Imperialism in Africa

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African Resistance

Under Emperor Menelik ll, Etheopia was sucsessful in resisting foreign domination and Algerians fought France for independence and were unsucsessful

Berlin Confrence

Confrence that decieded that only European powers could not clain any pary of Africa without a set up goverment office

Boer War

Due to a discovery of gold in Boer republics in South Africa, a war began that the British won but at a great cost

Muhammad Ali

Lead an unsucsessful attempt to drive Napolean out of Egypt in 1799 and conqured neighboring lands

Suez Canal

100 mile long waterway that connected mediterian and red seas. Europeans watned it because it shortened the route from Egypt to South East Asia

The Great Scramble

European countries carved up the continent of Africa into colonies during the 1800s