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IUPAC system to name alcohols and amines

Add a OL to the word

Alcohol and Amine Bond / Polar or non polar

It has C - OH bond Polar

reaction with amines

Turn litmus paper to blue OH get substituted and moves out

physical properties of alcohols

Forms hydrogen bonds with water Soluble in water High Melting Point Forms hydrogen bonds with each other

physical properties of amines

Polar Lone pair of electrons Forms hydrogen bonds High Boiling point Soluble in water

Primary amine

1 carbon

Secondary amine

2 carbon

Tertiary amine

3 carbon

Nucleophile substitution to make halo alkanes

Need HCL, HBr, Hi OH gets replaced by the alkane

Dehydration to from alkanes

Catalyzed by H2SO4 The OH bond will break off There will be major and minor product

Making Amides

React carboxylic acids / acid chlorides Condensation reaction (Water is taken away)

What are Ethers?

CH3-O-CH2CH3 Methyl Ethyl Ether