Flach Cards Collections

El nuevo Houdini, present tense, Ch 1

casi, contigo, conversa, dormitorio, él, itinerario, les dice, llama, lo llama, no puede venir, quedarse, salvar, se van, sobre, sólo

2011-04-28 • 19 Cards

Don Quijote Vocab Ch.10-15

agradecer, cercano, conmigo, contigo, desigual, el asno, el camino, el ejército, el rey, entonces, envidioso/a, esconder, igual, la paciencia, ración

2011-04-28 • 19 Cards

novels vocab #6

concomitant, contingent, coquet, crescendo, culvert, enigma, flounder, laudable, mercantile, morose, mosaic, placid, pleurisy, precocious, spurious

2011-04-28 • 15 Cards

El nuevo Houdini, past tense, Ch1

contigo, debe, enojado, era, estaban, fue, hablando, iba a venir, les dijo, llamó, maravillosa, nos vamos, notó, quedarse, quedarte

2011-04-28 • 20 Cards

Al Capone Does My Shirts Part 1

affliction, apparently, ashen, asylum, banshee, bouy, civilian, confinement, conniving, contraption, cotillion, diagnosis, embezzlers, frustrating, gangster

2011-04-28 • 25 Cards

Authors for Novels and Short Stories

A Long Way Gone, Alas, Babylon, By the Waters of Babylon, Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Bergeron, Hiroshima, Les Misérables, Letter to God, Shaving, The Interlopers, The Monkey's Paw, The Necklace, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Possibility of Evil, The Rocking Horse Winner

2011-04-28 • 21 Cards

novels vocab #3

ambiguous, antiquities, bilk, calamity, decorum, divination, inauspicious, itinerary, obstinate, ostentatious, pinnacle, platitude, pragmatic, simpering, strident

2011-04-28 • 15 Cards

Pobre Ana Ch 2

agarra, busca, búscalo, cuesta, después, dice, ir, la comida, llega, mira, nada, necesitas, puede, puedes ir, se enoja

2011-04-28 • 21 Cards

Authors of Famous Novels

D.H. Lawrence, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Woolf

2011-04-28 • 5 Cards

novels vocab #4

acclamation, aesthetic, aperature, decadent, deleterious, ebullient, elucidate, expatriate, facilitate, indignant, languidly, monotony, perfunctorily, proselytizing, urbane

2011-04-28 • 15 Cards

Best Novels (The Reader's List)

1984, A Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange, A Farewell to Arms, A Poet for Owen Meany, A Portrait of an Artist As a Young Man, A Town Like Alice, Absalom, Absalom!, Animal Farm, Anthem, Arrowsmith, As I Lay Dying, At Swim-Two-Birds, At the Mountains of Madness, Atlas Shrugged

2011-04-28 • 100 Cards

novels vocab #2

contaminate, contemptible, convolution, exhalation, flail, gimmick, insidious, musk, phantom, plummet, praetor, simultaneous, trifle, wary, writhe

2011-04-28 • 15 Cards

novels vocab #5

alacrity, avaricious, caustic, centrifugality, commodity, disconsolate, erudite, fiscal, gaffed, introspective, inviolable, lascivious, magnanimous, sepia, trestle

2011-04-28 • 15 Cards

Pobre Ana Ch 1

Ana asiste a, Ana compra, Ana está, Ana va a la escuela, compran zapatos Nike, Don, Don es, el papa le dice, Ellen, Ellen es, Ellen trabaja, Elsa, Elsa es, la chica se llama, la mama

2011-04-28 • 22 Cards

Gothic story vocab

a crack, a disease, a glass filled to the brim, a monster, a person pretending to be what he or she is not, a place for hanging, a shameless boldness, a torch, annoy, appalling, audacity; disrespect, awkward, became accostomed to, bird, briefly

2011-04-28 • 73 Cards