Social Studies Test on Asia

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Alluvial Soil

The fertile soil that is deposited by a river as it flows


A group of islands

Chang Jiang

Also known as the Yang Tze River and is China's longest river


A triangular deposit of soil at the mouth of a river

Gobi and Taklimakan

These are China's 2 great deserts

Hindu Kush and Himalayas

The Northern Mountain Rim is made up of the mountain ranges of

Huang He

Also known as the Yellow River; Often called by the Chinese "China's Sorrow"

Huang He, Chang Jiang, and Xi Jiang

These are China's 3 great rivers

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan

The South Asian subcontinent includes the countries of


The yellowish topsoil that comes from the winds that blow from the Plateau of Tibet, Mongolia, and western China

Mainland and Islands

These are the 2 regions Southeast Asia is divided into


A seasonal wind that carry moist air from the Indian Ocean

Mount Everest

The highest peak in the Himalayas (and the world) at 29,035 feet


These make up 80% of Japan's land

Mt. Fuji

This is Japan's largest mountain and is also an active volcano

North Mountain Rim, Northern Plains, Deccan Plateau, and Sri Lanka & the Maldives

These are the 4 regions that South Asia is divided into

Northern Plains

This lies between the Himalayas and southern India

Orographic Effect

Happens in mountainous areas and causes one side of the mountain to be wet and rainy and the other side to be dry with has little rainfall

Plateau of Tibet

Covers 1/4 of China's land and is nicknamed the "roof of the world"


Another name for the Orographic Effect