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Mobile Followups

Ability technicians/salespeople to view, edit, follow up on, and sell estimates within the mobile app.

Improve Dispatch Board

Seeing the entire route of a tech, capacity/availability, appointment windows/first job of the day

Calculations in Forms

Ability for the office to create formulas for technicians to fill on mobile

Improved Capacity Planning

Ability to answer "how many more jobs can we do for a given day." May include building a better technician availability calendar, and/or tying capacity to a team rather than a BU.

Estimate Improvements

Ability to send estimates as a dedicated link with photos that the customer can e-sign.

Technician Job History, w/ permission

Ability for a technician to view their historical jobs based on a time filter set by the office.

Skill Mapping

Skills for technicians and minimum skill levels for job types & call scripts

Customer Portal

Web Portal a homeowner can log into to see work history, invoices, schedule visits, renew memberships, etc.

Call Scripts

Hard-coded call scripts (not productized) for enterprise customers.

Automated Dispatching

System assigns date/time/technician automatically to maximize profitability.

Text to Schedule Appointment

The ability to text to book appointments and see that populated in a designated area in the product. This entails being able to distinguish appointments that were booked via text from appts booked via calls, web scheduler, etc.

Customer Complaint Management

The ability to handle customer support cases within ST through Chat Center or a designated area in the product. This would benefit the online reputation of our clients

2 way Texting w/ Consumers (chat center)

The ability to keep track manage all customer related inbound and outbound text, calls, attachments in one place

Improved Survey Features / Functionality (more question types, alerts)

Updating our survey functionality from basic to intermediate level. Building a new feature that would allow our customers to text surveys to their customers and receive feedback in the form of star ratings or multiple answer type surveys

Basic Reputation Management

Soliciting for reviews from homeowners which will be posted to social media

Mobile Support

Ability to contact support via email / chat within mobile app

Notification Controls

More control at the office level and possibly at the tech level to manually trigger or withold notifications from being sent out

PingUp Integration

Integration with PingUp, which integrates with YP and other directories for online scheduling widgets.

Auto-assign Call Bubbles

Membership Visit Planning - Map Based