EME Chapter 5

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Adam Smith

Who wrote the "Wealth of Nations" and spoke about Supply and demand?

Age of Reason

Another name for Enlightenment, the use of logic and reasoning to find truth


Who wrote religious music?


What was an ornate style of art and architecture with dark colors and the eye goes in a triangle

Battle of Saratoga

After what battle did France finally join the Revolutionary war?


Parliamentary advisors to the king who originally met ina small room

Catherine the Great

Who was queen of Russia, who critizied serfdom, but only expanded the empire


restriction on access to ideas and information

Checks and Balances

The system where a government can check on a business and balance the economy

Constitutional government

government whose power is defined and limited by law

East Europe

Where did peasants owe labor services to their lord and could be bought and sold with the land?

Enlightened Despot

Absolute ruler who uses power to bring about political and social change


Applying science to all society (wheather we should disriminate)


government in which power is divided between the national, federal government, or the states

Frederick the Great

Who was king of Prussia, who forced peasants to grow potatoes


The earth revolves around the sun

Gordon Brown

Who currently is the prime minister?


The Sun revolves around the earth


Who thought people were naturally cruel, greedy, and selfish

House of Commons

Which house were wealthly landowners and rich bussiness leaders?