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Unit 12

appreciable, autocratic, blanch, blasphemy, brawny, concerted, contend, humane, illustrious, intolerable, irreverent, laborious, lithe, maltreat, ponder

2020-02-22 • 20 Cards


2020-01-17 • 0 Cards

Kindergarten Site Words

the, I, like, we, see, go, is, and, for, big

2019-11-21 • 10 Cards

Upstream B2 Idioms & Phrasel

Once in a blue moon, Black and blue, Green fingers, A white lie, In black and white, Out and about, Clear the air, to vanish into thin air, will not take no for answer, to play ball, to drive a hard bargain

2019-11-16 • 11 Cards


2019-11-06 • 0 Cards

Sight Words

of, for, was, with, this, what, down, out, very, make, move, said, want, his, be

2019-10-12 • 40 Cards

English 12

hazardous (adj), dangerous (adj), climate change (n), renewable (adj), non-renewable(adj), resource (n), eco-friendly (adj), environmentally friendly (), environment-friendly (adj), chemical (n), green technology (), conservation(n), preservation (n), mould and mildew (n), depleted ()

2019-09-27 • 22 Cards

PSY 380 1

2019-09-18 • 1 Cards

English refreshment

tantárgy, tanév, véletlenül, ismerős, pillanatnyi, átgondolatlan, vkihez fordul vmilyen ügyben, belépődíj, egyetemre felvételizik, olajat önt a tűzre, kiskorú, egyezségre jut, békén hagy vkit, nem is beszélve valamiről, nincs más választása, mint, aggódik vmiért/vkiért

2018-03-28 • 162 Cards

Act 1 Romeo & Juliet Vocabulary

Act, Scene, Lines, Prologue, Oxymoron, Pun, Civil, Disposition, Endure, Grievance, Intrusion, Revel, Spite, Valiant, Virtuous

2018-01-16 • 16 Cards

High Frequency Words

2017-04-04 • 0 Cards

Vocab Unit 4

annul, blase, bolster, deplore, frivolous, muster, nonentity, obsess, ornate, oust, peruse, porous, promontory, prone, qualm

2017-01-10 • 20 Cards

BUS 2023 Assignment 1 Teamwork and Leading Teams

BUS 2023 Assignment 1 Teamwork and Leading Teams, BUS 2023 Assignment 1 Teamwork and Leading Teams, BUS 2023 Assignment 1 Teamwork and Leading Teams, BUS 2023 Assignment 1 Teamwork and Leading Teams, BUS 2023 Assignment 1 Teamwork and Leading Teams

2016-09-17 • 5 Cards

Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Business Ethics, Carbon Footprint, Caux Principles, Compliance-based Ethics Programs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ecocentric Management, Economic Responsibilities, Egoism, Ethical Climate, Ethical Issue, Ethical Leader, Ethical Responsibilities, Ethics, Integrity-Based Ethics, Kohlberg's Model of Cognitive Moral Development

2016-09-10 • 28 Cards

Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Business Strategy, Concentration, Concentric Diversification, Conglomerate Diversification, Core Capability, Corporate Strategy, Differentiation Strategy, Functional Strategies, Goal, Low-Cost Strategy, Mission, Operational Planning, Plans, Resources, Scenario

2016-09-09 • 26 Cards