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Population Flashcards

Population, Population Explosion, Exponential Growth, Demographics, Birth Rate, Death Rate, Carrying Capacity, Population Pyrimid, Life Expectancy, Sustainability, Fossil Fuels, Developed Country, Less Developed Country

2014-01-25 • 13 Cards

Human Geography

Urbanization, Urban Growth, Urbanized area, census metropolitan area (CMA), Urban Function, The Basic Sector, Non-basic Sector, Economic Base Theory, total economic structure equation?, The basic sector of some smaller communities may be composed of a single activity. TRUE or FALSE?, the larger the urban unit, the more multifunctional it becomes, although one or two basic activities may still dominate. Examples include:, Special-Function Cities, multiplier effect, Central Places, urban hierarchy

2014-01-21 • 41 Cards

Field Methods

Amphibolite Facies Metamorphism, Pelitic Protolith, Pyroxene Tonalite, Hornblende-Biotite Granite, Yellowish, Quartz Wacke, Dams, Carbonate rock and mud-supported, Breccia, Fracture Frequency, Basalt, Non-Cylindrical, Axial Plane, Orientation and Rock unit weight, Gently plunging

2013-12-15 • 41 Cards

History Quiz

zoraaster, Cyrus the Great, What were persians renowned for?, Massagatae // Queen Tomuris, Cambyses II, Darius, Scynthians, Xerxes, Steganography, Histaeus, Battle of thermapale, Ephilates, Kolonos, Andreia, Macedonia

2013-11-14 • 79 Cards

Geography 1400

Transgenic Crops, Frankenstin Foods, Poverty, India, Nigeria, Famines, Free Press, Malnourishment, Anemia, Vitamin A Deficiency, Kwashiorkor, Marasus, Intensive Subsistence, Extensive Subsistence, Intensive commercial

2013-11-05 • 76 Cards

PolySci #2

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History Identifications

Beatniks, Malcolm X, Brown vs. board of education, Rosa Parks, SNCC [Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee]:, Cuban Missile Crisis [1962]:, Port Huron Statement, Civil Rights Act, Tonkin Gulf Resolution, Phyllis Schlafly:, War on Poverty, Highway Act, Viet Cong [1959–1975]:, Voting Rights Act, Tet Offensive Resolution

2013-10-17 • 25 Cards

Seven Myths Paper

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AP Geography Unit 2 Vocabulary

age distribution, Agricultural revolution, Agricultural Density, Arithmetic density, Carrying capacity, Census, contraception, crude death rate, crude birth rate, demographic transition, demography, dependency ratio, doubling time, ecumene, Epidemiological transition

2013-09-23 • 33 Cards

World Geog vocab 2/3

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World Geog vocab 2/3

Weather, Climate, Rotation, Revolution, Solstice, Equinox, Precipitation, Front, Continental climate, Troposphere, Photosynthesis, Clouds, Ozone layer, Ecosystem, Biome

2013-09-23 • 57 Cards

World History 1 Dates test one

Abraham enters Canaan, Exodus from Egypt, Chaldean or Babylonian Empire, Judah's 70 year captivity in Babylon, Persian Empire ( Cyrus - Alexander), Aegean Age: Minoans, Mycenaeans, Dorians, Greek "Dark Ages", Hellenic Age: City States Emerge - Encompasses Greek Golden Age, The Peloponnesian War(s), The Hellenistic Age: "Greek Like" After Alexander (Caesar) Augustus, Roman Republic, Julius Caesar assassinated, Birth and Fall of (at least in the West) Roman Empire, Pax Romana, Jerusalem Destroyed by Titus

2013-09-21 • 20 Cards


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history ch.1 vocab

Geography, GIS, Absolute location, Hemisphere, Relative location, Character of a place, Perception, Formal region, Functional region, Perceptual region, Core, Mantle, Crust, Lithosphere, Atmosphere

2013-09-08 • 59 Cards

Social Studies 1

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