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DeVry HSM544 Week 7 Course Project Latest

DeVry HSM544 Week 7 Course Project Latest,, DeVry HSM544 Week 7 Course Project Latest,, DeVry HSM544 Week 7 Course Project Latest

2017-08-26 • 5 Cards

Literary Terms

Alliteration, rhyme, Etymology, Context Clue, Rhyme scheme, Imagery, Loose rhyme, Poetic license, Rhyming couplet, Motif, Renaissance, Patriarchy, Foreshadowing, Contrast, Theme

2016-01-08 • 21 Cards

Oct 2


2015-10-09 • 104 Cards

Humour Exam

Mills "A Pleasure Working With You", Bellig"Embarrassment, Humour and the Social Order", Willet, Willet and Sherman"The Seriously Erotic Politics of Feminist Laughter", Gilbert"Humour, Power and Marginality", Perez"Learning to make Racism Funny in the 'Color-blind' era", Hirji"Somebody Going to Get Hurt Real Bad", Motapanyane"Capitalizing on Multiculturalism", Kunzle"Is this a Joke?", Weaver"Reverse Discourse in Black Comic Performance", Russell"Self-Deprecatory Humor and the Female Con", Mizejewski"Pretty/Funny Body Politics", Deveau "Nikki Paine", Deveau"Gender Parody in Canadian Sketch Comedy", Shouse and Oppliger"Sarah is Magic", Mizejewski "Ellen DeGenerous"

2015-03-29 • 20 Cards

English 102 Texts & Terms 2014

Analysis, Antagonist, Atmosphere, Blank Verse, Character, claim, climax, conflict, connotation, convention, denotation, dramatic monologue, epiphany, falling action, flashback

2014-12-03 • 72 Cards

Rhetorical Devices

2014-08-24 • 0 Cards

PCAT verbal

Contempt of Congress, Treason, Reputation is deserved Wealth is? accumulated/earned/inherited/embezzled, a small stone made smooth and round by the action of water or sand., gustatory, olfactory, a rude & mocking remark, a mass departure, temporary break from punishments, laceration, Trawlers, Egret, marsh, savanna, Hyacinth

2014-07-06 • 20 Cards

Fiction Flashcards Grade 7

2013-10-07 • 0 Cards

Brit Lit Test 1

Oral-formulaic, Kenning, prosopopoeia, flyting, ubi sunt, litote, alliterative verse, Interlace structure, dream vision, epic, elegaic, caedmon, ofermod, alliterative revival, Bob and Wheel

2013-09-29 • 29 Cards

Honors English Exam Review

Rhyme Scheme, Anapest, Dactyl, Trochae, Spondee, Iambic, Tetrameter, Pentameter, Nonmeter, Figure of Speech, Free Verse, Personification, Pun, Couplet, end stopped line

2013-05-18 • 76 Cards

Spanish Literature

Muwashasah, Jarchas, Moaxaja, Format of Muwashasah, Gonzolo de Berceo, What style did Berceo write in, what was the common language at the time of Berceo, What was the subject matter of Berceo, El Cid, Author of El Cid, 719-1400, 1500s, 16th century, 17th century, The Archpriest of Hita

2013-03-21 • 52 Cards

Vocab Quiz 2/1/13

bedlam, bequest, bombastic, brouhaha, crony, fiasco, forte, prehensile, sublime, taut

2013-02-01 • 10 Cards


Avowed, Banter, Bountiful, Congested, Detriment, Durable, Enterprising, Frugal, Gingerly, Glut, Incognito, Invalidate, Legendary, Maim, Minimize

2013-01-17 • 19 Cards

English Exam

Where did the pilgrims go to go on the pilgrimage?, The pilgrims traveled to Canterbury to pay homeage to who?, What is the setting of Wife of Baths Tale?, What is the setting of the Pardoners Tale?, enjoys eating food and is a hunter.., uses astronomy in profession and in cahoots with the pharamacist.., good "beggar", mean, dresses the part, loves the ladies, mellow, hears confessions.., loves jewelry and has good table manners.., jouster and fought in many battles, raped young women, punishment was to find what women want.., patient, poor but wise.., hard of hearing but will travel.., What was the knights punishment?, What was the old woman's argument?, What was the symbol in The Pardoners Tale?, Occurs when a character says one thing while meaning another..

2013-01-08 • 28 Cards

English 11

Consonance, Tetrameter, Symbol, Iambic Pentameter, Narrative Poem, Lyric Poem, Descriptive Poem, Epic Poem, Rhyme Scheme, Alliteration, Personification, Metaphor, Extended Metaphor, Enjambment, Rising Action

2013-01-08 • 60 Cards