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2013-11-10 • 0 Cards

Geog 200 Chapter 3/4

Canadian Shield, The St. Lawrence River, The Middle- Kansas, American Indian, or First Nation, Making Clothes, Services, Texas, New York is in the Region, while Atlanta is not, Quebec, Prince Edward, Manitoba, South, Northern Frontier, Cascades, Hydroelectric Energy

2013-10-17 • 48 Cards

Mali's new cabinet

cabinet, representative, revive, torn, division, sectarian, inauguration, addressing, reconciliation, security sector reform, coup, humanitarian and electoral assistance, bar, unconstitutional, duly-elected

2013-09-17 • 15 Cards


Cartography, GIS, Spatial, Spatial Perspective, Population Distribution, Population Density, Cultural Landscape, Development, Core Areas, Periphery, Globalization, Transnational Migrants, Industrial Revolution, What do Earth orbiting satellites do?, Population numbers by themselves do not define what?

2013-09-09 • 89 Cards


headlands, refraction, swash, backwash, longshore current, beach drifting, dune, backshore, berm, foreshore, offshore, spit, baymouth bar, fjord, barrier island

2013-08-28 • 27 Cards

Stuff for Ancient History

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Geology Exam 2

What is a volcano?, Characteristics of materials produced by eruptions, Lava flows, Examples of Low Silica/High Fe and Mg, Examples of moderate silica, Fe, and Mg, examples of high silica, low Fe and Mg, Pyroclastic debris, volcnic gases, The character of a lava flow dedpends on the viscosity of the lava erupts. ___ lava is less viscous than ____ lava and thus flows out as a _____., Which of the following is not a form of lava? aa, andesite, lapilli, pahoehoe, Which of the following statements is true of low viscoisty lava? 1. could build a shield volcano 2. is typically basalt 3. has low silica content 4. all of the above are true, True/ False, volcanos erupt lava, pyroclastic debris and gas., A lahar is, Mafic lava erupted at a submarine will produce, which of the follwoing statements about rhyolite lava is true? 1. has more silica than basalt lava 2. indicates the tendency for explosive activity 3. forms broken adn blocky surfaces and may form a lava dome above the vent 4. all of the above statements are true.

2012-10-03 • 38 Cards

World Geography test : africa, latin america, middle east

latin america: sub-regions, physical: mexico & central america, physical: caribbean islands, physical: South america, climate : mexico & central america, climate: caribbean island, climate: south america, vegetation: mexico & central america, vegetation: caribbean islands, vegetation : south america, history: early times, history: colonial period, history: modern era, population, economic activity

2012-03-20 • 47 Cards