactericidal or bacteriostatic?, How do sulfonamides cause kernicterus in neonates?, What antibiotic nucleic acid synthesis inhibitors can cause crystalluria?, What are adverse effects of metronidazole?, What are good indications for ciprofloxacin?, What are side effects of Nalidixic acid?, What are some adverse effects of fluoroquinolones?, What are the "respiratory fluoroquinolones"?, What are the Fluoroquinolones and how do they act?, What are uses of Cotrimoxazole?, What do trimethoprim, pyramethamine, and methotrexate have in common?, What drugs are used in pseudomembranous colitis?, What drugs produce a disulfiram-like reaction when taken with alcohol?, What fluoroquinolone is used against pseudomonas?

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Biology 111 Chapter 3 Carbon, Carbs, Protein, Lipids, Nucleic Acid

active site, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Amino acid, Carbohydrate, Carbon, Carboxyl Group, Catalysis, Cellulose, Cholesterol, Complementary, conformation, dehydration synthesis, denaturation, disulfide bond, enzyme

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Biochemistry Study Cards

Carbohydrates, Cellulose, Disaccaharides, fructose, Glucose dissolved in water, Glucose(straight), glyceraldehydes, gylcerol, Lipids, Maltose, Monosaccaharides, Phospholipids, Ploysaccaharides(complex carbohydrates), Primary Structure, Proteins

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Nucleic Acid Protein Synthesis

Amine Bases, anticodon, base connects to anomeric carbon of a sugar via, Biological roles of ATP, Central Dogma, Chromosomes, codon, DNA polymerase, DNA Replication, Elongation, Eukaryotes, Initiation, Major types of RNA, Naming Nucleosides, Naming nucleotide

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Chapter 12.1 Nucleic Acid Structure

A nucleotide consists of:, Because of the base pairing (bonding), each strand is considered ______________________ to the other because if we know what bases are on one side, then we can determine what was on the other. If one side is T A C C G C T A C T G Then the other must be _, DNA and RNA are one of the 4 types of organic Compounds. Which one?, DNA is always a _____________, but that double helix can be _____________ as it is in all ____________ or ____________ as it is in all ______________., DNA or RNA (polymer) is made up of two long stands of ________________ (monomers), Each strand is bonded together by __________________ in the middle between the nitrogen basis. ______ beween _________. _______ between __________., Each strand is not only complimentary to the other, but they are also said to run _______________., Eukaryotic Chromosomes consist of?, How many chromosomes do humans have?

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Nucleic Acid Techniques

Cleavage by a type 2 restriction endonuclease can create two types of 'ends'., Describe the three types of restriction enzymes., Fragment Length Polymorphism, From where are restiction enzymes isolated?, How can you amplify DNA segments?, How do you make recombinant DNA?, How does fragment length polymorphism work?, Restriction Enzymes, What are the application of recombinant DNA?, What does gel electrophoresis sort by and what will move further?, What is needed to carry out a DNA sequencing technique?, What is needed to carry out Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)?, What is the process of DNA sequencing?, What is transformation?, Which restriction enzyme is most favorable in a lab setting?

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Antimicrobial Agents: Inhibition of Nucleic Acid Synthesis

____________ is used to treat leprosy and tuberculosis, 3 classes of drugs that inhibit nucleic acid synthesis:, Base (nucleotide) Analogs inhibit RNA and DNA synthesis by:, Both human eukaryotic and viral prokaryotic cells are susceptible to Base Analogs; viruses are more/less vulnerable because:, Floroquinolones are fungicidal/anti-viral/bacteristatic/bactericidal, Floroquinolones inhibit DNA synthesis by:, Floroquinolones, Base Analogs and Rifampin function by blocking either the replication of ____________ or its transcription into ____________, Most anti-viral drugs are ____________ ____________, Rifampin inhibits bacterial transcription by:, Rifampin is fungicidal/anti-viral/bacteristatic/bactericidal

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Pharm 4-Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibitors

Ciprofloxacin, DNA Gyrase Inhibitors, MOA Fluoroquinolones/Quinolones, Nalidixic Acid, Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibitors, Quinolone Adverse Effects, Quinolone Pharmacokinetics, Sulfonamides, Sulfonamides and Trimethoprim Clinical Uses, Summary Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibitors, Trimethoprim, Urinary Tract Antiseptics: methenamine, Urinary Tract Antiseptics: Nitrofurans

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nucleic acid structure & func

1) cov. linkage formed when innermost 5' PO4 of nucleotide is esterified to 3' OH of neighboring nucleotide, 1) base & ribose sugar via N-glycosidic bonds or beta-glycosidic linkages b/w sugar & a nucleis acid base, 1) phosphorylation of nucleosides 2) 5'- vs. 3'-phosphorylation depends on which ribose C phosphate attached to, nucleotide seq from 5' PO4 to 3' OH

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Biology 111 Chapter 3 Carbon, Carbs, Protein, Lipids, Nucleic Acid

active site, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Amino acid, Carbohydrate, Carbon, Carboxyl Group, Catalysis, Cellulose, Cholesterol, Complementary, conformation, dehydration synthesis, denaturation, disulfide bond, enzyme

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Structure of Nucleic Acid

(T/F) It is topologically possible for the G to go syn and the C nucleoside to undergo rotation by 180° without breaking and re-forming the G:C hydrogen bonds on Z-DNA, (T/F) Z-form can arise in sequences that are not strictly alternating Py-Pu, (T/F)Dideoxy sequencing use the same DNA strand for all the reaction with different ddNTP. Why?, (T/F)DNA in pure water melts even at room temperature., 2 advantages of supercoiling in DNA, A-DNA, Anticodon loop, Automated DNA sequencing, B-DNA, Bacteria or eukaryotes DNA usually folds into loops stabilized by proteins and supercoil takes place withing the loop., Bacterial Gyrase, Canonical base pair, Chromatin, Chromosome Structure, Cruciform

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Chemistry:glycolysis, metabolisms, nucleic acid

Aerobic, Anaerobic, Diabetes mellitus, Fermentation, Glucagon, Gluconeogenesis, Glycogenesis, Glycogenolysis, Glycolysis, Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycemia, In glycolysis, what's the reaction from glycolysis to ATP?, Insulin, Pentose phosphate pathway, What 5 enzymes are needed to synthesize Acetyl SCoA from pyruvate?

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Nucleic Acid Structure

___ are the "beads" formed by the wrapping of DNA around an octamer of ___., (A,B,Z) DNA is the most common., (L/T/W) does not change so long as both strands remain covalently intact., (Negative/Positive) supercoiling promotes seperation since it tends to unwind the DNA duplex., 1) Adenine 2) N-9, 1) base 2) nucleoside 3) nucleotide, 1) cytidine 2) thymidine; uridine 3) base pairing, 1) Cytosine 2) N-1, 1) Guanine 2) N-9, 1) Hydrogen bonds 2) antiparallel, 1) hydrophilic 2) hydrophobic, 1) major grooves 2) minor grooves, 1) prokaryotic 2) plasmids 3) eukaryotic, 1) thymidine 2) ribose 3) deoxyribose, 1) Thymine 2) N-1 3) Methyl group on C-5

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Antibiotics that Interfere with Plasma Membrane Structure/Function, Nucleic Acid S/F, and those that inhibit Metabolic Pathways

Aminoglycosides are toxic or non-toxic? What part of the body do they affect?, An intermediate in making folic acid is ?, Anti TB drugs that are secondary include ? (3), Antibiotics that stop metabolic pathways means that a drug is stopping what specific synthesis?, Aplastic anemia is is fatal because ?, Are cephalosporins have high or low toxicity presently? Can hypersensitivity develop?, Are polymyxins bacterostatic or bactericidal?, Chloramphenicol is associated with what two disorders?, Ciprofloxacin is the drug of choice for treating ?, Convulsions are associated with what antibiotic if used in high doses?, How are polymyxins given to a patient?, How are quinolones administered to patients?, How do you reduce resistant for Mycobacterium tuberculosis?, INH is bacteriocidal or bacteriostatic? explain, Is nalidixic acid narrow or broad spectrum?

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bruno- 6.3 Nucleic acid

Base, base pairing, complementary, DNA, double helix, functions of nucleic acid, hydrogen bond, Nucleic Acids, nucleotide, RNA

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