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A possible answer or explanation to a question which must account for all observed facts.

Inductive reasoning

You proceed from specific details to a general statement.


Usually of an event that occurs often

The scientific method

The process used to solve a problem or understand an event in nature


The setting up is critical and attempts to prove or disprove the hypothesis

Deductive Reasoning

General statement that infers some kind of conclusion (if...them..)

What do scientists collect during their experiment?


Mathematical and Quantitative data are better because?

They are objective and cannot be influenced by the scientists' subjective feelings

control group

No drug is used

Treatment group

Various doses of the drug are used on these people

Treatment variable

The drug itself (Control all variables other than just the treatment variable)

Scientific method produces what?

Some kind of conclusion or piece of information


Plausible scientifically acceptable generalization and must have a high probability

What happens if a theory is continually supported by experimental evidence?

It will eventually become a law


A uniformed or constant fact of nature

Theoretical science

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge

Applied science

Use of knowledge to solve a problem or to benefit man-kind


Cannot be defined, only described

Metabolic processes

Total of all chemical reactions within an organism

Nutrient uptake

Expenditure of energy to gain nutrients and energy from the environment