The Islands of Melanesia: A More Practical Perspective - Jeopardy Style!

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What are dense rain forests?

Rugged mountains and this cover Melanesia's islands.

What are Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia?

The three main island groups or regions geographers group Oceania into are called this.

What are Pacific Islanders?

Almost all Melanesia's people are ethnic these, but New Caledonia's 1/3 French population and Fiji Islands' 1/2 Indian descendant population are exceptions.

What are plains?

Narrow, fertile these hug Melanesia's coastline.

What are subsistence farms?

Most of Melanesian's work on these kind of farms, which produce only enough for the farmer and his/her family to survive. If they don't, they usually work on farms that produce coffee, palm oil, and cacao for export.

What are the Solomon Islands, the Fiji Islands, and Vanuatu?

Three indpendent Melanesian island countries, not including Papua New Guinea.

What is 25,000?

Oceania includes about this many islands in the Pacific Ocean.

What is a tropical climate?

Most of Melanesia has this kind of climate with temperatures between 70°F and 80°F.

What is cacao?

This tropical tree's seeds are used to make chocolate.

What is copra?

Coconut oil from this dried coconut meatis used to make margarine, soap, and other products.

What is New Caledonia?

This group of Melanesian islands is ruled by France.

What is Papua New Guinea?

Melanesia's largest island with a population of 5.5 million people, also making it Oceania's most populous island.

What is pidgin language?

Melanesia's languages are diverse. More than 700 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea alone. People here speak this type of language formed by combining parts of several different languages.

What is the Coral Sea?

The islands of Melanesia lie across this sea from Australia.