SS exam - Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica

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Australia is divided into how many states and territories

6 states 2 territories

How many countries "claim" to own land in Antarctica


How many islands make up new Zealand, and what are their names

2 North and South Island

Natives in New Zealand are known as


What are the 6 largest countries in order of size....largest to the smallest

Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, Australia

What did the Aborigines use boomerangs for

to knock out their pray

What is a "station" in Australia

It's what you keep cattle and sheep in

What is extremely scarce in Australia


What is krill

Tiny shrimp like animal eaten by whales

What is the capital of Australia


What is the Great Barrier Reef

It is a coral reef located in Australia and is the biggest reef in the world

What was the original use of Australia by the British

a prison

where do the majority of Australians live

they live on the coast