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Ch. 9 Study Guide

What is the Rush-Bagot Agreement?, What was the Convention of 1818?, What was the Adam-Onis Treaty?, What was the Monroe Doctrine? What were all the parts of the Monroe Doctrine?, What was the American System?, Who was Andrew Jackson?, What was the Cumberland Road?, What was the Era of Good Feelings?, What is the Erie Canal?, Who was Henry Clay?, Who was John Quincy Adams?, What was the Missouri Compromise?, What is sectionalism?

2016-03-17 • 13 Cards

SS unit 7

tryanny, oligarchy, democracy, Representative, Direct, Who was a citizen, Who was not a citizen, Greece is a...., What geograpy did Greece have?, What crops were grown, What are the two main civilizations in Greece, What did the Athens value, What did the Sparta value, Which civilization let women have more rights., Which empire was the strongest empire at the time

2016-02-08 • 29 Cards

chapter 7

high tech politics, mass media, media events, press conference, investigative journalism, print media, broadcast media, narrowcasting, chains, beats, trial balloons, sound bites, talking head, policy agenda, policy entrepreneurs

2015-11-23 • 16 Cards

ap gov- chapter 6 vocab

public opinion, demography, census, melting pot, minority majority, political culture, reapportionment, political socialization, sample, random sampling, sampling error, random-digit dialing, exit poll, political ideology, gender gap

2015-11-04 • 18 Cards

Intercultural Comm Mid Term

Benefits of Intercultural Communication, Eight Properties of Communication, Communication:, Communication Apprehension (CA):, Four Types of Communication Apprehension, Culture, Contexts, 5 Ethical Approaches, Psychological Level =, Psychological Level Indicates:, Horizontal individualism:, Vertical individualism:, Horizontal collectivism, Vertical collectivism:, High-Context

2015-10-06 • 70 Cards

Southern Colonies

Who was a leader in the colony where he took control and built a fort in 1608?, Forced the settlers to work harder, build better houses by creating rules that rewarded harder workers with food, What is the name of the first permanent English settlement in North America?, Who signed contracts to work for four to seven years for the people who paid for their journey to America?, What is the indentured servants need in Virginia?, What did the colonial officials started asking for as the plantations grew?, Why did some colonists protest the colonial government?, In 1676, a group of former indentured servants led by Nathaniel Bacon attacked some friendly Native Americans. Bacon opposed the governor's policy on promoting trade with American indians and thought colonists should be able to take American indians' land. Bacon and the other protesters attacked and burned Jamestown, Who was the first colony to promote religious tolerance?, What were laws that controlled slaves, A bill that made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians, Why were slaves in high demand in southern colonies?, List the southern colonies, What are the type of cash crops that made the colony a lot of money?, What were some problems in Jamestown?

2015-09-29 • 16 Cards

Sociology Vocab

C. Wright Mills, Peter Berger, Auguste Comte, Harriet Martineau, Alexis De Tocqueville, Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber

2015-09-02 • 8 Cards

Grade 7 History final exam review unit one

New France, Jesuits, Assimilate, King Louis xiv, Filles du roi, Seigneuries, Seigneurs, Census, Habitants, Thirteen Colonies, Acadia, Great Peace of Montreal,1701, Peace of Utrecht, Fort Louisbourgh, Seven years' war

2015-06-12 • 18 Cards

ch. 13 terms

Twenty-second Amendment, Impeachment, Watergate, Twenty-fifth Amendment, Cabinet, National Security Council (NSC), Council of Economic Advisors (CEA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Veto, Pocket Veto, Presidential Coattails, War Powers Resolution, Legislative Veto, Crisis, Executive Order

2015-04-20 • 15 Cards

Socials 11: Quebec and Aboriginal Issues

Jean Lesage, Harold Cardinal, Pierre Laporte, James Cross, Maurice Duplessis, Elijah Harper, Rene Levesque, Specific Land Claims, Comprehensive Land Claims, White Paper, Indian Act 1876, Quiet Revolution, Notwithstanding Clause, Patriated, Bill 101

2015-04-19 • 22 Cards

Socials 11: Canada 1980-2004

User-fee, Kim Campbell, Economic Migrant, Humanitarian Intervention, Neo-conservatism, Two-tier System, Romeo Dallaire, Privatization, NAFTA, Slobodian Milosevic, Détente, Refugees, Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, Craig Kielburger

2015-04-09 • 38 Cards

Ch. 12 terms

Bicameral Legislature, Bill, Casework, Conference Committees, Committee Chairs, Caucus, Filibuster, House Rules Committee, Incumbents, Joint Committees, Legislative Oversight, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Pork Barrel, Speaker of the House

2015-04-07 • 19 Cards

Socials 11: Post War 1946-1980

Policy of containment, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), Trudeaumania, NORAD (North American Defense System), National Energy Program, Counterculture, Bipolar world, CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), Draft dodgers, Nuclear parity, Security Council, Domino theory, Baby Boom, Client war, Multiculturalism

2015-03-31 • 30 Cards

Ch. 11 Terms

Interest Group, Pluralist Theory, Elite Theory, Hyperpluralist Theory, Subgovernments, Potential Group, Actual Group, Collective Good, Free-rider Problem, Olson's Law of Large Groups, Selective Benefits, Single-Issue Group, Lobbying, Electioneering, Political Action Committees

2015-03-11 • 20 Cards

Ch. 10 Terms

Civic Duty, Electoral College, Initiative Petition, Legitimacy, Mandate Theory of Elections, Motor Voter Act, Political Efficiency, Policy Voting, Referendum, Retrospective Voting, Suffrage, Voter Registration

2015-03-09 • 12 Cards