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John 3:16

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Church History 1 Dates

325, 381, 431, 451, 553, 681

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Church History 1

Nicea, Constantinople, Ephesus, Chalcedon, II Constantinople, III Constantinople

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How a life is made..., What is abortion?, Mason and Laurie Quote for Personhood, Personhood, When does personhood begin? Primitive Streak, When does personhood begin? The point of viability, When does personhood begin? Infancy, When does personhood begin? Birth, When does personhood begin? Ensoulment/the quickening, Types of Abortion, Medical Abortion, Surgical Abortion; Vacuum aspiration, Surgical Abortion; Surgical dilation and evacuation, Surgical Abortion; Late abortion, Abortion and the Law

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Survey Of Biblical Literature Final

Genre of Luke, Genre of Hebrews, Genre of Revelation, Genre of Philemon, What political words does Jesus use in his teachings?, What is another name for the eight statements of blessing Jesus speaks in Matthew 5?, According to Jesus, "If your right eye causes you to sin, you should….", The name ___________ refers tot eh special relationship matthew, mark and luke have to each other., The term _________________ describes the special feature of Mark's gospel where god kept his identity secret?, In the special relationship of Matthew, Mark and Luke, what does "Q" signify?, In the relationship of the Synoptic Gospels what does "L" signify?, Why does Matthew open his gospel with a genealogy?, Where in the gospel of Mark is Jesus finally proclaimed as "Son of God?", What events does Jesus frequently predict about himself in the gospel of Mark?, How do Jesus' disciples respond to Jesus' predictions about himself?

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The study of God in Christianity and all its particular disciplines

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Matthew Bible Quizzing

Who was pledged to be married to Joseph? 1. Elizabeth 2. Mary 3. Rachel, Through whom was Mary found to be with child? 1. Joseph 2. Joshua 3. The Holy Spirit, What did Joseph want to do when he learned that Mary was pregnant? 1. Divorce her quietly 2. Marry her right away 3. Send her to another town, What did an angel tell Joseph to do when he thought about divorcing Mary? 1. Take her home to be his wife 2. Divorce her quietly 3. Beat her, Why was Joseph to name Mary's son Jesus? 1. Because it was a good family name 2. Because he would save his people from their sins 3. Because all important people were named Jesus, What does Immanuel mean? 1. God loves us 2. God saves us 3. God with us, After Jesus was born, who came from the east to Jerusalem ? 1. Magi 2. King Herod 3. Some of Jesus' cousins, Why had the Magi come from the east? 1. To worship King Herod 2. To worship Mary and Joseph 3. To worship Jesus, Who was disturbed after talking with the Magi? 1. king Herod and his whole family 2. King Herod and all Jerusalem 3. King Herod's sons and grandsons, Where did the chief priests and teachers say the King of Jews would be born? 1. In Egypt 2. In Nazarethh 3. In Bethlehem, What did King Herod tell the Magi to do? 1. Search for and find the child, then report to him 2. Take special gifts from Herod to the child 3. Search for the child and kill him, What did the Magi do when they saw the child Jesus? 1. Bowed down and worshiped him 2. Presented him with gifts 3. Both answers are correct, What special gifts did the Magi give to the child Jesus? 1. Gold, jewels, and a new home 2. Gold, incense, and myrrh 3. Gold, news clothes, and a donkey, Why didn't the Magi go back to Herod? 1. In a dream they were warned not to do this 2. They wanted to go home 3. They were tired of traveling

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The Holy Spirit renews, revitalizes our hearts

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World Christianity

10/40 Window:, 4-14 Window:, 6 Principles regarding God's guidance:, Action-to-Information radio:, Africa:, Animism:, Asia:, Church Planting:, Contextualization:, Contributing factors (asia), Dependency:, Directive Call, Diverse Peoples (Latin America), Faith Missions:, Five major kinds of Christians in Africa:

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Christianity Dates

0-3, 1054, 1250, 1517, 1900, 2000 bc, 312/313, 64, 73, 900

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Quiz 5-Hebrews

Heb. Author:, Heb. Date:, Heb. Destination:, Heb. Key Verse:, Heb. Occasion:, Heb. Provenance:, Heb. Purpose:, Heb. Theme:

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terms for review

baptists, cotton mather, denominationalism, ecumenical movement, evangelical, gaudium et spes, george whitefield, great awakening, gustavo gutierrez, james cone, Jonathan Edwards, juan ponce de leon, liberation theology, methodism, nostra aetate

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Christianity Notes

baptism, bible, branches of religion, church, difference b/w Judaism and Christianity, Eucharist, Holidays of Christianity, holy prophets, Ideas of the religion, Practices of religion

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Religion : Christianity

Bar Mitzvah, Bible, Bishop, Creed, Devotion, Ethics, Eucharist, Evangelical, Exodus, Gentiles, Gospels, Iconostasis, Israel, Kingdom of God, Messiah

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