South & Southeast Asia

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Angkor Wat

city & temple complex built by the Khmers; built as a symbolic mountain dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu


chain of islands


the largest Buddhist temple in the world, located on Java, built in 800s


powerful kingdom of southern Vietnam 630 - 1471; peaked in 9th & 10th c.

Dai Viet

powerful kingdom of northern Vietnam around the Red River; 938 - 1887; conquered kingdom of Champa in 1471

Delhi Sultanate

refers to several Muslim Dynasties to rule India from 1206 - 1526

Humid subtropical

climate zone characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters; it receives considerable rainfall

Khmer Empire

located in Cambodia & Laos, flourished from 800 - 1400


sect of Buddhism; the greater vehicle; new ideas of salvation to all and popular worship; deified the Buddha; religion

Malay Peninsula

long slender peninsula extending from mainland Southeast Asia to the island of Sumatra

Pagan Empire

first Burmese empire; 849 - 1287


practice of secluding or veiling women

Sailendra Dynasty

agricultural kingdom located on the island of Java 778 - 852; built Borobudur

Sanjaya Dynasty

Hindu kingdom located on the island of Java 732 - 928


burning of widows on the same funeral pyre as the husband


grassland area with scattered trees; hot region with a wet and dry season

Srivijaya Dynasty

powerful Buddhist trading kingdom located on Malaysian peninsula & Sumatra; 670 - 1288

Strait of Malacca

narrow waterway located between the Malaysian Peninsula and the island of Sumatra

Strait of Sunda

narrow waterway located between the islands of Sumatra and Java


Turko-Mongol conqueror of Central Asia