Finance Chapter 1 Vocab

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A tax-sheltered retirement plan offered by some employers.


The business function responsible for creating the historical financial statements.

Asset Manager

A professional who makes a living managing a portfolio of assets.

Asset Pricing

The process of valuing assets

Business Finance

Another word for corporate finance.

Capital Budgeting Analysis

The process of deciding what assets to buy.

Cash Management

Managing the day-to-day finance operations of a firm.

Certified Financial Planner

A professional who has passed the CFP examination.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The highest ranking corporate finance officer in a firm.

Commercial Bank

A bank that focuses mostly on mid to large sized companies.

Company/Industry Analysts

Professionals who produce reports on specific firms and industries.

Consumer Bank

A bank that focuses mostly on individuals, families, and small business.

Consumer Insurance

Life and property insurance.

Corporate Finance

The finance function within a business. One of the three main areas of finance.

Corporate Insurance

Insurance sold to businesses.

Cost of Capital

How much it costs a firm (in percentage terms) to get/maintain their debt and equity financing.


A Certified Public Accountant.

Credit Analyst

A bank position which involves deciding who qualifies for a loan and who does not.

Current Market Value

What someone would pay right now for an asset.


Money lent by a creditor to provide financing for the borrower.