Middle East Wars, Etc.

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1948 Arab-Israeli War

Israel becomes a nation, the next day Israel is attacked by many Arab countries

1982 Lebanon War

Israeli forces invaded southern Lebanon and attacked the PLO


formed to combat Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, wants to EXPEL AMERICAN PRESENCE FROM HOLY LAND.

Anwar Sadat

Egyptian president who made peace with Israel and was then assassinated

Ayatollah Khameini

Theocratic leader of Iran from 1989 to present day

Ayatollah Khomeini

Iranian religious leader of the Shiites; when Shah Pahlavi's regime fell, he led the Islamic Revolution and became the religious, supreme leader of Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel (1996-1999?)

Donald Rumsfeld

Former defense secretary who supplied weapons to Iraq/Iran during their 1980's war


Sunni, Arab, dictatorship, doesn't have oil

General Colin Powell

military leader in command of Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War)


Islamic resistance movement that wants an ISLAMIC (Sunni) PALESTINIAN STATE.


controls Gaza Strip


formed to remove Israel from Lebanon- wants to DESTROY ISRAEL (is a proxy group of Iran)


Shi'a, Persian, theocracy, has oil


Shi'a, Arab (and Kurd) democracy, has oil


Jewish, European (and Arab), democracy, doesn't have oil


Sunni, Arab, monarchy, doesn't have oil


Christian, Arab, democracy, doesn't have oil

Mahmoud Abbas

President of the Palestinian National Authority currently

Mir-Hossein Mousavi

in reality, won the election against Ahmadinejad in summer 2009, but Ayatollah rigged the election so he lost