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essays for psych

cerebellum, cocktail party effect, cognitive map, divergent thinking, double blind research, endorphins, figure ground, functional fixedness, myelin sheath, observational learning, occipital lobe, operant behavior, operant conditioning, proactive interference, procedural memory

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useful expressions for essays

a partir de..., a pesar de / pese a, a propósito, a propósito de ..., además, además de, al respecto, ante todo, así que, aunque, cambiando de tema, de acuerdo con x, de antemano, de hecho,..., de la misma manera

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...has stayed the same, 4% of the questioned Austrians say/mean, that..., A clear majority of girls (75%) are interested in a social occupation., Another aspect (which speaks for/against it) is, that..., Both the men as well as the women surf the Internet., From 4% to 44%, From 99% to 1%, I find/think/mean, that..., I plead for sth., In comparison to the women the percentage of men..., In contrast to the men the women are interested in..., In contrast to..., In my opinion (ex: In my opinion Germany is good.), In the first/second/third place (is/are/stands/is located), In the middle (is/are/stands/is located)

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Authors and Types of Essays

all together now, i am a native of north america, melting pot, my furthest back person, passenger abuse, the chase

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50 Essays Authors

Abraham Lincoln, Alice Walker, Amy Tan, Andrew Sullivan, Annie DIllard, Bharati Mukherjee, Brent Staples, Dave Barry, David Sedaris, Deborah Tannen, E. B. White, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eric Liu, Eudora Welty, Frederick Douglass

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Authors and Essays

100,000 Straightened Nails, A Modest Proposal, Eating Dirt, Four Kinds of Chance, Grant & Lee: A Study In Contrasts, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Living Like Weasels, Once More To The Lake, Politics and the English Language, Stone Soup, The Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address, The Village Watchman, The Way To Rainy Mountain, Two Views of A River

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Vocab for 25 Great Essays

De rigeur, effete, empirical, evoke, hone, impeccable, ineffable, insular, raiment, regale, ruthlessly, semantic

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action, antithesis, attack, complicated, concept, discover, ebb and flow, efforts, house of worship/God, in the midst, it all comes down to, joy, knowledge, laziness, lust

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Helpful Spanish Words for Writing Essays

a pesar de..., además, anunque, así que... (ind), debido a..., en cuanto a..., es decir..., mientras tanto..., o sea..., para que... (subj), para siempre, por, por ahora, por casualidad, por ejemplo...

2011-04-28 • 25 Cards

Definition Essays

aberration, delirium, expenditure, flamboyant, hoax, incremental, insinuate, magnate, martyr, mediate, motif, penchant, placid, portal, primeval

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Moral Midterm Essays

faithful (definition), faithful (verse), faithful (vow), free (definition), free (verse), free (vow), fruitful (definition), fruitful (verse), fruitful (vow), internal constraints, judging a moral action, total (definition), total (verse), total (vow), true freedom

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Essays 23, 24, 25

Characteristics, Charisma, creativity, and flexibility, Cognitive ability, Core, Dependability, Drive, Factors associated with leadership, False, False, False, Fred Fielder, Honesty and Integrity, Impoverished management, Intelligence, Knowledge of business

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Useful Phrases for Spanish Essays

a causa de, a pesar de (+ infinitivo), además, afortunadamente, al principio, antes de (+ infinitivo), aunque, como punto de partida, desgraciadamente, después de (+ infinitivo), durante, en cambio, en conclusión, en fin, en primer lugar

2011-04-28 • 41 Cards

Essays 23, 24, and 25

A leader has more friendships, trust, and respect with the followers, activity, movement, getting the job done, Age, Weight, Height, Physical Control, Mood Control, Energy, Capacity, Achievement, Responsibility, Participation, Status, Situation, Charisma, Creativity, Flexibility, Consideration, Drive, Motivation, Honesty and Integrity, Self Confidence, Cognitive Ability, Knowledge of Business, False, False, Fred Fielder, Fred Fielder, Great Man Theory, Having well defined organization, communication, and methodology, Impoverished Management, Impoverished Management

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Von den Essays

Auf der Welt, Das Argument, das Land/die Lander, der Frieden, der Grund, der Platz, der Toleranz, die Erste, die Gesellschaft, die Gesetze, die Korruption, die Macht, die Moglichkeiten, die Okonomie, die Selbe

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