First Semester - Famous People - Europe

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Albert the Great

Scholastic philosopher, working in Köln, who recovered for Europe the missing books of Aristotle; teacher of Thomas Aquinas


Translated many of Aristotle's books into Latin during the reign of Theodoric in the early 500's


father of Clovis (Chlodowech) in the 400's

Clovis / Chlodowech

leader of the Frankish Merovingian dynasty in the late 400's


Polish priest rewarded by the Pope for popularizing a heliocentric solar system long before Galileo


Italian poet who wrote an essay comparing papal and monarchical authority; wrote that the emperor could be as close to God as the Pope

Eleanor of Aquitaine

wife of Henry II, mother of Richard the Lion-Hearted

Friedrich ("Frederick") the Wise

Ruler of Saxony during Luther's Reformation; friend of Luther


Scientist who rejected Kepler's elliptical orbits, and rejected the gravitational influence of the moon on tides


invented printing press in the 1500's

Henry II

English king, father of King John and King Richard the Lion-Hearted

Hildegard von Bingen

German nun, composer, author, painter, and political adviser who organizer herbal medicine

Karl ("Charles") V

Holy Roman Emperor during Luther's Reformation

Karl (Charles) Martel

defended France against invading Islamic armies in 732 A.D.

Karl the Great

"Charlemagne" Frankish king who became emperor of Europe


German Lutheran astronomer positing elliptical, not circular, orbits

King John

son of Eleanor of Aquitaine and signer of the Magna Carta

King Richard the Lion-Hearted

Son of Eleanor of Aquitaine and brother of King John

Martin Luther

German monk who wanted to reform, not split, the church


Scholastic philosopher whose "razor" concept is still used in modern mathematics and physics