Anatomy Exam 1

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What is an organ

group of tissues working together to perform a function

Ligament v. Tendon What tissue makes them up?

L: connects bone to bone T: connects muscle to bone Dense regular tissue.

Transverse Foreman

Cervical Spine. Vertebral Artery.

What holds the pituitary gland?

Sella turcia -> on sphenoid bone

Define macrophages

Capable of digesting foreign objects in immune system.


Hardens skin and waterproof.

What is sweat?

90% water and electrolytes 10% everything else Blood filtrate

What is a sagittal cut?

Divides body into right and left. Most well known = midsagittal.


Covers the organ.


Forms outer wall of cavity.

Ventral body cavity

Thoracic,abdominal, pelvic

Coelum -what is it?

Becomes the Ventral body cavity; forms when you split mesoderm.

Muscle (muscular system)

Generates force for movement.

Skeletal muscle (muscular system)

Multi-nucleated. Voluntary movement. attach muscle to bone.

Cardiac muscle (muscular system)

Intercalated discs. Involuntary. Walls of heart.

Smooth muscle (muscular system)

No striations, spindle cells. Involuntary control. Walls of hollow organs.

Haversian systems also known as... and found in...

Osteons: found in compact bone.

Functions of CT

Form basis of skeleton. Surround blood vessels and nerves. Fights against infection.

(3) Fibers of CT

Collagen (most abundant) Elastic Reticular (fine collagen)

Loose areolar CT has..

All 3 fibers. Cells: fibroblasts, macrophages, mast cells, some white blood cells.