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RLE 02.06.2015

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World History Jesus in Historical

12 is the Product of?, 1250 BC, 1250 BC, 2000 BC, 900 BC, 9th to 6th century BC, All Christian's believe in what?, All Christians believe Jesus, All Christians believe Jesus was apart of who?, All Christians believe what about Jesus?, All Christians sects consider Jerusalem the Holiest city because this is where., Bible, Book of Matthew's Gospel, Book of Matthew's Gospel, Book of Matthew's Gospel

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Chapter 4 Jesus Times

13, a form of sour yogurt, a specialist in the art of reading and writing, a town of carpenters, agricultural town, barter system, baskets, bitter herbs, bow drill, bread and salt, cheese and laban, cleaned; filtered through 3 water troughs, cooking is considered work, creating the fruit of the vine, doors, carts, farm drills, wheels...

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Six Claims Of Dethroning Jesus

Claim Five:, Claim Four:, Claim One:, Claim Six:, Claim Three:, Claim Two:

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Religion Chapter 10 - Jesus Christ the Bread of Life

5,000 people, Body and Blood of Christ, Covenant, Emmaus, Eternal Life, Eucharist, Example of covenant, First Christians, How are can live as children of God, How we are like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Jesus, Last Supper, Life with God, Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary the mother of James, Memorial

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Jesus Times Page 2

2 or 3 years after the birth of jesus, 3-12, 4 BC, 7 years, form of competitions, Gasper, Melchior, Balthasar, Greek, Haley's Comet, Jupiter and Saturn were in the same sight line, magi, Nazareth, soothsayers, astrologers, seers

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12. Bediako, 8,9 Gitari - Claims of Jesus

According to Andrew Walls, what is conversion?, Aloysius Pieris, Anti-colonialism, Anti-sacral ministry of God, Axis of Christendom, John Schumacher, "The Third World church and the Twentieth Century Church", Praxis, The cross of Jesus, the Second Liberation Struggle, the struggle for African democracy, True or False Even though there is no isolated individual in Africa, David Gitari insists upon preaching the Gospel to individuals because individual choice and decision is necessary for salvation., True or False, As Director of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Institute, John Mbiti warned that the church was in danger of being theologically universal while being kerygmatically provincial., True or False, Bediako argues that African post-independence political authoritarianism must be understood in terms of its religious roots., True or False, Bediako argues that throughout its history Christianity has been a sacralising force., True or False, by the early 1970's African political structures had devolved into one-party and often military backed—governments

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Jesus test

4. Angel Gabriel:, A story of Jesus healing someone:, A story where Jesus controls nature:, A story where Jesus raises someone from the dead:, Agony in the Garden:, Agony in the Garden:, Annunciation:, Ascension of Jesus:, Ascension of Jesus:, Baptism of Jesus:, Beatitudes:, Birth of Jesus:, Bread of Life:, Caiaphas:, Calling his 12 Apostles:

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Ruru's "Four Faces of Jesus"

How many chapter are in John's Gospel?, How many chapters are in Luke's Gospel?, How many chapters are in Matthew's Gospel?, How many chapters does Mark's Gospel have?, What are Matthew's themes?, What was John's Portrait of Jesus?, What was Luke's Portrait of Jesus?, What was Mark's portrait of Jesus?, What was Matthew's Portrait of Jesus?, What were John's themes?, What were Luke's themes?, What were Mark's themes?, When was John's Gospel written?, When was Luke's Gospel written?, When was Mark's Gospel written?

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Life of Christ Exam

1) Focus on God 2) Posture yourself to do His will not own 3) Make a temperate request 4) Acknowledge your need for a clear conscience 5) Acknowledge your reaction to evil 6) Focus on God agian., 1) Foolish wandering people who wander away from God 2) They don't know their lost/lack of love not properly cared for 3) independent spirit without authority and make bad decision, 1) nothing which only takes can survive 2) second chance 3) final chance, 1) You must deny yourself 2) Take up your cross 3) Follow me (Christ), Christ deity showing through His humanity, Determined, devoute, Feeding of 5,000, He is the creator and we are the created, Only child, dawn of womenhood (12yrs old), Our respect for Him must be greater than our circumstances, Persistence, Ruler of synagogue, Strict-Orthadox jew, Son of man seek the things lost and saves, T) Foolish/ Traveling alone, P) Ceremony above kindness and compassion, L) Perspective unwilling to take risk, S) Practicle help integrity

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Chapter 2: Who is Jesus Christ?

Annunciation, Blasphemy, Docetism, Epiphany, Incarnation, Jesus, Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, Mystery, Nativity, Paradox, Paschal Mystery, Presentation in the Temple, Resurrection, Transfiguration

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BCP Jesus Test

Abba, Anamnesis/Zicaron, Annunciation, Apostles, Arianism, Atonement, Baptism, Baptism/Eucharist, Beatitudes, Bethlehem, Bread, Wine, Oil, Laying on Hands, Chalcedon Solution, Ci Rio, Creed, Disciples

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Religion Jesus Times 5

2-3 years, 3-12, 4 BC, 40 days, 5 days, 7 or 6 BC, 7 years, A foreigner over them and the nude games, Aramaic, Betrothal, Caravansaries, Gasper; Melehoir; Balthasar, Hayley's comet, He would be circumcised and given name, In the city, outdoors

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jesus christ

conceptualize, haughty, hinterland, impeccable, inculcate, inexorable, innumerable, insidious, interloper, largess, latent, limpid, loiter, lyse, meticulous

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Deren Religion Quiz 2/9/11 (complete the Beatitude, Term, and How Jesus Taught)

Aramaic, authority, available, challenged, debator, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, for they will be called children of God, for they will be comfronted, for they will be satisfied, for they will be shown mercy, for they will inherit the land, for they will see God, genuine, happiness

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