B737 SKV Aug 20 2015 Rev

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41,000 feet

GEN101 - (1.20.2) Maximum operating pressure altitude for the B737-800 is

15 knots

GEN103 - (1.20.2) The maximum restricted takeoff/landing tailwind component is

280 knots / .76 Mach

GEN105 - (1.20.3) Recommended severe turbulence penetration airspeed in the B737-800 in climb & descent is

34 knots

GEN106 - (1.20.5) The recommended crosswind component guidelines for takeoff on a dry runway with Blended winglets are

40 knots

GEN109 - (1.20.5) The recommended crosswind component guidelines for landing on a wet runway with Blended Winglets are

outboard up to approximately 18 feet in front of the nose

GEN110 - (3.70.7) During a turn, the wing tip and tail travel _________.

Electrically unlocks flight deck door

GEN111 - ( What is the function of the unlock push button on the Jamco flight deck door control panel?

Stops door emergency entrance unlock function that would occur after 30 seconds, thus keeping door HARD LOCKED for 30 minutes.

GEN113 - ( What is the function of the hard lock push button on the Jamco flight deck door control panel?

does not rely on electrical power -will not allow the door to be opened by the FLIGHT DECK door EMERGENCY ENTRANCE system. -all answers are correct

GEN114 - ( The mechanical lock (pin) located on the Jamco flight deck door_______.

By using the cabin mounted emergency entrance system

GEN115 - ( With a Jamco flight deck door, how can the flight attendants gain access to the flight deck after all attempts to contact the flight deck have failed and the assumption is made that the pilots are incapacitated?


GEN117 – ( If the FWD and AFT cargo compartments are not locked _________________ is/are illuminated.


GEN119 - ( Each lavatory has a water supply selector valve beneath the sink

aft flight attendant station

GEN120 - ( Where is the panel that shows the quantity of water in the potable water tank?

at any speed

GEN121 - ( Outboard (retractable) landing lights may be extended _________.

may or may not extinguish automatically depending on aircraft number

GEN122 - ( When the nose gear is retracted with the taxi light on, _________.

Standby compass light, white dome lights, instrument flood lights, and selected system information and warning lights.

GEN123 - ( Which flight deck lights are powered with loss of normal electrical power?

On – Illuminates all emergency lights and bypasses flight deck control.

GEN125 - ( Which statement is correct for the aft flight attendant emergency light switch positions? ()

individual chemical oxygen generators

GEN126 - ( The passenger oxygen system is supplied by ___________located at each Passenger Service Unit (PSU)

14,000 feet

GEN127 – ( The passenger oxygen system is activated automatically by a pressure switch at a cabin altitude of ______ or when the Passenger Oxygen Switch on the aft overhead panel is positioned to ON.

By pulling any mask in the unit down

GEN129 - ( How is the flow of oxygen initiated to the passenger masks?