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Refugee Vocab #3

rend, eternal, condolence, canister, even-keeled, odyssey, euphoria, negotiation, expectant, in spite of, cadence, reverent

2019-12-11 • 12 Cards

German Flashcards

der, die, das, und, sein, in, ein, zu, haben, ich, werden, sie, von, nicht, es, sich

2019-10-14 • 14 Cards

Speech Notes

take to long, rougly 9 minutes, 150 overall, 30%, time taken away, last death 1958, stress, screws up plans, worse case scenario, headaches, SCA, noises, harder to focus, covers procedures, everyone makes it

2019-09-06 • 16 Cards

Speech Notes

2019-09-06 • 0 Cards

2017b where in space

arriba, enfrente, al otro lado de, encima, abajo, antes de, fuera de, a la derecho de, en medio, proximo, adelante, adelante de, entre, junto a, encima de, a trevés de

2017-05-26 • 22 Cards


sillón m, peine m, monedero m, librero m, balón m, disco m, bolsita f, sombrero m, guantes m, cigarro m, pluma f, cepillo m, calcetines m, silla f, alfombra f

2017-05-26 • 33 Cards


la vereda, el vaiven, rebanar, desempenarse, la apuesta, codiciado/a, el anhelo, el/la gerente, vaticinar, la remuneracion, redundar, la pauta, cocer, acitronar, a caballo entre

2017-02-13 • 49 Cards

Unit 4

Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Boy, Girl, Husband, Daughter, Children, Sister, Twins, Don't-want, Leave-for, Go-Steady-With, Engaged, Be-Conceived, Give-Birth-To

2017-02-06 • 30 Cards


2016-12-31 • 0 Cards


Hypothesis, Inductive reasoning, Observation/Description, The scientific method, Experimentation, Deductive Reasoning, What do scientists collect during their experiment?, Mathematical and Quantitative data are better because?, control group, Treatment group, Treatment variable, Scientific method produces what?, Theory, What happens if a theory is continually supported by experimental evidence?, Law

2016-09-06 • 112 Cards

ACC 291 Week 3 DQ 2

Why do corporations buy back their own stock? What does it tell you about the corporation? What effect does the purchase have on the price of a company’s stock?  To purchase this material click below link, ACC 291 Week 3 DQ 2

2016-09-06 • 2 Cards

ACC 291 Week 2 DQ 5

ACC 291 Week 2 DQ 5, Why do companies issue bonds? Would you rather buy a bond at a discount or a premium rate? Why? What is the determining factor of whether a bond is sold at a discount, face value, or premium? To purchase this material click below link

2016-09-06 • 2 Cards

Hispanic capitals

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua, Honduras, Uruguay, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Spain, Panama, Ecuador, Republica Dominicana, Paraguay, Peru

2016-08-26 • 20 Cards


一直实行计划经济体制, 中央政府分配资源, 组织生产, 统一供应, 在这种经济体制下, 有效利用, 生产效率低下, 市场缺乏活力, 严重制约发展, 克服弊病, 对内改革对外开放, 具有中国特色的社会主义, 国有企业, 私有企业, 关闭一批企业

2016-02-14 • 28 Cards

Rank3 ②

coercion, apprehension, idiosyncrasy, primate, omnious, disrupt, mitigate, censure, standstill, turbulent, lucid, eclipse, decree, deliberate, validate

2016-01-31 • 66 Cards