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- אמנות יוונית ארכאית מאות 10 - 6 לפנה"ס - שיעור 2

השבטים שהתיישבו ביוון, החברה היוונית מאפיינים עיקריים על פי תקופות, האולימפידה, איכן מיוצרים הכדים ביוון?, קֶרמיקוס, מה קרה לאומנות הציור מלבד ציורי כדים?, מהם המאפיינים העיקריים של ציורי הכדים, Exekias - אקזֶקיאס, קערת דיוניסוס / מיתוס דיוניסוס והפיראטים, הכד "איאס מתאבד" של האומן Exekias, קאלו-קאגאתיאה, הכד "איאס ואכילס משחקים במשחק קוביה" של האומן Exekias, אלכסונים באומנות יוון, קוּרוֹס, 3 מאפייניו הפיזיים של הקורוס

2014-12-30 • 24 Cards

art A160

2014-10-14 • 0 Cards

Midterm 1

2014-02-18 • 0 Cards

Quiz #5

What is a "capital"?, What is a column "shaft"?, What are "flutes"?, What is a "frieze"?, Which other Greek order does the Corinthian order most closely resemble?, What is the name of this building? Where is it located? When was it built? What period in history does it belong to?, What was the function of the Temple of Amun-Ra?, What does the term "polytheistic" mean?, What does BCE stand for?, What does CE stand for?, What does “c.” or "ca." stand for?, What culture was the first anywhere in the world to built posts and lintels using stone?, What is an obelisk, and what did it symbolize?, What is a hypostyle hall?, Where was the clerestory and what was its purpose?

2013-12-30 • 78 Cards

Arches, Arcades, Vaults and Domes

What is an arch?, Why does anyone need arches?, What material has been used for the last 150 years to span openings--instead of arches?, What are voussoirs?, Where is the center point of an arch?, Where is the springing point of the arch?, What is the post or pier in an arch?, What is the weakest part of the arch—requiring reinforcement?, What is an arch's centering?, What is the keystone?, What is "lateral thrust" (sometimes called “spreading thrust” or “horizontal force”)?, What are the two ways to keep the lateral thrust from toppling the arch?, What is an abutment (or buttressing)--and why do builders prefer to keep them to a minimum?, What is an arcade, and why do builders prefer to use them instead of buttressing?, What was the first civilization to exploit the full possibilities of the arcade? And what is a famous example of an arcade bridge that this civilization built near Nîmes, France?

2013-12-14 • 25 Cards

Photo Test 1

2013-09-26 • 0 Cards

History of Graphic Design, other info

Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, Montage, American Posters, Art Deco, Construction, Cubism, International Type Style (Aka Swiss Style), Art Nouveau, difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Post Modernism

2012-12-18 • 12 Cards

ART 006

Aesthetics, Culture, Iconography, Modernism*, Meaning/Interpretation, Aura*, Sensibility, Beauty, Representation, Sublime, Immanuel Kant, Romanticism, Kant's Aesthetic Judgement, Gesamtkunstwerk, Institutional Theory

2012-11-13 • 60 Cards

Intro to Film and Video Analysis 1172

Exposition, Back story, Diegesis, Non-diegetic, Flashback/Flashfoward, Three act Structure, Denouncement, Protagonist, Antagonist, Frame Narration, Motivation, Dual-focus narrative, External/internal Conflict, Direct Adress, open ending

2012-10-22 • 22 Cards

ARTS Terms Annie Jane

Line, Linear Flow, Shape, Texture, Value, High Definition, Low Definition, Unity, Variety, Contrast, Gestalt Principles, Grouping, Containment, Repetition, Proximity

2012-10-21 • 26 Cards

Intro to Art

2012-09-27 • 0 Cards

Art Appreciation

Drawing, Support, Categories of Drawing (1), Categories of Drawing (2), Categories of Drawing (3), Dry Media (6 types), Silverpoint, Pencil, Charcoal, Chalk, Pastel, Types of Fluid Media (4), Quills, Nib & Stylus, Pen & Ink

2012-09-26 • 57 Cards

VCD Terms

formation of ideas, next step after ideation, system of creation, analysis & editing involving a cyclical development of ideas, when an original form is simplified to express an essential aspect or quality rather than its appearance

2012-09-11 • 3 Cards

Chapter 10-13 Terms

Romanticism, Sublime-, Realism, Daguerreotype, Impressionism, Transparent, Modern, Modernity, Modernism, Plein-Air Painting, Japonisme, Post-Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Pointillism-, Synthetism, Expressionism, Fauvism

2012-04-25 • 22 Cards


Paleolithic, Neolithic, Twisted Perspective (composite view), Sculpture: Additive, Subtractive, Post and Lintel, Hieratic Scale-, Cuneiform, Votive Figures, Conventions, Registers, Stele, Palette-, Relief: Sunken, Bas, Archaic smile, Contrapposto

2012-04-25 • 87 Cards