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zooloogia süstemaatika

regnum, subregnum, superdiviso, diviso, phylum, classis, subclassis, superordo, ordo, subordo, familia, subfamilia, genus, species

2014-10-28 • 14 Cards

Marine Invertebrates: Cnidaria and Ctenophora

Diploblastic, Ectoderm, Endoderm, Mesoglea, Amoebocytes, Radial Symmetry, Cnidae, Nematocysts, Ptychocysts, Spirocysts, Cnidoblast, Operculum, Apical Flaps, Cnidocil, Ciliary Cone

2014-09-21 • 65 Cards

Marine Invertebrates: Porifera and Placozoa

Porifera (Phylum), Totipotent, Basement Membrane, Pinacoderm, Pinacocyte, Ostium, Porocyte, Spongocoel, Osculum, Choanoderm, Choanocytes, Aquiferous System, Asconoid, Syconoid, Leuconoid

2014-09-20 • 57 Cards


Perciformes - Percidae [Perca flavescens - Yellow Perch] Deep body with vertical bands, small teeth, Perciformes - Percidae [Sander vitreus - Walleye] No pattern or large blotches, teeth and serrate preopercle Dorsal fin not spotted/streaked, Last 2 membranes black, lower caudal fin lobe white/depigmented, Perciformes - Percidae [Sander canadensis - Sauger] No pattern or large blotches, teeth and serrate preopercle Dorsal fin spotted/streaked., Perciformes - Percidae [Percina caprodes - Logperch] Modified Belly Scales Pointed Snout, Subt mouth, vertical bars, spot at base of caudal., Perciformes - Percidae [Percina roanoka - Roanoke Darter] Modified Belly Scales 1st Dorsal w/ black base, long blotches, blunt nose, Perciformes - Percidae [Percina notogramma - Stripeback Darter] Modified Belly Scales Large blotches crowding near the caudal fin, Dark pigmented membranes in 1st dorsal, Perciformes - Percidae [Nothonotus rufilineatus - Redline Darter] No Modified Belly Scales Thick Caudal Peduncle w/ hourglass pattern, Perciformes - Percidae [Etheostoma flabellare - Fantail Darter] No Modified Belly Scales, Perciformes - Percidae [Etheostoma blenniodes - Greenside Darter] No Modified Belly Scales Bulbous Snout, U or W shaped lateral markings, Perciformes - Percidae [Etheostoma caeruleum - Rainbow Darter] No Modified Belly Scales 6-10 Saddles,...3 Will be dark. 9-14 Bars

2014-04-23 • 10 Cards

Cyprinidae 1

Cyprinella galactura - Whitetail Shiner Black band on dorsal, depigmented triangles on peduncle Diamond Patterns throughout body (tall scales) Moderately deep body, smaller eye, Cyprinella analostana - Satinfin Shiner Black Band, No depigmented triangles on caudal peduncle. Diamond Patterns throughout body (tall scales) Moderately deep body, smaller eye, Luxilus albeolous - White Shiner No patches of dark pigmentation on dorsal membranes, Tall Scales, Larger Eye, Laterally compressed and deep-bodied. Decurved Lateral Line, Luxilus cerasinus - Crescent Shiner No patches of dark pigmentation on dorsal membranes, Tall Scales, Larger Eye, Laterally compressed and deep-bodied. Decurved Lateral Line. Dark crescents that look like missing scales., Lythrurus ardens - Rosefin Shiner Terminal Mouth, Crowded Anterior Scales, Black Dot, Notemigonus crysoleucas - Golden Shiner Superior Mouth, Decurved Lateral Line, Falcate anal fin with ventral ridge, Pimephales notatus - Bluntnose Minnow Short 1st dorsal ray, Black dot near origin of dorsal, crowded anteriodorsal scales, thick peduncle, black dot on CP., Clinostomus funduloides - Rosyside Dace Massive Supra/terminal mouth, decurved lateral line, body often darkly dappled

2014-04-14 • 8 Cards


O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Carpiodes cyprinus - Quillback] Long dorsal fin base (>=24 rays), O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Catostomus commersoni - White Sucker] Slender Body, Anterior Scales smaller than Posterior Scales, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Erimyzon oblongus - Creek Chubsucker] No lateral line, oblique subterminal mouth, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Hypentelium nigricans - Northern Hogsucker] LL Scales: 44-48, Lips entirely papillose, concave head between eyes, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Hypentelium roanokensis - Roanoke Hogsucker] LL Scales: 40-43, Lips papillose and plicate, concave head between eyes, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Thoburnia rhothoeca - Torrent Sucker] Lips Plicate, Two Light Spots before Caudal, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Moxostoma cervinum - Blacktip Jumprock] Slender Body, Fins w/ Black Tips, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Moxostoma erythrurum - Golden Redhorse] Lips Plicate, O - Cypriniformes F - Catostomidae [Moxostoma macrolepidotum - Shorthead Redhorse] Short Head, Squished Snout, Lips Subplicate, O - Cypriniformes F - Cyprinidae [Cyprinus carpio - Common Carp] Long dorsal fin base, 1st dorsal spine, barbel, O - Cypriniformes F - Cyprinidae [Carassius auratus - Goldfish] No barbel, Long dorsal fin base, 1st dorsal spine, O - Cypriniformes F - Cyprinidae [Ctenopharyngodon idella - Grass Carp] Thick CP, Terminal Mouth, Preanal Length 3x Postanal Length, O - Cypriniformes F - Cyprinidae [Campostoma anomalum - Central Stoneroller] Horseshoe shaped mouth, lower jaw with hard cartilagenous shelf, O - Cypriniformes F - Cyprinidae [Exoglossum maxillingua - Cutlips Minnow] Lobed Lips, O - Cypriniformes F - Cyprinidae [Semotilus atromaculatus - Chreek Chub] Black spot at origin of dorsal fin, large terminal mouth, preterminal barbel, bunched anterior scales

2014-04-09 • 39 Cards


O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Micropterus salmoides - Largemouth Bass] Jaw extends beyond eye, notch in dorsal, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [[Micropterus punctutatus - Spotted Bass] Jaw not extending beyond eye, no notch in dorsal, spotting below lateral line, black spot in front of caudal fin, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Micropterus dolomieu - Smallmouth Bass] Jaw not beyond eye, no notch in dorsal fin, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Enneacanthus obesus - Banded Sunfish] Body w/ black bands, fins with white spots, rounded caudal, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Lepomis gulosus - Warmouth] Large Eye, Large Mouth, Stripes on Cheeks, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Lepomis cyanellus - Green Sunfish] Large Mouth, Black Blotch on Dorsal Fin, Anal Fin with Black Blotch, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Lepomis macrochirus - Bluegill] Short Opercular Flap, Black Spot on End of Dorsal, Small Mouth, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Lepomis gibbosus - Pumpkinseed] Orange Spot on earflap, Wavy cheek pattern, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Lepomis auritus - Redbreast Sunfish] Long, black earflap, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Lepomis megalotis - Longear Sunfish] Long earflap w/ pale margin, wavy mark on side of head, filamentous projection on pelvic fin, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Ambloplites rupestris - Rock Bass] Terminal Mouth, Gill Rakers, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Centrarchus macropterus - Flier] 11-13 Dorsal Spines, Supraterminal Mouth, Gill Rakers >15, Long Anal Spines, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Pomoxis nigromaculatus - Black Crappie] 7-8 Dorsal Spines, mottled pattern, no bars, O - Perciformes F - Centrarchidae [Pomoxis annularis - White Crappie] 5-6 Dorsal Spines, Pigmentation forming bars

2014-04-07 • 15 Cards

XX fw fish

O - Percopsiformes F - Aphredoderidae [Aphredoderus sayanus - Pirate Perch] Anus Just Behind Throat, Large Terminal Mouth, O - Perciformes F - Moronidae [Morone chrysops - White Bass] 2 Dorsals, Steep Forehead, 12-14 Dorsal Rays,ONE TOOTH PATCH, Broken lines, O - Perciformes F - Moronidae [Morone saxatilis - Striped Bass] 2 Dorsals, 2 TOOTH PATCH, 10-14 Dorsal Rays, O - Perciformes F - Scianidae [Aplodinotus grunniens - Freshwater Drum] Rounded nose w/ terminal mouth, unforked caudal, 2 connected dorsals, O - Perciformes F - Elassomatidae [Elassoma zonatum - Banded Pygmy Sunfish]

2014-03-31 • 5 Cards

Adipose Fins

O - Osmeriformes F - Osmeridae [Osmerus mordax - Rainbow Smelt] Canine Teeth, Adipose Fin, O - Percopsiformes F - Percopsidae [Percopsis omiscomaycus - Trout Perch] Large Dorsal, Weak pelvic/anal spines, adipose fin, O - Salmoniformes F - Salmonidae [Salvelinus fontinalis - Brook Trout] Large Mouth, White margins on paired fins, worm like pattern on dorsum, O - Salmoniformes F - Salmonidae [Salmo trutta - Brown Trout] Halo of white around spots, O - Salmoniformes F - Salmonidae [Oncorynchus mykiss - Rainbow Trout] Spots extending to caudal peduncle No Halos around spot, no color margins on fins, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Pylodictis olivaris - Flathead Catfish] Supraterminal mouth, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Ictalurus furcatus - Blue Catfish] Straight anal fin margin, 25-30 anal rays,, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Ictalurus punctatus - Channel Catfish] Rounded anal fin margin, sometimes with spots, anal rays 30-36, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Ameiurus natalis - Yellow Bullhead] Chin Barbels entirely pale, anal rays 24-27, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Ameiurus melas - Black Bullhead] Chin Barbels nearly all dark, gill rakers 17-19, caudal fin base with depigmented area, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Ameiurus nebulosus - Brown Bullhead] Chin Babels mostly dark, gill rakers 13-15, caudal fin base without depigmented area, O - Siluriformes F - Ictaluridae [Noturus insignis - Margined Madtom] Thick black margins around dorsal, anal and caudal fins.

2014-03-26 • 12 Cards


O - Esociformes F - Umbriidae (mudminnows) [Umbra pygmaea-Eastern Mudminnow[ Frenum Present, Rounded Caudal Fin, O - Clupeiformes F - Clupeidae [Alosa pseudoharengus - Alewife] Lower Jaw Rises Steeply, O - Clupeiformes F - Clupeidae [Dorosoma petenense - Threadfin Shad] Elongate last caudal ray, superior mouth (Hook the jaw), O - Clupeiformes F - Clupeidae [Dorosoma cepedianum - Gizzard Shad] Elongate last caudal ray, terminal mouth, O - Cyprinodontiformes F - Poecilidae [Gambusia holbrooki - Eastern Mosquitofish] No Frenum, Rounded Caudal, Typically superior mouth, small, O - Cyprinodontiformes F - Fundulidae (Topminnows) [Fundulus catenatus - Northern Studfish] No Frenum, Large fins, rows of spots, Superior Mouth, O - Cyprinodontiformes F - Fundulidae (Topminnows) [Fundulus heteroclitus - Mummichog] Smaller fins, vertical bars, no frenum, Superior Mouth, O - Gasterosteiformes F - Gasterosteidae (Sticklebacks) 2 Dorsal Fins, First dorsal broken into 2 distinct spines [Gasterosteus aculeatus - Threespine Stickleback], O - Atheriniformes F - Atherinopsidae (Silversides) [Labidesthes sicculus - Brook Silverside] Very Elongate Body, beak-like snout, 2 dorsals very separated, falcate anal fin., O - Scorpaeniformes F - Cottidae [Cottus bairdi - Mottled Sculpin] Thinner last band, markings and mottling, little chin pigmentation, O - Scorpaeniformes F - Cottidae [Cottus carolinae - Banded Sculpin] Last band thick and prominent, not as much mottling,, O - Clupeiformes F - Clupeidae [Alosa mediocris - Hickory Shad] Superior Mouth, Deeper Bodied, O - Clupeiformes F - Clupeidae [Alosa sapidissima - American Shad] Terminal Mouth, Deeper Bodied, Family - Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon bdellium Ohio Lamprey One Continuous Dorsal Usually more gray and white in life 56-62 Trunk Myomeres, Family - Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon castaneus Chestnut Lamprey One Continuous Dorsal Usually more yellow/tan in life 51-56 Trunk Myomeres

2014-03-24 • 47 Cards

Freshwater Fishes

Family - Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon bdellium Ohio Lamprey One Continuous Dorsal Usually more gray and white in life 56-62 Trunk Myomeres, Family - Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon castaneus Chestnut Lamprey One Continuous Dorsal Usually more yellow/tan in life 51-56 Trunk Myomeres, Family - Petromyzontidae Lampetra appendix American Brook Lamprey 2 Dorsal, Pointed Tail, Less Teeth than P. marinus, Family - Petromyzontidae Petromyzon marinus Sea Lamprey 2 Dorsals, More Teeth, Rounded Tail, More pigmented, Family - Acipenseridae Acipenser fulvescens Lake Sturgeon Thick Caudal Peduncle Rows of scutes along lateral, dorsal, and ventral midlines, Family - Acipenseridae Acipenser brevirostrum Shortnose Sturgeon Rows of scutes along lateral, dorsal, and ventral midlines, shorter snout, Family - Acipenseridae Scaphirynchus platorynchus Shovelnose Sturgeon Thin CP, Posterior of anal fin covered in bony plates, Spade-Shaped Snout, Family - Acipenseridae Scaphirynchus albus Pallid Sturgeon Thin CP,Posterior of anal fin covered in bony plates, Family - Polyodontidae Polyodon spathula Paddlefish, Family - Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus osseus Longnose Gar, Family - Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus platostomus Shortnose Gar, Family - Amiidae Amia calva Bowfin Long Continuous Dorsal, Spot on CP,Abbreviated, Heterocercal Tail, Family - Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata American Eel Jaws, Pectoral Fins, Family - Esocidae Esox americanus Redfin Pickerel Diagonal Bar Below Eye, Family - Esocidae Esox niger Chain Pickerel Vertical Bar Below Eye

2014-03-20 • 17 Cards

Marine Perciformes

Acanthuridae - Surgeonfish -Deep Compressed body with eye high on head -Single unnotched dorsal -V. Small Ctenoid Scales -Small terminal mouth with single row of teeth -modified scale on caudal peduncle, Ammodytidae - Sand Lances -Body Elongate -Lower Jaw projects beyond upper -Cycloid scales -Caudal forked - Lat line high, close to long single dorsal, Anarhichadidae - Wolffishes -Body Naked or with minute cycloid scales -Lat line faint w/ branches or absent -Large pec fins -No pelvic fins -Caudal small or pointed, Blenniidae - Comtooth Blennies -Body Naked -Head Usually Blunt -Jaws w/ comblike teeth -2 Anal spines, Carangidae - Jacks and Pompanos -Body generally compressed -Lat. Line Scales may be modified into scutes -2nd Dorsal w/ 1 Spine -3 Anal SPines, first 2 usually detached -Slender Peduncle with distinct keels, Chaetodontidae - Butterflyfishes -Strongly Compressed -Continuous dorsal or w/ slight notch -Scales Extended onto dorsal and anal fins -Small Protractible Mouth, Echenidae - Remoras -Elongated Body, Flattened Head w/ Sucking Disc -Lower Jar Projecting Past Upper Jaw -Small Cycloid Scales -No dorsal/anal spines, Eleotridae - Sleepers -No Sucking disk pelvic Mouth never inferior -1st dorsal w/ 2-8 spines -Cycloid or ctenoid scales, Ephippidae- Spadefishes -Deep, laterally compressed -Comblike large blunt gill rakers (1st epib) -Spinous portion of dorsal distinct from soft -Small mouth with no teeth, Gerreidae - Mojarras -Mouth Highly Protrusible -Head Scaly but Upper Surface Smooth -Deep Fork in Caudal -Dorsal and anal fins scaly sheath at base -Gill membranes not united w/ isthmus, Gobiesocidae - Clingfishes -Pelvic fins modified into thoracic sucking disk w/ 1 spine -single spineless dorsal -scaleless, Gobiidae - Gobies -Pelvic fins united forming sucking disc -1st Dorsal 2-8 spines -Cyc or cte scales Some species w/ head barbels, Haemulidae - Grunts -Continuous Dorsal (9-14 Spines) -Small mouth w/ think lips - Cardiform jaw teeth -Enlarged Chin Pores Usually Present, Labridae - Wrasses -Mouth Protractile w/ jaw teeth projecting out -Dorsal w/ 8-21 Spines -Large to moderate cycloid scales -Lateral line continuous or uninterrupted, Lutjanidae - Snappers dorsal fin continuous or with a shallow notch moderate to large terminal mouth most with enlarged canine teeth caudal fin truncate to deeply forked pelvic fins inserted just behind pectoral base

2014-02-26 • 30 Cards

Marine FIsh Families

Albulidae - Bonefish O - Albuliformes Cartilagenous Covering on head Small inferior mouth not beyond eye Teeth, Antennariidae - Frogfish O - Lophiiformes Globose Body, Large toother mouth Lateral Eyes Tubelike gills under pectoral base Body covered in loose skin, naked, or with denticles, Ariidae - Sea Catfishes O - Siluriformes 3 Sets of Barbels Deeply Forked Caudal Fin, Atherinopsidae - New World Silversides O - Atherinoformes SLender Body, Translucent Body with Silver Stripe 2 Widely Spread Dorsal Fins, Balistidae - Triggerfish O - Tetraodontiformes 3 Spines in first dorsal Single row of small teeth, deep bodied, Batrachoididae - Toadfishes O - Batrachoidiformes Jugular Pelvic Fins, 3 Spines in Dorsal, Opercular Spine, Dorsal Eyes, Scaleless, Belonidae - Needlefish O - Beloniformes Elongate Jaws forming a beark, posterior dorsal, small scales, Bothidae - Left Eye Flounder O - Pleuronectiformes, Clupeidae - Herrings O - Clupeiformes Serrated Ventral midline, cycloid scales, dorsal origin even with pelvic origin, often anteriodorsolateral spots, Diodontidae - Porcupinefishes O - Tetraodontiformes Short to long spines on body, beak, Elopidae - tenpounders O - Elopiformes Large mouth extending beyond eye, gular plate, small teeth, Engraulidae - Anchovies O - Clupeiformes Snout overhangs mouth, upper jaw much behind eye, teanslucent body w/ silver stripe, Exocoetidae - Flying Fishes O - Beloniformes Huge pecs and pelvic, elongated caudal, short jaws, Fundulidae - Topminnows O - Cyprinodontiformes Superior Mouth, Flat Head, Round Caudal Fin, Gadidae - Cod & Hakes O - Gadiformes 2+ Dorsal Fins, Chin barbel, cycloid scales, terminal/subterminal mouth

2014-02-26 • 27 Cards


Acoelomate, Amphid, Blastocoel, Collagenous cuticle, Epitheliomuscular pharynx, Eucoelomate, Hydrostatic skeleton, Lateral line, Longitudinal muscle, Muscle arms, Nematoda, Pseudocoelomate, Renette cells, Roundworms

2014-02-20 • 14 Cards


Aciculum, Alpha-chitin, Annelida, Aortic arches, Beta-chitin, Calciferous glands, Chloragogen tissue, Chloragogue tissue, Clitellum, Cocoon, Crop, Dorsal vessel, Errent, Giant axon, Gizzard

2014-02-20 • 42 Cards