FDA Member Questions

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If my company has offices in two locations can I have keycard access to both? How?

WeWork Members that have their company in two buildings can have access to both buildings by requesting it to someone in CM team (We would then submit a ticket through Security)

I've already checked out my allotted keys, but can I have another copy? How much is an extra key?

Only in case of loss of key, and in that case they have to pay 300 + IVA.

Does my card give me access to other WeWorks? I booked a conference room on the weekend, how do I get in?

No, your card gives you access to your own building. Conference rooms can be reserved on the weekends through the system, however cards will not automatically get access (we have to put in a security ticket AND contact the CM team of the buliding to give them base building access), and there won't be anyone from the CM team to gve support. Grey area, it's possible to give them access, but we'd rather have them go Mon-Fri.

I lost my keycard. What happens now?

Make sure you lost it. Then contact someone from CM team (usually FDA) so we can remove current Keycard, and grant you a new one. A fee will be charged to the company's account as a reservation -- $300 + IVA

Can I take chairs out of the conference room for my meeting? Or steal chairs from the common area?

No. Talk to the CM team if you have a special situation and we will try to acommodate. CRs should always be left as they were found

Can you send me a copy of my invoices?

Make sure your members are independent and help them find their invoices on MENA, under Account tab. Only if necessary, we can send them their invoices through Spaceman

What payment methods are acceptable? How can I change them?

As of now only direct deposit. Then we will have pago mis cuentas and also international credit cards.

How many conference rooms are in the building? How many of what size?

27 Public conference rooms. 20 small (3-8), 6 big (10) and 1 classroom style

How many conference rooms are in Phase 1? How many of what size?

4 Total, all small

What floors have full kitchens? What's included?

12 floors (even floors except for Adecco) with full kitchens. Sinks, big fridges, dishwashers, ice machines, microwaves, BEER

What floors have "tea points"? What's included?

12 floors with pantries. Tea points have coffee, tea, water, and small fridge

On average, how many members are per floor?


Where is the Wellness Room? Who has access? When does it open?

Entre Piso. Mid June (?) We would like it so only specific people who actually need the room will have access

Where is the classroom conference room? When does it open?

Floor 3, August 1 but hopefully June 15!

When does the roof open?

Mid June or July

How do I order my logo? How soon will it be installed?

By submitting it in the right format through a form which is then sent out by the CM team to the provider. It is usually installed about 3 weeks after ordering

What's the cutoff for offices with keys vs offices with keycard readers?

Offices with 10 people or more get keycard readers. 9 or less get regular keys.

I have some big furniture to move in! How do I do that?

If you can carry it, fine to bring in through lobby. If it's very big and requires carts, enter through subsuelo. Recommend members to try and bring big furniture before or after work hours.

How often is my office cleaned? What does that include?

Once a week heavy cleaning, like vacuuming and dusting and mopping. Trash is taken out everyday.

How many credits are included in a HD membership?

2 credits for a HD