Globalization and North America

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Acid Rain

Harmful form of precipitation high in sulfur and nitrogen oxides. Caused by industrial and auto emissions acid rain damages water and forest eco-systems in ecosystems such as Eastern North America and Europe


human caused

Asymmetrical Warfare

Military action between a super power using advanced weapons and technology and the low technology and guerilla tactics used by small insurgent groups.

Bio region

assemblage of local plants and animals covering a large area such as a tropical forest

Boreal Forest

Coniferous forest found in high latitude or mountainous environments of the Northern Hemisphere

Bubble Economy

An economy that can not be sustained. Usually due to an influx of international money into a underdeveloped country very quickly.

Centrifugal Forces

Political or Cultural forces used to weaken or divide an existing state. Such as linguistic minorities, fringes, and separatists

Centripetal Force

Those cultural and political forces, such as a shared sense of history, a need for military protection, and a centralized economic structure, that promote political unity in a nation state

Climate Regions

Boundaries drawn around areas with similar climate conditioning


graphs of average temperature high and lows and precipitation for an entire year


The establishment of rule over a foreign population

Concentric Zone Model

A simplified description of urban land use: A well- defined central business district is surrounded by concentric zones of residential activity, with higher income groups living on the periphery


The degree to which different locations are linked to one another through communication and transportation infrastructure


The movement of people out of metropolitan areas toward smaller towns and rural areas

Crude Birth Rate

The number of total births divided by the total population producing a figure per 1000 in the population.

Crude Death Rate

The number of total Deaths divided by the total population producing a figure per 1000 in the population

Cultural Assimilation

the process in which immigrants are culturally absorbed into the larger host society

Cultural Imperialism

Is the active promotion of one cultural system at the expense of another

Cultural Syncretism



A way of Life