Africa Test - Haley

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"Slash and burn" technique

a farming method used by the bantu-speaking peoples; in this method the people cleared fields by cutting and burning trees and grasses, the ashes of which serve to fertilizes the soil.


this city was Aksum's chief seaport; it was crowded with lots of activity from various merchants (Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India, and the Roman Empire). This city is near present day Massawa.


is the second largest continent in the world


this group of Berber Muslim reformers seized power from the Amoravids. This empire united Maghrib under Muslim rule.


this berber group came first; the group lived in a fortified monastery. They were called the people of the ribat. Their capital was Marrakech. This empire united Maghrib under Muslim rule.


this group believed in and worshiped spirits of nature and honored their dead ancestors.

Arab traders

these traders crossed the desert with camel caravans loaded with salt.


the Aksumites offered sacrifices as many as dozen oxen to this Greek god of war.

Askia Muhammad or Muhammad Ture

the Songhai Empire reached its height during his reign; he was a devout Muslim, military commander, and overthrew the son of Sunni Ali. He created a new dynasty, Askia, he was an excellent administrator, expanded the empire, maintained peace and security. He also appointed officials to serve as ministers of the treasury, army, navy, and agriculture.

Axum or Aksum

this city was located south of Kush on a rugged plateau on the Red Sea; its prime location led it to becoming an important trading center in what is now Ethiopia.


this word itself means "the people"

Bantu-Speaking peoples

They originally lived in the savanna south of the Sahara, in what is now Nigeria. This group was farmers and nomadic herders who developed and passed along the skill of ironworking. Many experts believe they were related to the Nok peoples.

Benin people/kings of Benin

they also made their home in the forests, had a powerful army; had many courtyards and works of art; had a lot of trade with the Portuguese for pepper, leopard skins, ivory, and enslaved persons. Their king based his right to rule on claims of descent from the first king of Ife.


these nomadic people from the Sahara and North Africa traveled with camel caravans that carried "trade" across the desert.

Camel caravans

Arab and Berber traders crossed the desert with this method of transportation. They were loaded down with various commodities including salt.


during the civilization of Axum, King Ezana made this religion the official religion of Axum. King Ezana's establishment of this religion was the longest lasting achievement of the Aksumites.


valuable product

Congo River

this river was used as a guide for migrations.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

this African country is home to the Efe, one of just several hunting-gathering societies if Africa.

Desert Climate Zone

this climate zone contained two of the largest deserts: the Sahara in the North and the Kalahari in the south. Temperatures can reach 130 degrees; and this climate zone covers about 40% of Africa.