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Social Studies Flashcards

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

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Chapter 3

Term, Constitution, Federalism, Supremacy clause, Necessary and proper clause, Unicameral, Bicameral, Confederacy, Radical Republicans, Grange, Limited government, Republican government, Separation of powers, Plural executive, Impeachment

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Chapter 2

Term, Federalism, Sovereign, Dual federalism, Layer-cake federalism, Cooperative federalism, Marble-cake federalism, New Federalism, Block grants, Coercive federalism

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Chapter 1

Term, Political culture, Moralistic political culture, Individualistic political culture, Traditionalistic political culture, Elite, Provincialism, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Urbanization, Political economy

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Gov Final

• Articles of Confederation: Were they effective? Why or why not?, • Shays’ Rebellion: What was it? What brought it about? What was the impact of the rebellion?, • 4 important principles of the U.S. Constitution, Diffusion of Innovation theory, How can states get around the Supremacy Clause?, 2 stages of federalism (post-Civil War): What were they? What ended the first stage and began the second stage?, Federal mandates, Commerce clause power, Court cases, New federalism issue: disaster relief:, Trustee vs. Delegate, 3 activities Congressional members engage in relating to re-election, Homestyle: What is it? What does it depend on?, Oversight Function:, Filibuster: What is it? What is it used for? Is it common today?

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Intro to Bible Midterm

Paul Tilich definition of Religion, Karl Marx definition of Religion, Sigmund Freud definition of Religion, Karl Barth definition of Religion, Dr. Zaas defition of Religion, morphology, Biblical canon, Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Deuterocanonical Books, Apocrypha, Torah, N'viim, K'tuvim

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history exam

Philosophes, Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau, Enlightened Despotism, France’s Three Estates, Emigres, Sans ulottes, and the Jacobins, The Great Fear, The Civil Constitution of the Clergy, The Reign of Terror, Napoleonic Code, The Concordat of 1801 with Pope Pius VII, The Romantic Movement, Napoleon’s Continental System, Congress of Vienna

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Geography Test 1

Chapter 1 - Q1: What is geography?, Chapter 1- Q1: Physical v. cultural geography, Chapter 1 - Q1: Environmental Spheres, Chapter 1 - Q2: Terrestrial v. Jovian planets, Chapter 1 - Q2: Big Bang Theory, Chapter 1 - Q2: Earth, Chapter 1 - Q2: Distance between Earth and sun, Chapter 1 - Q3: "Fathers" of geography, Chapter 1 - Q4: Graticule, Chapter 1 - Q4: Great circles and small circles, Chapter 1 - Q5: Latitude, Chapter 1 - Q5: Longitude, Chapter 1 - Q6: Why Greenwich, England?, Chapter 1 - Q7: Distance between latitude and longitude, Chapter 1 - Q8: Rotational Speeds

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Geography Test 1

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Sections of the Constitution

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The Constitution:The Seven Principles

Government Receives Power from People, People Exercise Power By Voting for Political Representatives, Power is Divided Between a Central Government and Smaller Political Units. National Government, State Government, and Shared, To Prevent a Single Group From Gaining too much Power; the Government Split Into Three Branches. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, Each Branch can Check/Control Each Other, Everyone is Equal Under Law. No One can Defy it, Personal Liberties or Privileges Guaranteed by the Bill of rights

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Federalism Powers

Maintain Military, Raise Local Taxes, Establish Local Government, Regulate Banks, Protect Copyrights and Patents, Borrow Money, Provide For General Welfare, Administer Justice, Create Federal Law, Set up Schools and regulate Education, Regulate Interest Commerce, Declare War, Raise Federal Taxes, Establish and Regulate Corporations, Collect Taxes

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Geographical Terms

Arroyo, Atoll, Bay, Butte, Caldera, Delta, estuary, fjord, hurricane, isthmus, lagoon, loess, marsh, moraine, oasis

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Population Flashcards

Population, Population Explosion, Exponential Growth, Demographics, Birth Rate, Death Rate, Carrying Capacity, Population Pyrimid, Life Expectancy, Sustainability, Fossil Fuels, Developed Country, Less Developed Country

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