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OT 511

Name 3 Hebrew manuscripts, provide the date for each, explain several important contributions from each. Name 3 Greek manuscripts, provide the date for each, explain several important contributions of each., From the section on textual criticism, discuss two textual "traditions" and provide examples and explanations of several manuscripts that are represented by each., Define the OT canons of Protestant (MT) and Roman Catholic (lxx) churches. Whisc do you belleive to be the true canon and why?, Describe seven ways in which Israel is repeatedly brought to the brink of failure and extinction from the book of Exodus. How did God handle each problem and what were the negative effects, if any?, Describe the significance of the Pentateuch in terms of its contents, message of diversity of contents it conveys and their relevance for the Christian in the modern world, Six major components of Hittite vassal treaties, define each. Compare Deuteranopic covenant to the Mursils & Ulmitessub, reference the verses in Deut. what components are not found in the M & U doc., Explain the four examples of covenant, compare and contrast a conditional covenant versus a promissory covenant, Discuss the Documentary Hypothesis, (1 what does it presuppose? and name three types of writing it attempts to classify. (2 name the four documents - give dates for each - the purpose of each - content and context - give one critique, Describe five aspects of the usage of the verb heal. In the OT provide an verse or reference for each, Discuss the two major approaches to sacrifice and ritual, provide several examples of each and evaluate them., Name 4 types of sacrifices and explain what each involves. and the significance of each.

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HG 5 3 1

Batanea and Trachonitis, fortress, Galilee and Perea, Jewish, 2, Jewish, crater, Herod's, manmade harbor, Philip, Archelaus, Herod Antipas, Pontius Pilate, procurator, Sammaria, Judea, Idumea, solomon, 70 AD, wailing, Temple, Caesarea, Antonia, Masada, Herodium, tetrach

2011-04-28 • 13 Cards

Religion Old Testament Midterm

46, Aaron, Abigail, Abner, Abraham, Abraham's test, Abram and Sarai, Adam and Eve, Ahab, Ahaz, Ai, Amos, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, ark of the Covenant, Assyrians

2011-04-28 • 157 Cards

Chapter 5 Old Testament

*Jezebel, *Kingdom of Israel, *Kingdom of Judah, *Kingdom of Judea, allegory, Amos, Babylonian Exile, Divided Kingdom, divine justice, Elijah, exiles, Ezekiel, Gomer, Isaiah, Jeremiah

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Old Testament Terms, O'Dwyer

Apocrypha, Archaeology, Ark of the Covenant, Call Narrative, Canon, Circumcision, Civil Laws, Context, Covenant, Covenant Code, Critical Reading, Deuterocanonical, Deuteronomic Code, Deuteronomic History, Diaspora

2011-04-28 • 44 Cards

into old testament definitions

apostle, bible, christian, church, conversion, covenant, creation, disciple, divino afflante spirit, eternity, evangelist, evil, faith, genesis, gentile

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Week one Hill

...knowing that the OT is authoratative in it's entirety and cannot be appealed to selectively., 1 Yahweh 2. El Shaddai, 1. Authoritative utterances. 2.Formal written documents. 3.Collecting written documents. 4.Sorting written documents and fixing a canon., 1. Esther 2.Proverbs 3.Ecclestiastes 4.Song of songs 5.Ezekiel, 1. The genere of the literature must be determined. 2.Discover all I can about the audience for whom the writing was intended. 3.Identify the purpose of the author/editor through an examination of the context., 1.Classical or biblical Hebrew 2.Imperial Aramaic, Canaan, Covenant, Deuteronomy: Covenant renewal and the second law-giving as preperation for entry into the land of the promise by 2nd generation of Yahwehs people., Egyptians, Exodus, Exodus: Miraculous deliverance of Yahweh's people from bondage in Egypt, covenant relationship expanded to Isreal as his people at Sinai and the law given as a theocratic charter for Isreal., Genesis 1-11: Creation, fall, judgement., Genesis 12 -50: Covenant, promise, election of Abraham and providential preservation of his family., Genesis has been thought to contain adaptive versions of the Babylonian mythology because bab. existed before isreal and they have roots there, But creation is not a myth even though all other creation stories sound similar.

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Old Testament Bible Characters

Aaron, Abel, Abraham, Absalom, Achan, Adam, Adonijah, Amnon, Asa, Balaam, Belshazzar, Benjamin, Cain, Caleb, Cyrus

2011-04-28 • 82 Cards

Hudson Old Testament Vocabulary

archetype, birthright, brethren, concubine, consecrate, convocation, covenant, cubit, firmament, iniquity, nigh, peradventure, raiment, rent, sabbath

2011-04-28 • 20 Cards

OT Key Chapters

1 Kings 1, 1 Kings 12, 1 Kings 18, 1 Kings 2, 1 Kings 22, 1 Kings 8, 1 Samuel 10, 1 Samuel 16, 1 Samuel 17, 1 Samuel 3, 1 Samuel 31, 2 Kings 1, 2 Kings 17, 2 Kings 2, 2 Kings 20

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Chapter 3 Old Testament

"holy war", Baal, ban, Deborah, Deuteronomy, gleaning, hapiru, Hebrews, idolatry, Isrealites, Jews, Judah, judge, Leviticus, manna

2011-04-28 • 29 Cards

Old Testament Survey - Final Exam

445-444 BC, 458 BC, 516 BC, 520 BC, 538 BC, 539 BC, 586 BC, 597 BC, 606-605 BC, 612 BC, 612 BC, 7, Amaziah, Amos, big fish

2011-04-28 • 74 Cards

old testament books of the bible

genesis exodus leviticus numbers deuteronomy, hosea joel amos obadiah jonah micah nahum habakkuk zephaniah haggai zechariah malachi, isaiah jeremiah lamentations ezekial daniel, job psalms proverbs ecclesiastes song of solomon, joshua judges ruth 1+2 samuel 1+2 kings 1+2 chronicles ezra nehemiah esther

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Old Testament- Anchors

A Priori, Akedah, Araphel, Bara, Berith, Chaphes, Communitas, Encounter, Ger, Hospitality, memoria, Voluntas

2011-04-28 • 12 Cards

Old Testament Books and Abbreviations

1 Chronicles, 1 Kings, 1 Maccabees, 1 Samuel, 2 Chronicles, 2 Kings, 2 Maccabees, 2 Samuel, Amos, Baruch, Daniel, Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Exodus

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