History-East Africa

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"native reserves"

places where the native tribes were able to live without being harmed

"operation anvil"

british torched many towns after the mau mau revolt, and they rounded up 30,000-80,000 africans and put them in detention camps

"Scramble for Africa"

many countries wanted prts of africa after britian took over kenya

"White Highlands"

the hill/highland place were a lot of the white people lived

african tax

british forced africans to pay tax which made africans work for british people in kenya

arab influences on swahili


arab/omani - pre swahili-

arabs explored the coast 100a.d., 500a.d.=lots of traders, mingling b/t traders and women, brot unique, distinct swahili culture


they had verandas, mosks-door carvings, arched doorways

bantu influences on swahili

1300, swahili culture=flourishing, language music thatched roofs belief in medicine *belief in spirits


migrated about 1800b.c. from hinterland, 500b.c. they got there. had simple life of farming and fishing. 100a.d., started building boats also started trading

british kenya

british took over kenya and re-named it british kenya, started the "scramble for africa"


they wore skirts and long tee-shirts


kanoes turned into sailboats which later turned into dhows, which are big boats.

east african association (EAA)

political party. main goal was to get their land back. only meant for the kikuyu-british made it illegal in 1925

end of slavery in E. africa

british came to dominate E. Af. in 1870s -mainly kenya-;british took over interior of kenya-1877; germans took over tanzania-came up w/a system to free slaves after they worked hard for a certain amount of time; many freed slaves stayed were they were; some tried to blend w/swahili; most ended up being farmers for germans+others

end of swahili independence

portugal was enexed by spain and spain payed for their expeditions

fort Jesus

portugese decided to take over mombasa , and ruled for about 100yrs. got word that the ottoman turks were coming, so built a fort called "fort jesus", and it was successful

hammerton treaty

banned exportation of slaves to ALL nations


land beyond the costal region- "the bush", "the country", or "mainland interior"

importance of british rail road

only way goods got from 1 country to another