Statistics Flashcards Ch.1-4.2

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1.3 Statistic

a numerical measurement describibg some characteristic of a sample

1.3 Parameter

a numerican measurement describing some characterisitc of a population

1.3 Discrete data

result when the data values are quantitative and the number of values if finite or "countable" (if there are infinite many values, the collection of values is coutable if it is possible to count them individually, such as the number of tosses of a coin before getting tails).

1.3 Continuous Data Set

result from infinietly many possible quantitive values, where the collection of values is not countable

1.4 Observational Study

we observe and measure specific characteristics, but we dont attempt to modify the subjects being studied

1.4 Experiment

we apply some treatment and then proceed to obseve its effects on the subjects

2.2 Class Width

the difference between two consecutive lower class limits (or two consecutive lower class boundaroes) in a frequency distribution

2.2 Class Midpoint

are the values in the middle of the classes

2.2 Class Boundaries

are the numbers used to seperate the classes, but without the gaps created by class limits