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5.3 Antarctica

Antarctic Ocean, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Treaty, Calve, Geothermal heat, Lake Vostok, Roald Amundsen, The first 2 explorers to reach the South Pole, The percentage of Antarctica that is free of ice, Transantarctic Mountains, Two of Antarctica's flat ice shelves, Vinson Massif, Weddell Sea

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Fresh water?, how is the air?, how many hours of sunlight in summer? winter?, Percentage of continent covered in ice?, Percentage of ice compared to world?, water intake?, what are the main conditions like?, What are the us bases called?, What group of people put their flag their first?, When and who reached the south pole?, wind speed?

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Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica Capitals

Australia (Capital of), Australia (City of; Directly East of the center of the countrinent), Australia (City of; directly underneath of Brisbane, SEE of the center of the countrinent), Australia (City of; located directly north of the center of the countrinent), Australia (City of; Southeast of the center of the countrinent), Australia (City of; SSE of the center of the countrinent), Australia (City of; SW-SWW of the center of the countrinent), Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

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Geography: Antarctica

Antarctic Treaty renewed, Antarctic Treaty signed first, Average elevation, Places that claim territory, Ranks _ among land area, Ranks _ among population, Total land area

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Southeast Asia Oceania Antarctica

the largest coral reef in the world; in the Coral Sea off the northeastern coast of Australia, a mountain range running along the eastern coast of Australia, a peninsula in southeastern Asia occupied by parts of Malaysia and Thailand and Myanmar, a geological subdivision of the European Alps. The Southern Alps are the part of the Alps that are found south of the Periadriatic Seam, a major geological faultzone across the Alps.

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Surviving Antarctica vocab

assent, chided, coiffed, dwindling, incredulous, indignantly, passively, somberly, subversive

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australia and Antarctica geo test

6th largest country, 80%, acacia, adelaide, alice springs, Antarctic peninsula, arafura sea, atoll, auckland, australian capital territory, bass strait, bauxite, bauxite, coal, and copper, bay of plenty, boomerang

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Australia, Oceania, Antarctica General Info

3 major regions of Oceania, 3 Oceans that Border Antarctica, Australia is located completely under the (blank) hence the name the land down under, Australia's Busiest port city, Australia's Highest Mountain, Australia's Island State, Australia's major deserts, Australia's National Capital, Country located off the side of Australia, Country that occupies the eastern part of a large island north of Australia, Koalas only eat, Largest city in Australia's West coast, Line of latitude located in Antarctica @ 90 degrees, Major area of hills and mountains located in Australia, Most of Australia's cities are located here

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Social Studies: Antarctica

-120 degrees F, -128.6 degrees F, 10%, 5 ft, Antarctic conversion zone, Captain James Cook, Carsten Borchgrevink, Edward Bransfeild, Fabian Bellinghavsen, katabatic winds, krill, Nathaniel Palmer, no, peninsula, polar desert

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geo Antarctica test term 2

blizzard, crevasse, Ernest Shackleton, evolved, foodweb, frostbite, glacier, ice shelf, iceberg, invertebrate, James Cook, lichen, living all year round, meltwater, organisms

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Antarctica Study

1500, 6 months, 70%, emperor penguin, False, highest driest windiest isolated, New Zealand, palmer peninsula mcmurdo south pole station, penguins, plane

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Oil Spill/Antarctica

admundsen reached south pole, animals endagered, average summer temp (south pole), average wind speed, average winter temp (south pole), being researched?, blue fin tuna found in, bobby jindall, bp __________ to fix it, BP is in charge of, british petrolium, cities near spill, crude oil, current, died, lived

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% of Antarctica covered with Ice, % of barren rock, % of the world's fresh water is in Antarctica, 1961, Antarctic plants live on, Antarctica, Antarctica designated as an, Atmosphere, autumn equinox, Average elevation of the continent, average ice depth, averted, axis, ballast, beckoned

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Antarctica Ice

absence, bleak, conserved, dim, drifts, harsh, permanently, scarce, shelters, strict

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Antarctica Journey to the Pole

Abundant, adequate, Amateur, avert, Barmy, Bitter, Chantey, Commotion, credentials, crucial, Delicacy, Dire, disheveled, Dubious, dwelling

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