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Stuff for world history

Analects, Excerpts from the Laws of Manu, Buddhas First Sermon, Torah, Avesta

2012-10-16 • 5 Cards

Primary Sources

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judism, Zoroastrianism, Confusism

2012-10-14 • 5 Cards

REL Test 1

Chapter 1, new and old worlds., Native American response to missionary efforts., Slave religion in early colonies., Pre-contact native american life., Europe during New World Exploration., French vs. Spanish approaches to missions., Sojourner Truth's religious views., Iroquois Confederacy and concept of "consent of the governed.", Women's role in Iroquois Constitution., Key elements of Puritanism in the American colonies., Virginia Company vs. Massachusetts Bay Company., Family in the American colonies vs. that in England., Conditions in England that existed at the time of the American colonies., Economic systems of New England colonies vs. Southern colonies., Distinctive characteristics of the Middle Colonies.

2012-09-24 • 29 Cards

Medieval Times Vocab.

patriarch, Muslim, Justinian Code, mosaic, Medina, catholic, Sunni, Islam, orthodox, Baghdad, caliph, Shiite, Koran, icon, Holy Land

2012-04-16 • 50 Cards

Civ: Religion- India

2012-01-10 • 0 Cards