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football plays

#0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9

2011-04-28 • 10 Cards

Reading Circle Terminology

Act, Active Listening, Blocking, Cheating Out, Cold Reading, Cue, Dialogue, Enunciation, Eye Contact, Fourth Wall, Gesticulation, Inflection, Monologue, Posture, Projection

2011-04-28 • 20 Cards

NAQT American Plays

A Raisin in the Sun, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Death of a Salesman, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Morning Becomes Electra, Our Town, The Crucible, The Glass Menagerie, The Iceman Cometh, The Little Foxes, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

2011-04-28 • 12 Cards

Shakespeares Plays

A Midsummer Night's Dream, All's Well that End's Well, Antony and Cleopatra, As You Like It, Cymbeline, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, History of Troilus and Cressida, Julius Caesar, King Henry IV, Part 1, King Henry IV, Part 2, King Henry V, King Henry VI, Part 1, King Henry VI, Part 2, King Henry VI, Part 3, King Henry VIII

2011-04-28 • 37 Cards

Plays on Film

action, bookend plot, character's action, character's change, cinema space, Cinema Time, cinematic plot, close up, combinations, conflict, contextual plot, crane, dialogue, dolly, dutch angle

2011-04-28 • 48 Cards

LH vocab quiz 2

Abscond, Acrimonious, Attenuate, Bemire, Brumal, Depredate, Diatribe, Disseminate, Diurnal, Egregious, Importunate, Kleptomania, Lambast, Maniacal, Manifold

2011-04-28 • 25 Cards

No exit

barrack, bosom friend, brute, cad, capricious, clamor, compunction, desiccate, diabolical, ditto, fiendish, flay, gloat, hark, huff

2011-04-28 • 35 Cards

blackjack strategy index plays

10 v 10, 10 v A, 10,10 v 5, 10,10 v 6, 11 v A, 12 v 2, 12 v 3, 12 v 4, 12 v 5, 12 v 6, 13 v 2, 13 v 3, 15 v 10, 16 v 10, 16 v 9

2011-04-28 • 18 Cards

Words that have to do with plays, writing, and poetry

Alliteration, Allusion, Anachronism, Aside, Astrology, Blanker verse, Characterization, climax, Foreshadowing, Iambic Pentameter, metaphor, play structure, Plot, simile, soliloquy

2011-04-28 • 18 Cards

The Flies 1

aloof, atonement, bluebottles, carrion, cavil, compels, curs, dappled, flaxen, gala, gossamer, heifer, inexpiable, libertine, offal

2011-04-28 • 27 Cards


devised, monarch, oath, squad, threshold

2011-04-28 • 5 Cards

PLayS 'Romeo and Juliet'

Benvolio, Costume Design, Director, Friar, Juliet, Lady Capulet, Lady Montague, Lighting Design, Lord Capulet, Lord Montague, Merchutio, Nurse, Paris, Playwright, Romeo

2011-04-28 • 18 Cards

Before plays

1599, 1613, 1642, Aside, Black Friars, De witt Sketch, Globe Shakespeare, Groudlings, Heavans Hell, Lord Chamberlain Men, Monologue, Puns, Rhetoric, Roles Of women, Soliloquy

2011-04-28 • 16 Cards

plays and playwrites

A raisin in the sun, Angels in america, Beggars Opera, Crime of Heart, Doll House, El Cid, Hamlet, Hernani, Long Days Journey into Night, Mother Courage, Odipus Rex, Piano Lesson, RUR, School for Scoundrel, Spanish Tragedy

2011-04-28 • 24 Cards

Intro to Plays & Theater Unit 3 Lesson 11

affecting, anguish, beseeching, clinically, conspicuous, deferred, doggedly, furtively, futile, indictment, neurotic, outrage, permeated, unobtrusively, vindicated

2011-04-28 • 15 Cards