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A star that stays light when light is applied over it., feeling isolated and away from everyone, someone who is all talk but no play. says things only to get one thing from you and then leave after.

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Expository Essay Flashcards

What is another name for Hook?, What does the hook make the audience want to do?, What can the Hook be?, True or False? The hook could be introduced with Onomatopoeia?, What is a Transitional Sentence?, What do you need to remember to use in the 3 Body Paragraphs?, What do you need to include in Persuasive Essays?, What is the Thesis?, Which Body Paragraph explains the first area, points of comparison for Subject 1, or reason stated in the Thesis?, Which Body Paragraph explains the third area, the two subject similarities and differences in the points of comparison, or the third reason stated in the Thesis?, Which Body Paragraph explains the second area, second subject's points of comparison, or reason stated in the Thesis?, What 3 things do you need to include in your Conclusion?, What 2 things to need to include in your Introduction?, What does the Zinger make the audience do?, What is the reworded Thesis?

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Common Literary terms

Not known through the senses ex) Love

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1400's to modern day texts. Changes to language over time. Could be comparing two extracts OR just one extract. Damp Tea Spoon Theory Crumbling Castle Theory Prescriptivist/Descriptivist views., Writing -> How children learn to write. National Literacy Scheme Speaking -> Skinner. Halladay. Chompsky. CDS scheme & aims. Reading -> NLS. School & home environment. Oxford Reading Tree. Not every child has the same environment & circumstances.

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He follows Othello not out of “love” or “duty,” but because he feels he can exploit and dupe his master, thereby revenging himself upon the man he suspects of having slept with his wife. Iago finds that people who are what they seem are foolish. The day he decides to demonstrate outwardly what he feels inwardly, Iago explains, will be the day he makes himself most vulnerable, Othello seems far more comfortable expressing his love for Desdemona when she is absent. perhaps this is because he is more in love with some idea or image of Desdemona than he is with Desdemona herself. The lines just quoted indicate how much his image of her means to him: if he stops loving her, the entire universe stops making sense for him, and the world is reduced to “Chaos.”

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Chp. 13-17 Moral Test Essays

all other means of putting an end to it, damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation, eugenic, good achieved must be greater than, gravity of a lie, gravity of a lie 1, gravity of a lie 2, gravity of a lie 3, gravity of a lie 4, psychological/psychosocial, therapeutic, there must be a serious

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CCDS 7th english lit essays

Alex Haley, Anecdote, Anecdote, Anna Quindlen, Annie Dillard, Autobiography, Barbara Jordan, Bill Cosby, Biography, Chief Dan George, Chronological Order, Context Clues, Determine Importance, Essay, Exaggeration

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PAS essays

according to callahan why do most people request PAS, according to quill are the majority of patients who die in the US transitioned to hospice/why or why not, according to quill does the supreme court support administering pain meds to the point of causing unconsciousness/hastening death, according to quill how many PAS related deaths are there, according to quill opiods in large doses accounts for what percentage of deaths, according to quill what are the 3 core elements of palliative care, according to quill what is a benefit of PAS, according to quill what is sedation to unconsciousness, according to quill what is the right to forgo life-sustaining therapy, according to quill what is the right to intensive pain/symptom management, according to quill what is voluntarily stopping eating and drinking, according to quill what mandatory practice should be in place for PAS, according to quill what should be discussed with patients in addition to PAS, according to quill where does the best data about PAS in the US come from, according to quill why do some patients like PAS

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English Identifications

A Model of a Christian Charity, A noiseless patient spider, Civil Disobedience, I hear America singing, Miracles, Nature, Self-Reliance, Sinners In the Hand of an angry god, The Scarlet Letter, The Yellow Wallpaper, Where I live and What I live for!, Young Goodman Brown

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Useful expressions for Spanish essays

a causa de, a pesar de (+ infinitivo), además, afortunadamente, al principio, antes de (+ infinitivo), aunque, como punto de partida, desgraciadamente, después de (+ infinitivo), durante, en cambio, en conclusión, en fin, en primer lugar

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Four Types of Regents Essays

-Listening Section -note taking skills -take notes both times -organize notes (ideas) -answer multiple choice - write essay, -Document & Graph (chart,table) -read,annotate all material -organize ideas -answer multiple choice -write essay *must use both Document & Graph in the essay, -Two works of literature -poem excerpt, essay,short story -read,annotate both pieces of lit. -identify two literary elements - organize ideas - answer multiple choice- write essay, - Critical Lens = "Quote" -offer indepth interpretation -agree/disagree (No"I") -state two Authors + Titles - Body Paragraphs must relate back to the lens (literary elements) -write essay -no multiple choice.

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Genetics Essays

A female is heterozygous for XR color blindness and is color-blind in one eye but not the other. Explain how this could occur., A major cause of spontaneous abortion is abnormalities of chromosome number. List the major categories and explain why they are usually lethal. What is the relative risk of recurrence?, Describe the phenotype and genetic origin of 47XXY, including any maternal and paternal effects, if any. What is the risk of recurrence?, Describe the phenotype and genetic origin of Trisomy 21, including maternal and paternal effects, if any. What is the risk of recurrence?, What does epigenetics refer to and why is it important in medical genetics?, What is a chromosomal mosaic and how does it arise? What disorders might have instances due to mosaicism?, What is a microarray (DNA chip) and why/how is it useful in human genetics?, What is chromosome banding? How is it useful in clinical genetics?, What is FISH? How is it useful in clinical genetics?, What is meant by personalized medicine? What kinds of diagnostic tests are used?, What is the approximate number of human genes? Explain in terms of molecular genetics why/how the proteome is much larger.

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cell bio final: essays

A nucleosome consists of a segment of DNA wrapped around a disc shaped complex of proteins called histones. These histone proteins bind to the phosphate backbone of the DNA. Describe the types of molecular bonds that would be necessary to assemble a nucle, Account for the 36 ATPs produced pper molecule of glucose oxidized during cellular respiration (including glycolysis). Be ast detailed as you can in your answer. Be sure to include the subcellular locations of the different portions of the process., Autoradiography and/or GFP fusion proteins can be used to track the flow of proteins through the endomembrane system. What are the final destinations of proteins that are processed in this pathway? Also, can you think of a technique that involves breaking, Calculate delta G for a the movement of amole of Na+ ions OUT of a cell with a -70mV membrane potential, T=25degrees celsius and an outside Na+ concentration of 150mM and an internal concentration of 15mM. What does the sign of your answer tell you?, Describe how translation is initiated and terminated (do not need to describe elongation), Describe some of the techniques that have been used to determinet that proteins are mobile within the lipid bilayer. How might some of these same techniques be used to test for indications of the presence of lipid rafts?, Describe the microarray technique (the basics of both how and why it is performed, as well as strengths and weaknesses), Describe the regulated changes in a fibroblast's actin cytoskeleton that allow the cell to migrate across a surface. Mention the roles of specific actin binding proteins whenever possible., Discuss the reasons why Rubisco might be considered a flawed enzyme, but also why it is fundamental to life., Draw a diagram of a mitochondrion with all compartments and membranes labeled and containing ATP synthases (indicate the direction of H+ flow through them) and the electron transport chain (and indicating the directionality of H+ pumping). Would you expec, Explain how kinesin was discovered. Would this same basic strategy work for retrieving myosin from extracts? Why or why not?, Explain why the following is true or false: Individual proteins are RNA molecules are able to enter and exit the nucleus through the nuclear pores by themselves (without the aid of other molecules) through the openings formed by the "spokes" of the pores, Starting with a cell of a typical resting potential of -70mV and typical internal and external ion concentrations, if suddenly the plasma membrane became permeable to the same degree to both Na+ and K+, in which direction would you expect each of these io, Suppose you fed a culture of secretory cells non-hydrolyzable GTP (i.e. a form of GTP that would bind the relevant GTP binding proteins but could not be hydrolyzed and released). What might these cells look like under a TEM and why? You should provide as, What are the differences between DELTA G and DELTA G Prime for a cellular reaction? Is it possible to have a positive Gprime and negativeG for the same reactoin? Why or why not? Can an enzyme change the sign of deltaG for a reaction? (can it make an ender

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Collocations - Greater Essays Ch. 1

by, constructive, fulfill, gain, instance, make, means, mistake, money, of, on, part, problem, process, quite

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