Chapter 21/Oceania and Antarctica

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America Samoa

where one-third of tuna brought in the United States comes from

Antarctic Treaty

bans weapon testing in Antarctica


low-lying, ring shaped island that surrounds a lagoon


most widely practiced religion throughout Micronesia is this


mineral resource of Antarctica


coconut oil, margarine and soap is made from this


low islands of Micronesia formed by this


deep cracks in the ice cap

Describe the ethnic backgrounds of the people of the Fiji island. What is the source of conflict between them?

The Fiji ethnic backgrounds is Indian descent from British India and pacific descent. The conflict between the ethnic backgrounds is the Ethnic Indians control much of the economy and the pacific descent Fijians own most of the land.

Federated State of Micronesia

island group country in Micronesia

Fiji Islands

People of Indian descent make up about half the population of this island nation


Country that rules some of the islands of Polynesia

fresh water

icecap covering Antarctica contains 70% of this


island in Micronesia that is a territory of the United States

high island

Pacific island formed by volcanic activity

How did Europeans use the Polynesian islands in the 1800's?

They used it for military bases, and airfields for refueling stops for long Pacific voyages.

ice shelf

layer of ice above the water in Antarctica


large chunks of ice that break off the ice shelf an float freely in the icy waters


tiny shrimp-like creatures


where the center of an atoll is