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Found in MS lesion of demyelination is on the head of optic nerve Disc look swollen and pink Early and profound vision loss Central scotoma, Impaired colour vision & Pain on eye movements

Retrobulbar neuritis

Found in MS lesion of demyelination in optic nerve behind the eye Disc look normal Visual deterioration at later stage Enlargement of blind spot & constrictions of the fields

Residual symptoms after optic neuritis

Relative Afferent Pupillary Defect Small Central Scotomata Deficits in colour vision

What develops several weeks after optic neuritis

Optic Atrophy - pale disc This can be the only sign as optic neuritis can be asymptomatic

Where do lesion in MS occur

demyelination of white matter brain and spinal cord = plaques Lesion lie close to post-capillary venues (perivenular) Main sites: - Periventricular region of the hemispheres - Corpus callosum - Brainstem - medial longitudinal fasciculus, cerebellum & cerebellar peduncles - Cervical cord - Optic Nerves

How does spinal cord lesion present

Spastic paraparesis(Thoracic cord) or Tetraparesis(Cervical cord) with tonic spasms of the limbs